The Bill of Rights

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  • 1. The Bill of RightsThe first 10 amendmentsTo the U. S. Constitution
  • 2. Who determines what the Bill of Rights mean?The Supreme Court makes rulings on the meaningThe Supreme Court balances the rights of the individual with the needs of societyIndividual?? Society??
  • 3. The first amendment—5 rights mentionedFreedom of SpeechFreedom of ReligionFreedom of the PressFreedom of AssemblyRight to petition the government
  • 4. Free speech—limits on the personThreaten to blow up airplanes, schools or the presidentSexual harassmentCreate too much social chaosExtremely crude language in a public formDisrespectful, vulgar language in schoolsHate crimes
  • 5. Freedom of the press-the press Can CannotPrint any political Libel– intentionally position injuring a person’sMake fun of people, reputation by false especially facts politicians Disclose defense-Expose wrongs by security secrets the government Detail how to make aSay things you might certain weapons not agree with
  • 6. Establishment Clause―Congress shallmake no lawrespecting anestablishment ofreligion, orprohibiting the freeexercise thereof.‖
  • 7. 2nd Amendment—Right to bear arms―A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed.‖
  • 8. What is the debate with the right to bear arms? • How much can the government keep guns from criminals and youth? • In order to keep guns away from criminals, does that limit the right of law abiding citizens?
  • 9. Third AmendmentThe Government cannot force you to shelter soldiers in your home without your consent in time of war or peace.
  • 10. Fourth AmendmentWhat does apoliceman needin order tosearch yourhome?• A warrant given to him by a judge• Probable cause is also needed
  • 11. Fifth Amendment• You cannot be tried for the same crime twice—called ―Double Jeopardy‖• You do not have to testify• against your self. ―I plead the• fifth‖• You must have due process of• law before you are convicted• The government cannot take your land unless it pays.
  • 12. Sixth AmendmentRight tospeedy trialby impartialjury—meaning notfavoringeither side
  • 13. Sixth Amendment continued • You must be told of charges • You must be provided a lawyer if you cannot afford oneSubpoena – You have the right to havepeople called in your defense even if theydon’t want to
  • 14. Seventh Amendment You have the right to a jury if you are suing someone (if the amount is over $20)
  • 15. Eighth Amendment • No excessive bail • No cruel and unusual punishment
  • 16. Ninth Amendment We have tons of rights but we couldn’t list them all here!
  • 17. Tenth Amendment If powers aren’t given to the U.S. (federal, national) Government, they go to the states.
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