Introduction to boolean search


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Our first presentation focusing on the basics of Boolean Searching for the Indian recruitment community. We have covered a few examples of search strings with a combination of Boolean Operators, Modifiers and field commands.

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Introduction to boolean search

  1. 1. Introduction to Boolean Search
  2. 2. Introduction to Boolean Search Introduction of the Presenter Managing Director of Key Resourcing, Yusuf Pathan is considered one of the most original and creative thought leaders of the talent acquisition domain. As a standard bearer, Yusuf takes care of the strategy and operations of Key Resourcing to make sure the company’s growth graph steadily shoots up. In his 16 years of professional life, 14 years of which in RPO, He assumed key managerial roles rather early and handled those with dexterity. He has partnered with many of the world’s leading executive search and recruiting firms to support their executive search research and sourcing teams with highly targeted ‘name generation’, 'name sourcing' ‘long list generation’ and ‘passive candidate sourcing’ solutions. Yusuf is also a level two Certified People Sourcer. Key Resourcing founded by him in 2009 with a handful of employees, is a rapidly expanding RPO with globally interlinked, adept and qualified professionals. 2
  3. 3. Introduction to Boolean Search Contents of the Webinar  What are Boolean Operators?  Basic Boolean Operators used in day to day life  5 Google Search Strings to get candidates  1. (1 Search string example) from Slideshare  2. (1 Search string example) from Google+  3. (1 Search string example) from Linkedin  4. (1 Search String example) from Twitter  About SourcePro Certification  Types of SourcePro Certification 3
  4. 4. Introduction to Boolean Search Basic Boolean Operators Boolean Search Operators: AND, OR and NOT Boolean Search Modifiers: ASTERISK * PARENTHESES ( ) QUOTATION MARKS “ “ Google Field Commands: inurl: site: intitle: 4
  5. 5. Introduction to Boolean Search Examples of some Search Strings for searching candidates intitle:resume "software engineer" mumbai 5 Example 1 Profiles from intitle:resume "software engineer" mumbai -sample -interviews
  6. 6. Introduction to Boolean Search Examples of some Search Strings for searching candidates j2ee engineer "works at *" bangalore 6 Example 2 Profiles from Google+
  7. 7. Introduction to Boolean Search Examples of some Search Strings for searching candidates (java OR j2ee OR struts) (engineer OR developer) 7 Example 3 Profiles from Linkedin (java | j2ee | struts) (engineer | developer) -inurl:title -jobs -pub.dir -inurl:developer - inurl:java
  8. 8. Introduction to Boolean Search Examples of some Search Strings for searching candidates ("* programmer" | "* developer") pune 8 Example 4 Profiles from Twitter ("* programmer" | "* developer") pune - inurl:status -job -monster -looking -jobs -careerbuildin
  9. 9. Introduction to Boolean Search About SourcePro & Why SourcePro Source Pro is a certification course designed for Indian recruiting professionals. It aims to equip them with tools and technology to mine candidates. The talent acquisition scenario is witnessing constant transformation, owing to acute talent-wars and changing dynamics of digital channels. A resourceful talent professional is one who keeps abreast of all the latest changes and constantly improvises those to mine suitable candidates. Our goal, at Source Pro, is to train Indian talent acquisition professionals reap benefits of new age talent sourcing techniques through excellence, innovation and diligence. 9
  10. 10. Introduction to Boolean Search What SourcePro offers? 10
  11. 11. Introduction to Boolean 11