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The legal software KeyVision allows lawyers to monitor all key factors in their business: cases, contracts, clients, timesheets, tasks, expenses, billing or contacts. Using a single database for the complete management of a law firm, KeyVision provides instant access to vital performance indicators: efficiency, productivity, worked hours, revenues, unpaid invoices, new clients.
Moreover, it’s an online solution, accessible from anywhere, with no licensing costs, hardware infrastructure requirements or difficult implementation.

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KeyVision - legal software timesheets, billing, reports

  1. 1. Smart control for lawyersFast time tracking, billing and reporting
  2. 2. Why KeyVision?KeyVision allows lawyers to Instant access to vital information and performance indicators in a monitor all key factors in single page – dashboard; their business: full reports Full time tracking features considering worked hours and billable about revenues, unpaidinvoices, efficiency for each hours per lawyer, contract, file or project; lawyer and for the Fast calculation and issuing of invoices based on billable hours; company, billing status, Complete clients, contracts and files management; clients, contracts, time Management and tracking of cases; spent per each contract, file or project. Comprehensive reports and performance analysis; Highly configurable application; Single database for the complete business management; Friendly interface; Fixed cost per user per month; KeyVision as a service No complications regarding infrastructure. No servers, no licenses, no initial investments. We take care of everything related to hosting and maintenance; Easy to use due to the intuitive and friendly user interface. Lawyers are not required to install any software or to read a user manual; Significantly lower costs due to small implementing and maintenance effort, and also to the elimination of licence purchase costs; Free and automated access to all new versions of the legal software KeyVision; High accessibility guaranteed, the only concern for lawyers being the internet connection; Hosting in professional data centers, with up-time guaranteed; 24/7 availability; Security and redundancy.
  3. 3. Dashboard Dashboard is the key element ofKeyVision because it synthesizes allessential information for lawyers in a single page: vital performance indicators and reports that can be accessed based on user rights – manager, senior lawyer or junior. Moreover, it provides a comprehensive view on company’s financial health: efficiency, productivity, revenues, open invoices, top clients, top efficient lawyers and many others. How much I invoice? How much I cash in? You will know exactly how much your clients paid, what you must cash in The legal software KeyVision and the total amount of open invoices. Plus, you can calculate the averageautomatically calculates the amount number of days required to cash invoices for each be invoiced based on the current timesheets and contract settings. What is my efficiency?Also, presents an overall situation of Efficiency calculation is our specialty. In dashboard you have immediate issued, paid or open invoices. With access to this indicator, calculated for the current month or previous a single look you will know how month, and it’s evolution for the past 12 months. You can further detail this much you have to invoice for the analysis for each lawyer. current month and compare it to results on previous months. What is the status of my clients? To monitor clients is essential. KeyVision automatically calculates how many new clients you’ve attracted in the current month, how many clients were active and how many generated revenues.
  4. 4. TimesheetsWe know that convincing lawyers to keep accurate and up to date timesheets can be difficult. KeyVision solves this problem by transforming the entire process of time tracking in a simple and fastone. We started with a calendar thathighlights, in a single view, the status of timesheets for the current month: days with incomplete timesheets, days missing any record of worked hours, days with full timesheets and even holidays. Moreover, a series of reminders will notify you about any possible derails.KeyVision assists you throughout the entire process of time tracking, the user being guided to fill in certain information. Smart calendar. One look to understand the timesheet status. Green for complete and correct timesheet, orange for incomplete timesheet, red for the days missing timesheets, blue for holidays. Complete details regarding clients and contracts Time tracking is made taking into account the client, the contract, the file or even an explicit activity such as drafting a legal opinion. Comments in client’s language KeyVision guides you even when filling in comments for each timesheet by suggesting the language preferred by the client. Validation of timesheets by the superviser KeyVision allows you to validate a timesheet before being included in an invoice. E-mail notifications for incomplete timesheets If an employee doesn’t fill in the time-sheet or the timesheet is incomplete, you are automatically notified by email.
  5. 5. Calendar Now you can access in a single page all planned activities for the current day, week or month. This means immediate access to court hearings, tasks, deadlines for ongoing projects, even reminders for unpaid invoices or contracts expired.You can easily identify them by All items can be edited with a single click, directly from the calendar.colors: Tasksì for your own tasks and green You can save daily tasks directly in KeyVision by simply filling in a form with cases; basic information. Once saved, they become immediately visible in the calendar, both for the responsible person as well as for its colleagues.ìfor your colleagues’ tasks grey and cases; Reminders Reminders are available on the first page of KeyVision. This way, you canì any exceeded task or red for immediately see urgent tasks, contracts about to expire, court hearings or cases; open invoices. Moreover, a simple click on a reminder will open a windowìfor holidays. blue with detailed information about it. Holidays You can define holidays and leaves directly from KeyVision. They will automatically become visible in the calendar and time-sheet page.
  6. 6. Court In KeyVision, the terms of court file KeyVision looks after your court files or cases are implemented at all To define a file is as simple as any other activity in KeyVision. You even levels. Namely, once you have have the possibility to set specific invoice fees – global fees, fee per case,defined a client and a court file, you hourly fees. can track time on this file and you can record all cases at which you Organize your cases must participate. The legal software KeyVision helps you organize your activity. Starting with date, hour, location and status, you can record all information required by a Each case will have complete complete management of cases.information for lawyers. Additionally, KeyVision automatically notifies you Each case with full information, including the resolution and comments about the date of the case. published by status for active court filesand cases Integration withYou have access, in a single page,to a full situation regarding active file portal.just.rocourts, with reference to thefollowing case. For each court file or case, you have the option to access the informationFrom this window, you can edit files published on by courts or other competent institutionsand sincronize the information with regarding the file in question. You can do this based on the file number andthe ones published in because of that is very important to input the correct identification number.
  7. 7. Billing & Payments KeyVision calculates in real time Real time calculation what needs to be invoiced The legal software KeyVision takes into account everything that was recorded and calculates in real time the value of invoices. The information More than that, takes into account is also available in dashboard, one click away. all possible types of financial settings – whether we talk about What needs to be invoiced?hourly fee, global fee, subscriptions, Unlike other legal systems, KeyVision shows you everything that neeeds befee per activity or per project phase. invoiced. You just have to select and confirm the items included in the Sounds complicated, but the entire invoice. process consists in going through a number of steps that starts with theselection of client and ends with the validation of the final invoice. Billing was never more simple for lawyers. Invoice by email Proforma and fiscal invoice We know how important the proforma invoice can be for lawyers. This is You can send invoices to clients why KeyVision offers you the possibility to create both proforma and fiscal directly form KeyVision. invoices. Thus, you can optimize your tax policy while having a clear image Using the Email option, you can on all invoices, regardless their type. send the pdf format of invoices tothe contact person set as default for Invoice annex that client. The email body text can Send your invoices together with complete information regarding the be predefined and includes several services provided, timesheets with working hours, recorded expenses. language options. KeyVision helps you do all this by creating a detailed annex for each invoice.
  8. 8. Clients and contracts KeyVision includes all types of fees Contracts required by lawyers so far: You can save all information required by the contract in a single page:subscriptions, global or hourly fees, general information about number, name, responsible, contract currency, defined per each contract, project invoice due date, budgeted effort, financial settings. Plus, you can or court file. configure a standard fee that can be used later on for all projects or files related to this contract.You can even set different fees per user roles, taking into account the Files, Projects experience and the professional KeyVision allows you to save consultancy projects and files under a background of each of them. standard contract. For each of them, lawyers can set different fees or rulesHowever, in each case, options are for calculating fees. The legal software takes into account all these much more diversified. configurations when is calculating the amount to be invoiced. For example, KeyVision allows you to set a budget of hours for a Activity types certain file, with the possibility of KeyVision ensures “quantitative” calculation of the invoice when, for being notified when the budget is example, you agreed with the client on fixed fees for court hearings or for exceeded. If you agreed with the drafting documents. Moreover, we have all information required to compare client on a payment per project the invoiced value with the effort implied by each activity. phase or on a success fee, theinformation can be simply uploaded in KeyVision.
  9. 9. Reports KeyVision provides a complete set of reports specific to the legal market, starting with unpaid invoices and up to efficiency and tops. Plus, the list is constantly improved with new analysis that allow you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business.We divided them into four main categories, each category including detailedreports with multiple filters:Billing Paymentsì amounts to be invoiced; Total ì Payments per clients;ì General invoices report; ì Payments per contract or project;ì invoices by delay intervals and due invoices; Open ì Payments per responsibles;ì Invoiced per practice and departments; ì General expenses report;ì Invoiced per industry. ì Expenditures by type.Activity Clientsì Efficiency and productivity at company, client and lawyer level; ì Average fee per client and perì Timesheets general report; company;ì General report of activity and activity report per client and lawyer; ì invoiced clients; Top 10ì invoiced per lawyer; Total ì clients and outstanding clients; Activeì per practice. Activity ì Portfolio analysis by contract type.
  10. 10. Departments and practices KeyVision allows you to define departments within the company and to allocate legal practices per each department. Thus, you have access to a clear situation about contracts, invoices, expensesrecorded per each line of business. For example, within the Litigation department, you can define thearbitration and court practice. Later on, you can generate reports regarding timesheets and financial status for each practice. Security and confidentiality All KeyVision accounts use SSL encrypted connections. Information is never sent or received in plain text, readable format. Plus, KeyVision servers are hosted in latest-generation datacenters, being protected against physical or remote access. Moreover, some of the facilities provided by our datacenter is protection against earthquake or fires and an electric generator that allows us to achieves an average 99.9% uptime.
  11. 11. 61 Dr. Felix Iacob Street, Sector 1, BucharestTel: +40 723 694 193E-mail: