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Key Resourcing is a RPO based in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Key Resourcing provides services like Name Sourcing, CV sourcing and data processing.

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Key Resourcing - Recruitment Process Outsourcing

  1. 1. About Key Resourcing • Incorporated in September 2009 • Employs 60 Recruiters/Sourcers • Clients in India, UK, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore • CPSP Certified People Sourcing Professionals
  2. 2. Key Resourcing’s VisionRe-Engineer the recruitment functions of the world using traditional principles of RPO.Key Resourcing’s MissionWe help our clients to realize, that recruitment is not a process but an experience. Inevery stage of this experience, the focus is on quality, honesty, consultation and trust.With this mission as our conscience, we will always venture to develop that special,personal relationship that is necessary to provide a service which is second to none.
  3. 3. What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?Definition RPO : • The transfer or delegation to an external service provider of the operation and day-to-day management of the recruitment process.Key Resourcing’s RPO services range from : End to End RPO Outsource the entire recruitment function to an onsite dedicated Key resourcing team Modular (“Ala Carte”) Selecting components within Recruitment Process as per client needs RPO “On Demand” Providing Project based Solutions
  4. 4. End to End RPO While the exact makeup of our program varies from client to client, generally we group the recruitment process into 5 major areas: Strategy, Sourcing, Screening, Selection, and Start.• Strategy — Workforce Planning, Job Design, Competency mapping, Behavioral interview design.• Sourcing — Web postings, Print advertising, Direct sourcing, Web sourcing, Internal mobility programs, Employee referrals, Corporate career website management, Direct mail, Job fairs, External recruitment agencies• Screening — Automated pre-screening, Online technical tests, Phone interviews, Pre- employment assessments, Background checking, Reference checking.• Selection — Calendaring, Travel arrangements, Interview feedback, Interview coaching.• Start — Offer letters, On-boarding.
  5. 5. Services• Name Sourcing• CV/Resume Processing• CV Sourcing• Data Processing• Reference Checking• Training
  6. 6. Name Sourcing95% of the world’s active employees in today’s workforce cannot be identifiedusing traditional or internet sourcing methods“You find us” vs. “We’ll find you” method.Why outsource “Name Generation”?Key Resourcing is a leading provider of name generation researchAllow your Recruiting Professionals to focus on consultative elements“Name generation” research is a specialized skill, takes more time and PersistencePrequalified Passive candidates directly sourced from targeted companies in your inbox
  7. 7. CV/Resume ProcessingIt includes:• Visual Formatting Enhancement.• Document Realignment and Margin Corrections.• Sentence Structure/Phrasing Improvements.• Uploading the CVs on the clients ATS.Why Outsource?• We can release the existing staff for higher-value recruitment activities.• There would be a significant reduce in cost.• 24x7 administrative support.• Increase your administrative team without increasing staff size.
  8. 8. CV SourcingKR - Sourcing is a virtual funnel that performs the “heavy lifting”within your recruitment process.KR Sourcing will • Filter and screen advertising response (job board, career portal, traditional media) • Filter and screen candidates supplied by third parties (staffing companies, internal referrals) • Provide out-of-the-box sourcing strategies (posting to free sites, email networking, etc.)KR Sourcing Performance Optimization • Recruiter productivity increases • Talent pool increases with the systematic sourcing • ROI increases
  9. 9. CV Sourcing (continued)Outsource your job board and candidate database searching• Searching multiple job board CV database subscriptions• Searching your internal candidate database.• Searching our internal candidate database.KR - Searching– Optimize your Recruiting• Around-the-clock utilisation of job board subscriptions for maximised return on expenditure• Expert Boolean string development for improved CV database search results• 24x7 searching of job boards and ATS’s databases to increase speed and candidate yield• Your recruiting department grows without increasing head count
  10. 10. Data Processing The administrative and secretarial functions supporting a recruitment operation are vital but often a burden on department staff and bottom line. The average recruiter spends over 40% of his time on low-value functions such as processing of inbound resumes. With a well equipped, trained manpower, we can assist you in these functions, enabling the front office team to focus on their core functions. We manage your database categorizing CVs based on the function, skill sets, industrial vertical, experience, education, and personal details. We also update the database providing up to date information to consultants. This process ensures eradication of duplicate records which results in a crisp and accurate database.
  11. 11. Reference CheckingToday every business or any organization knows that hiring the right teamgets results, improves productivity, reduces turnover and enhanceworkplace safety. They also know that hiring the right team minimizesthe risks associated with claims of negligent hiring arising fromviolence in the workplace, theft, and fraud problems that canpermanently ruin its reputation.It Includes:• Verification of Employment• Verification of Academic/Educational Credentials• Verification of Professional Licenses/Certificates• Driving Record• Credit Record check• Passport and/or Citizenship verification
  12. 12. TrainingWith over eight years of experience and exploration within internetrecruitment, we offer a range of internet recruitment specific trainingsolutions, created to meet the demands of recruitment professionals.It Includes:• Online Search Techniques• Headhunting Techniques• Writing a Job Advert• Networking• Interviewing Techniques
  13. 13. Benefits of RPO • Lower cost of the recruiting and hiring process • Gain access to specialized recruitment expertise • Reduced cycle times (time-to-hire), resulting in better-quality hires • A more variable overhead, resulting in monthly costs that more closely mirror actual needs • Enhanced customer service to candidates, resulting in positive "employee branding" • Enhanced customer service to hiring managers, allowing them more time to spend on core responsibilities • Increase employee retention
  14. 14. Thank you...Key ResourcingKey Recruitment Solutions Pvt LtdD/203, Choice Arcade, Dhole Patil Road,Pune, India – 411 001.Phone No: +91 20 4120 3417E-mail: