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  • 1. The Sand creek Massacre also know as the Chivington Massacre or the battle of Sand Creek, was an surprise attack by the US troops on Cheyenne camp that Occurred on November 29, 1864. 1862 1864 1867The homestead act Oliver Hudsonwas an act passed by Kelley was ancongress promising Americanownership of a 160 agriculturist andacre tract of public was born in Boston.land to a citizen or He was the founderhead of a family of the nationalwho had resided on Grange of theand cultivated the patrons ofland for 5 years after Husbandrythe initial claim.
  • 2. In 1862 the pacific railroad act chartered the central and Union pacific railroad companies and task them with building a transcontinental Railroad that would link the united statess from east to west. This ended on may 10, 1869.1869 1870 1870 In 1870’s trust Long drive was an became important. herding of Some people in trust thousands of cattle turned their stock to railway centers over to a group of scattered around the trustees who ran the plains. Cowboy lives separate companies on the move was as one large very dangerous corporation. The because of bad companies was weather and etc. entitled to dividend The long drive lasted on profits earned by for about two the trust. Months.
  • 3. Melting Pot was An Mixture of people Of different cultures Who come together By forgetting about their Native Americans language. 1870 1870 1870’sJacob a riis was an Longhorns was anyus reporter , social Breed of cattle from Texas,reformer, and Sturdy and short temperedphotographer who Longhorns . They areshocked the us Accustom to dry areasconscience in 1890. Mainly grasslands. AlsoHe immigrated to the They were raised by SpanishUnited states at age Settlers.of 21. In became apolice reporterassigned to newyolks city lower eastside.
  • 4. Frederick law Olmsted was an landscape architect who helped draw up a plan for Greensward which was selected became a central park in New York City. 1870 1871 1873 Andrew Carnegie Moved from Scotland to AmericaNational farmers Alliance was to work his way upOrganized by grange , farmers. This to become privateSent out many lectures to educate secretary of the localSo many people. This was the first banner boss ofOf the southern farmers alliances. Pennsylvania railroad. In 1873 he founded the camegie steel factory and he improved this factory . By controlling all most all the steel industry.
  • 5. Great plains was whenThe grassland extendedThrough the west. FederalGovernment passed anAct so that It made thePlains a huge reservationFor the native Americans. 1874 1875 Tammany hall was An democratic Political Organization In New York city, founded by the head boss tweed. It was an corrupt organization that Tweed ran as part of the Tammy hall.
  • 6. Telephone was made to Communicate with people Worldwide. This was invented by Bell . This created jobs for women and Also affected office.Thomas Alva Edison wasPioneer , and inventor . HeEstablished the worlds first research George ArmstrongLaboratory. He also invented the tele- Custer was an US generalGraph, microphone and light Who was killed alongBulb in 1860 – 1870 . With all his command by The Sioux at the battle Of little Bugham.
  • 7. Nez Perce was a The Sitting Bull is anTribal group who was Leader of the Sioux,Forced of their land. Who was never signed. He led people by his Strength of character and Surrendered to the federal Government. 1877 1877 1880 Chief Joseph was an Leader of the Nez Perce In their retreat in the united States Troops.
  • 8. Booker T. Washington was anKickback was a deal people make United States educator who wasThat benefits one person over Born a slave but becameanother it is usually a political Very educated. He believed thatBribery. This was an illegal Racism would end when blacksPayment for their services Proved their economic value toThat enriched the political Society. Also he founded a collegeMachine. at Tuskegee in Alabama. 1880 1880 1881 Political machine is a political Organization in which an authoritative Boss or small groups commands The support of businesses who receives awards. This also controlled political parties In the city.
  • 9. Joseph Pulitzer was and Grafts, was a illegal United states newspaper Use of for personal gain. Publisher born in Hungary This was a large part of Who establish the Pulitzer Political corruption during Prize. Also he was an This time. Immigrant. 1881 1881 1883The Assimilation wasAn plan under which native AmericansWould give up on their beliefsAnd way of life and had to become partOf the white culture.
  • 10. Scab is a term for a worker Called in by an employer to Replace striking laborers. Scabs Allowed a company to continue Operating and avoid having To bargin with the union . They would Be present at the strike and any other Day, ready to take any job opening. 1884 1884 1885 Dumbbell tenementsA Mugwumps was a person who Were built in New York cityActs independently or remains neutral For immigrants. The nameIn politics. Or an republican who Came from shapes ofBolted the party in 1884 refusing Building of a dumbbell.To support presidential candidate James G.Blaine.
  • 11. Collective Bargaining is a processIn which wages, hours, rules, and workingConditions are negotiated and agreed upon by a union with an employer for all of theEmployees collectively whom it presents. The Settlements house was Established for immigrants. It was a center in an under- Privileged that provided community services 1886 1886 1887 Dawes act was a federal Law intended to turn native Americans into farmers And landowners by Providing cooperating Families with 160 acres of Reservation land or 320 Acres for grazing.
  • 12. Jane Adams was a us socialPoll taxes were taxes that Reformer and feminist who foundedHad to be paid by registered voters. hull house, a social settlement inThe courts decided it was illegal as Chicago.The poorer people could not affordIt and this prevented them from voting. 1888 1889 1890 1888 Culture shock- The feeling of Disorientation George Eastman was an Experience by some- United states inventor of One who is suddenly A dry plate process of developing Subjected to an Photographic film and of flexible Unfamiliar culture, Film and of box camera and of a process Ay of life, or set of For color photography. Attitudes.
  • 13. Angel Island was a place Where immigrants had to pass Inspection at the San Francisco Bay. Now it is a state park. 1890 1890 1890 Sherman antitrust act Was an act of progressWounded knee - is a Prohibiting any contract ,Village in southwestern Conspiracy , or combinationPine ridge Indian reservation. In Of business interests in1890 massacre the soldiers killed Restraint of foreign or interstateMore than 200 unarmed Sioux. Trade.
  • 14. Ghost dance was anEllis island was an island in new Religious dance of nativeYork bay that was formerly the Americans looking forPrincipal immigration station for the Communication with theunited states. Dead. 1890 1890 1890 George Westinghouse was An united states inventor and Manufacturer. He received more Than 400 patents for his inventions Including the air brake. He also found The Westinghouse electric company.
  • 15. Eugene V. Debs was anThe Omaha platform was United states labor organ-The party program adopted Izer who ran for presidentAt the formative convention As a socialist. Also madeOf the people’s held in Omaha. The first major attemptOn July 4 . To form an industrial union The American railway union. 1892 1892 1894 Ida B. wells was born A slave before emancipation. She was an African American Journalist and newspaper editor. Later she became a teacher.
  • 16. During the late 19th and Monopoly –Early 20th century Americans Excessive control of aWitnessed many strikes. The Pullman Commodity or service in aStrike of 1894 was one of the most Particular market, or aInfluential events in the history of Control that makes possibleUS labor. It began as the walkout The manipulation of pricesBy railroad workers in the company townOf Pullman, Illinois into the countryFirst national strike. 1894 1900 1901 Urbanization was the growth Of and migration to large cities. In us urbanization some of these issues Were employment, sanitation, housing, Sewage, water, fire , and etc..
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