Proposal evaluation-criteria-rubric smaller margins


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Proposal evaluation-criteria-rubric smaller margins

  1. 1. Proposal Evaluation Criteria Rubric Evaluation Criteria Poor Fair Satisfactory Good Excellent 1 2 3 4 5 1. Proposal Title The title gives little The title has some The title generally The title clearly The title gains the information about the indication of the describes what the describes the session. reader's interest, session’s content. session's content. session will be about. describes the session. 2. Purpose & Session The proposal is The proposal may be The proposal is The proposal is The proposal matches type inappropriate for the appropriate for the generally appropriate for appropriate for the the session type. The session type, or the session type. The the session type. The session type. The objective is clear (stated objective is not stated, objective is too general objective is stated or objective is clear (stated or implied); there are implied, or clear. and how it will be implied, but how it will or implied), and it is specifics that make the achieved is not be achieved is not clear how the presenter reader want to learn explained. explained. will attain it. more. 3. Currency, Importance, The topic is not current The topic is somewhat The topic may not be The topic is current and The topic is current, and Appropriateness of or not appropriate to the related to issues in the current but focuses on appropriate to the field immediately relevant, or Topic to the Field and field or IS. I would not field and the IS, but it is issues appropriate to the and/or the IS. I would important to the field and the Interest Section (IS) attend this session. not current. I would field and the IS. I may probably attend this the IS. I would definitely probably not attend this attend this session. session. attend or recommend session. this session. 4. Focus and The topic is not focused The topic’s focus is too The organization may be The proposal is focused The proposal is well- Organization of Content or there is little or no narrow or too general understandable to the and explains how the focused. It previews the (based on the proposal organization to the The proposal shows audience, but the presenter will introduce topic, presents the type) proposal. some organization, but it proposal could be more and present the material material in an interesting may not provide focused and better in a comprehensible way, and shows how it sufficient guidance for organized. way. will be concluded. the audience. 5. Clarity of Proposal & The proposal abstract The abstract gives some The proposal abstract is The proposal abstract is The proposal abstract is Participant Outcomes needs work on sentence ideas about outcomes, adequately written and clearly written and well written and structure and fails to but needs to specify how includes a statement of provides a general provides an explicit give outcomes. they will be reached participant outcomes, statement of participant statement of participant during the presentation. but needs more detail. outcomes and how they outcomes and how they will be achieved. will be achieved. 6. Theory, Practice, and/ The abstract does not The abstract mentions The abstract refers to The abstract refers to the The abstract refers to the or Research Contribution mention theory, practice, that some theory, theory, practice, and/or theory, practice, and/or theory, practice, and /or to the Convention and/or or research. practice, and/or research research on which the research on which the research on which the to the Field or IS was used, but the presentation is based and presentation is based in presentation is based and abstract is not specific or relates it to the an understandable way clearly shows how it is does not relate it to the presentation to some and relates it to the connected to the presentation. extent. presentation. presentation in a relevant and useful way. Total Score BRIEF Overall Comments: =30