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Data-Driven Politics, National to Neighborhood

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  1. 1. Data-Driven Politics, National to NeighborhoodAs seen in...
  2. 2. Politics is Big Business (and remains so in non-federal election years) Total Annual ExpendituresPolitical Groups Federal Campaigns(e.g. Lobbyists)
  3. 3. ElectNext is Data-Driven Politics Data Analysis Product•Aggregate and structure •Analyze and summarize •Users explore visual,millions of data points on with NLP Topic Models, relevant, contextualpolitical people, issues and Ideal Point Estimation, political information, whenevents. Bayesian Inference. and where they need it most. Politicians 10,000+ Interest Groups 350,000+ ratings Legislation 100,000+ bills Campaign Finance $ 15,000,000+ records
  4. 4. In Our First Year We... Distributed a 2012 Built a Big Database Elections Product to... Reached 3M+ People! 3,000,000+✓4500+ Candidates ✓The Washington Post ✓1000% mo/mo growth✓All three Federal Levels ✓The Economist ✓All 50 states✓Bayesian Inference ✓NBC Politics ✓2 million visits in Oct✓Euclidean Distance ✓Hearst Television ✓1.2 million+ visits on Matching Election Day ✓The PBS NewsHour✓Ideal Point Estimation ✓40+ Nationwide
  5. 5. Now Launching: Digital Political ‘Baseball Cards’ For Publishers $ For Politicians $ We close the ‘search leak’ and Across our partner networks we drive engagement with a data- offer an unprecedented platform driven companion experience to to generate leads and monitor political content. earned media.
  6. 6. Business ModelPolitical Subscriptions for lead generation & media monitoringLevel Cost Per MonthLocal $95State $495National $3495Addressable Market (annual) $702,000,000AdvertisingAddressable Market (at $5 CPM and 70/30 rev share) $193,000,000Total Addressable Market: $895M
  7. 7. Publisher Traction12,500,000 monthly uniques across launch partner sitesPublisher Pipeline (4 Month Sales Cycle)Prospects 120 PA & National Publishers 25%Pipeline 30 Current Conversations 20%Launch Partners 6 Sets of JavaScript Delivered6 Month Publisher Goal 15 Partners, 35M Monthly Uniques
  8. 8. Customer Traction“Pre-sale” Signed CustomersBill Green David Oh Cindy Bass Brian SimsPhila. City Council At-Large Phila. City Council At-Large Phila. City Council PA House of RepresentativesPolitician Pipeline (2 Month Sales Cycle) Prospects 120 PA Politicians 16% Pipeline 20 Current Conversations 20% Signed Customers 4, with credit cards 6 Month Customer Goal 100 Paying Customers
  9. 9. Comparable Companies Single Platform Apture STELLAService‣ Aggregates restaurant ‣ In-article keyword ‣ Aggregates customer data; distributes to search experience for service data, publishes publishers publishers for consumers‣ Business Model: ‣ Business Model: ‣ Business Model: Sells Restaurant subscriptions Publisher White Label, customer service intel (for lead generation) Advertising back to companies‣ Outcome: Sold for ‣ Outcome: Sold to ‣ Outcome: Raising a $100M in 2 years Google in 4 years B-round w/in 2 years
  10. 10. TeamKeya Dannenbaum John MertensFounder & CEO Chief Technology Officer• Hillary Clinton for President • Code for America Fellow ‘11• 18 Municipal level campaigns • Full stack Rails dev.• Stanford, Princeton, Wharton • Open data evangelistJake Wells Mike ToppaProduct & Design Rails Engineer• User-centered Designer • 17-year Web Dev.• Ethnographic Research • PhD, Govt., Georgetown• BA, MA Industrial Design • Agile aficionadoDave Zega Dan WhateleyNational Political Director Head of Partnerships• Citywide campaign mngr. • Secured all 2012 partnerships• Philadelphia City govt. (40+ partners, 3M+ uniques)• MA, Government UPenn • EN nickname: The ‘Danimal’
  11. 11. Investors Advisors Charlie O’Donnell Ezra Callahan Brooklyn Bridge Ventures 6th Employee 1st Product Manager Ben Wirz Sean Gerrish Knight Foundation Princeton CS/Political Data PhD Fmr. Senior Google Engineer David Horowitz Ryan Jacoby Comcast Ventures IDEO EndorsersBill Bradley Tim Brown Jeb BushNJ Senator (D) IDEO FL Governor (R)
  12. 12. Open Raise$250k*Second tranche of a total $1M round; $750k closed July 2012Milestones Deal TermsAdditional funds give us a 12- • Convertible Notemonth runway to: • $3M Valuation Cap• Data, publisher, political • 15% Discount coverage in 5/50 US States • 6% Interest• Cash flow positive Closing March 30, 2013