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  • 1. LUMBINI TRAVEL GUIDE APPOpportunity Analysis Project
  • 2. Problem People need to reach/explore several places (within and outside the city) Gather information from  Internet – the main source  friends  Word-of-Mouth Available search engines, travel apps – globally based  Little information for locally significant areas in the city
  • 3. Mobile Platform Almost every persons own a phone - most of the phones are smartphones Growing use of mobile for internet along with voice & text based communication Search-while-go possible only through mobile
  • 4. Application:Lumbini Lumbini – birth place of Gautam Buddha - UNESCO world heritage site Interesting and Interactive travel guide for Lumbini Requires an internet connection For android devices
  • 5. Application:Lumbini Features: - Introduction & History of Lumbini & Buddha - Holy Sites - Location based interactive maps - Photo gallery - Various ways of reaching to places - Available hotels & transportation services - Reviews
  • 6. Testing Value Proposition Hypothesis - Lack of adequate online information site or apps, to search for places, service, stations, and other facilites in a city. - Available website or apps not localised enought to provide more factual information about the place. -People will love a travel guide app for their smartphones that would provide the information regarding the various places in a city. -The app should also provide the review of the services, any offers, etc.
  • 7. Testing Value Proposition Experiments - Focused upon a particular city "Lumbini" for app development. - Created a prototype of the Lumbini app. - Carried out online survey with fixed set of questionnaires - Interviewed few users face-to-face - Allowed selected users to use our app.
  • 8. Testing Value Proposition Results 94 % people relied on the internet to search for the places. 91 % people used search engines for their search, 26% used mobile apps.
  • 9. Testing Value Proposition Results Mostly android apps were popular with apps from Foursquare, Yelp, Tripadvisor, L onely Planet, Tripso, Aroundme. Even though, there were plenty of apps available, people still wanted better travel guide app (almost everyone)
  • 10. Testing Value Proposition Results The features we had proposed in our model were accepted warmly. Required information about these areas in the app & web based system - Fooding - Weather -Environment - Clothing -Entertainment
  • 11. Testing Value Proposition Results User suggested features: -Timing Information -Cost -User Participation -Videos -Web based version -Events & History Majority of users are ready to participate, and would love to integrate the participation through social networking sites.
  • 12. Testing Value Proposition 38% owned some business Around 60% business were not registered in any online map services. Business owners were willing to post ads, provided good user base.
  • 13. Market Analysis Revenue source - Advertising space in-app through business vendor - Nepal Tourism Board - Hotel owners, Market place owners, Travel Agencies, Airlines etc. of the local area - 59% of the respondents with business showed lack of confidence in the advertising success of an in-app ad, - while rest were willing to pay upto 100$, which could increase upto 2k – 3k dollars. Estimated Market Size (only for Lumbini) : 60,000$ per annum -
  • 14. Final Business Model
  • 15. Conclusion Many informative apps & websites available, but almost none provide the insider information of the city. Both mobile app as well as web based. Cost, user participation, timing, videos, history, etc. should be added to the app. With these feedbacks incorporated, this project is worth pursuing.