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A presentation for the Global Education Collaborative Conference by Anna Batchelder, Chris Batchelder, and Karen Fasimpaur …

A presentation for the Global Education Collaborative Conference by Anna Batchelder, Chris Batchelder, and Karen Fasimpaur

Recording available at

Published in: Education, Technology

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No notes for slide
  • Add p2pu link to every slide
  • Karen Picture: Logo of P2PU
  • Karen - Ask audience
  • Karen - Ask audience
  • Karen - Mention a lot of courses - Give examples - We started the school of ed
  • Anna and Chris - Opportunity - Perspective from MENA Photo ? - Globe
  • Anna and Chris - About the course - Start with a question What is deeper learning? How can social media enhance deeper learning? - From that baseline we engaged in a number of activities --For example - mentioned Cindy lesson -- For example - mention kit (grouping were international/cross-subject) From that teach Photo: Course
  • Anna and Chris   Note from karen: over 1300 posts includes faciliators which were about half of all posts
  • Anna and Chris Photo: ?
  • Karen - Poll Answer the questions for the teachers you work with, not just self.   Topics - ICT, Teacher Methodology Formats - stand-alone events, 2 week, 6 weeks Credit Other Ideas   I dropped these because I don't think there will be time? Time of Year Language  
  • Add screenshot  Photo: Homepage screenshot
  • Transcript

    • 1. Peer 2 Peer University: School of Education Free and Open  Professional Development and Collaborations for Educators Across the Globe Karen Fasimpaur Anna Batchelder Chris Batchelder 
    • 2. About Karen, Anna and Chris
      • Karen Fasimpaur
      • Founder, K12 Open Ed (Arizona, USA)
      • @kfasimpaur
      • Loves: writing, building things
      • Anna Batchelder
      • Co-Founder, Bon Education (Dubai, UAE)
      • @bon_education
      • Loves: yoga, blogging, jogging, baking bread, travel
      • Chris Batchelder
      • Co-Founder, Bon Education (Dubai, UAE)
      • Loves: creativity, art, entrepreneurship
    • 3. Thanks for coming!
        • What is
        • Why Focus on Peer Learning?
        • Schools
        • School of Education Pilot
        • Next Steps
        • Your Thoughts
        • How to Get Involved!
    • 4. What is P2PU? 
        • Learning for everyone, by everyone about almost anything
        • Peer learning leveraging the internet and educational materials openly available online 
        • All P2PU-produced content is available for free use, distribution, and remix under the Creative Commons BY SA license
    • 5. What is Peer Learning to You?
      • Please use the chat window to write a sentence or two about what peer learning means to you. 
      • Feel free to share an example of an effective peer learning experience you've had!
      Image by USAG-Humphries (CC BY 2.0)
    • 6. Why Peer Learning?
        • Everyone is a teacher & learner
        • Richer & more authentic
        • Modeling for classroom
        • Deeper learning through teaching
        • Learning is social
      Image by Wall Flour (CC BY-NC-SA)
    • 7. P2PU Schools
    • 8. We've started with a pilot...
    • 9. Here is the Opportunity...
      • Many educators in the world…
        • Want further training on "how to teach”
        • Have little or no access to ongoing PD
        • Work in schools that suffer from chronic lack of $
        • Want to connect with educators abroad
        • Want PD that addresses specific needs
      Image by SimonQ (CC BY-NC-SA)
    • 10. Global Case Study  
    • 11. Impact and Lessons Learned
        • Huge interest and support for this idea
        • Seven courses created, open licensed, and deployed
        • Approximately 375 people participated 
        • More passive participation is harder to measure
        • Over 1,300 posts 
        • Many webinars, collaborative and individual projects, and other activities
        • Strong international participation
        • Conversations were extensive and deep
        • Time is limited for everyone
        • Participation peaked in first weeks of courses
    • 12. Next Steps...
        • How do we build the future at the School of Education?
          • Topics?
          • Participants driving learning?
          • Shorter courses?
          • Formal credit?
          • Coordinating international interests?
      Image by carnifex82 (CC BY-NC-SA)
    • 13. We Need Your Input!
      • Please answer these questions and consider how they pertain to most teachers you work with, as well as yourself.
      Image by jahw (CC BY-NC-SA)
    • 14. What topics would you like to see courses on?
      • What would you like to learn? 
      • Type your suggestions in the chat window.
    • 15. Which of these general topics would be of most interest to you?
      • (Click the letter from the fourth icon in the participants window.)
      • A - ICT/Technology use in the classroom
      • B - Innovative practices (e.g. flipped clasroom, Understanding by Design)
      • C - Teaching methods (e.g. classroom management, lesson plan development)
      • D - Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM)
      • E - Curriculum (subject- and grade-level specific studies)
    • 16. Which format would work best for you?
      • A - 1-2 day intensive event
      • B - 2 week discussion group
      • C - 6 week course with discussion and hands-on projects
      • D - Other (Please elaborate in chat.)
    • 17. What type of credit is important to your teachers, if any?
      • A - Formal credit isn't important to us.
      • B - University graduate credit
      • C - University professional development credit
      • D - P2PU-issued certificate or badge
      • E - Other (Please elaborate in chat.)
    • 18. What else would make this useful to you?
      • Type any suggestions you have into the chat window
      • Or email us at
    • 19. How to Get Involved!
        • Go to and sign up for updates
        • Think about participating in or facilitating a course
        • Create a course
        • Email us [email_address]
      • Questions or comments?
    • 20. Thanks!
      • Karen Fasimpaur
      • Founder, K12 Open Ed (Arizona, USA)
      • @kfasimpaur, 
      • [email_address]
      • Anna Batchelder
      • Co-Founder, Bon Education (Dubai, UAE)
      • @bon_education
      • [email_address]
      • Chris Batchelder
      • Co-Founder, Bon Education (Dubai, UAE)
      • [email_address]