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As You Like It - Costume Designer: Group 63

As You Like It - Costume Designer: Group 63

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  • Pg.40


  • 2. PRODUCTION ST YLE  Mixture of Realism & Non-realism  Realism  The plays were written in the time period they reflect  The attire, culture, and custom were those of the 16th and 17th century  The costume designs will be centered around fashions of the 1600s  Non-realism  The language contains regular and poetic dialogues prose and verse  Metaphors ( Rosalind’s incognito name)
  • 3. HISTORICAL CONTEXT Time period:16 th /17 th century Set in France  Forest of Arden  Duke’s Palace  Oliver’s House 2. 3. 1.
  • 4. MAIN CHARACTERS  Rosalind – Heroine. Daughter of exiled Duke Senior. into a new leaf after Orlando saves Oliver from danger in the forests  Celia – Daughter of Duke Frederick. Loves and worships  Duke Frederick – a villain Rosalind. Considers Rosalind initially. Banishes own as own sister. Even flees with brother and niece. Turns into her, when Duke Frederick a new leaf after meeting an banishes Rosalind. old religious man in the forest.  Orlando – Youngest son of Sir Rowland de Bois. Stripped of  Duke Senior – Exiled duke. a gentleman's education by Father of Rosalind brother, Oliver. Falls in love with Rosalind.  Touchstone – Court jester. Flees the palace with  Oliver – Oldest son of Sir Rosalind and Celia Rowland de Bois. Hates Orlando with a passion. Turns
  • 5. MINOR CHARACTERS/ GROUPS  Silvius – shepherd in love with Phoebe  Phoebe – shepherdess who falls for Ganymede (Rosalind)  Charles – professional wrestler part of Duke Frederick’s court  Sir Rowland de Bois - (deceased); father of Orlando and Oliver  Audrey – country girl marrying Touchstone  Corin – shepherd and friend of Silvius  William – country boy in love with Audrey  Adam – servant of Orlando  Lord Amiens – Lord attending Duke senior  Jacques – Lord attending Duke Senior. Has a very pessimistic and melancholic view of life
  • 6. RELATIONSHIPS Father & daughter Rosalind Celia Lovers Orlando Oliver Duke Senior Duke Frederick Touchstone : flees with Rosalind & Celia Adam: servant for Orlando
  • 7. THEMES & CHARACTERS  Rosalind Ganymede  “Ganymede” – a beautiful boy whose lover was Zeus, therefore resulting in a homosexual relationship  Several functions in name:  Serves as mask for the character  Play on words by Shakespeare 18.  In the play Ganymede asks Orlando to pretend Ganymede was Rosalind and to make love to “him”  The epilogue given by Rosalind, reveals to the audience that the actor playing as Rosalind is in fact a man Orlando was making love to a man (Shmoop Editorial Team) 17.
  • 8. COSTUME DESIGNS - ROSALIND  Transformation to Ganymede Can be used to cover part of chest area 4. The skirt can also be unfastened to display the pants The cape can be removed to unveil gentleman costume 5.
  • 9. COSTUME DESIGNS - CELIA  Transformation to Aliena, shepherdess 6. Extravagance shown by jewelry and patterns on gown could illustrate power and wealth. 7. Simplicity of costume (plain dress) can depict clothing of a common, hardworking shepherdess
  • 10. COSTUME DESIGNS – OLIVER  Costume for fighting scene in Act 1, scene 2  Costume while in Forest of Arden 8. Costume should be light-weight; easy to move around in 9. Adding a cape to the costume can be used to display as the outdoor apparel
  • 11. COSTUME DESIGNS – DUKE FREDERICK & OLIVER 10. The Duke’s costume should reflect his power and villainy 11. 12. Since Oliver is a wealthy bachelor, his clothing should be neat & attractive
  • 12. COSTUME DESIGNS – DUKE SENIOR 13. 14. Clothing should be friendly for an outdoor setting. However should show a bit of raggedness  Even though Duke Senior is exiled, his grace and gentleman exterior has not left him.  He is the figurehead of an exiled group
  • 13. CLOTHING DESIGNS – TOUCHSTONE & AUDREY 15. Common apparel for a court jester from 1600s 16. Simple dress for a country girl. Neither elegant, nor excessive
  • 14. BIBLIOGRAPHY  Wilson, Edwin. "Dynamics of Drama." The Theatre Experience . New York: McGraw -Hill, 2011 . 40. Print .  Shmoop Editorial Team. "As You Like It Ending" Shmoop Univer sity, Inc., 11 Nov. 2008. Web. 19 Nov. 2013 .  "Ganymede." Encyclopedia Mythica from Encyclopedia Mythica Online. < ticles/g/ ganymede.html> [Accessed November 19, 2013].
  • 15. BIBLIOGRAHY  Image Address: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. -GpmUDRZaW8/UQNJ_kU_TRI/AAAAAAABXAU/LWgiCA7zqpY/s640/1o%2B1620%2BDirck%2BHals%2B%2528 1591-1656%2529%2BMusic%2BMaking%2Bon%2Bthe%2BTerrace.jpg /wp-content/uploads/2013/04/ Versailles_Palace.jpg /wikipedia/commons/f/f4/Forest_path_in_ Yvelines_-_France.jpg /1605%20Anne%20of%20Denmark%20corset,%20bodice%20f arthingale.jpg /2013/10/fcfeb122b1550s2bpaolo2bveronese2b2528paolo2bcaliari25292b2528italian252c2b1528 158825292b2bportrait2bof2ba2bwoman2bholding2bgloves.jpg?w=361&h=518 .jpg ts/yourpaintings/paintings/sir-george-carew -15551629-baron-carew -ofclopton-earl-of-t54176 ed/c9/81edc968b60e9033fc9e7758ec3ed1f8.jpg /Collections/search-the-collections/397277 /Collections/search-the-collections/397287 /2013/07/20130706 -davidson_the_cour t_jester.jpg . jpg jpg /wikipedia/commons/thumb/6/6e/ General_Wendjebauendjed_mas k.jpg/449px-General_Wendjebauendjed_mask .jpg