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Linked In

  1. 1. LinkedIn TELPERION SOLUTIONS GROUP<br />by Keith Ewanyk, PMP, of Telperion Solutions Group<br />
  2. 2. Agenda<br />Why?<br />What is it, (and what it is not)<br />What’s in it for me?<br />A little history <br />A quick Demo<br />Setup and some tips..<br />
  3. 3. Why? <br />Why? That’s an easy one.. A small investment with a potentially large payback. <br />- Introduce Yourself, Get Introduced<br /> - Connect and ReConnect<br /> - Recommend and get recommended.<br /> - Ask & answer questions<br />
  4. 4. A little History & Facts <br />Founded in May 2003<br />55 Million registered users across 200 countries world-wide. ½ users are in US<br />Over 170 recognized professions<br />Has executives from all Fortune 500 companies<br />
  5. 5. What it is.. <br />A professional network of trusted connections among related likeminded contacts (aka connections). <br />Uses a gated-approach for introduced connections . (A “Friend of a friend” approach). Provides professional invite and email system.<br />Many groups and communities organized by profession, but also includes: alumni, non-profits, educational, neighborhood, sports teams , Greek/fraternal/sorority and other professional organizations.<br />Offers a Powerful search engine so you can: Find people, search jobs, post jobs, search for: colleagues, old college buddies, research companies.<br />Can ask questions of Community (different from a yahoo or since : free, business oriented and identifiable sources).<br />LinkedIn will even suggest folks you might know, (or have forgotten..) <br />Profile Stats provided. <br />
  6. 6. What it is not:<br />A Facebook or MySpace…. (Think Business not Social..)<br />To share pictures,<br />To share or see the latest viral video (Susan Boyle, etc).<br />To share jokes,<br />To tweet or tell everyone or at least your friends what you just did in the past hour (and who really cares anyway?)<br />Sales/ Marketing, -no,no,no.. However, professional event announcements within a group are permitted. Remember this is about relationships and a reputation). Failure to comply will get you flagged and blacklisted from certain features. <br />Do not autosubscribe your network to your next sales flyer, spam or newsletter. <br />To randomly meet people (exception LION).<br />
  7. 7. Some Basic & Key Concepts <br />Establish identity called a profile<br /> Connections and contacts are grouped by degrees (1st, 2nd, third). <br />Invitations – an introduction or an InMail. – The first is through your mutual contact, the second is a direct email regardless of any connections or relationships. <br />Site settings – indicate your info and what and who you want to share it with. <br />
  8. 8. How to start & some tips<br />Create an account. Can be done via invite or join directly.<br /> Set up and create a professional online profile/identity, (possibly through resume import). <br />Personalize: set your site settings for what you are interested in, add personal info if interested, add a picture, add a website(s) or a blog. <br />Be accurate, this material is seen and reviewed by your peers and colleagues (and possibly HR and a future employer).<br />Build your Network : Join groups and interests. <br />Register as a service provider, if applicable. <br />Manage/Import your contacts to find people you already know.<br />Make invitations (to connect) , Accept invitations, but be stingy.. <br />Make/give recommendations, for those worthy ; but be even more stingy..<br />Build your brand: Add pertinent PowerPoint presentations via application<br />Add teaser offerings (Word, excel etc..) of useful business materials.<br />*Keep it up to date. - You can change it anytime you want. <br />
  9. 9. Upgrade – Why?<br />Limited Introductions (5), unlimited invites though..<br />No free InMails. (direct email to a connect without an intro)<br />Become a LION<br />Perform Refernce Searches on a person<br />View Full Profile data<br />Business<br />$24.95 per month<br />3 Messages per month<br />300 Profiles per search<br />NEW Organize Profileswith notes and 5 folders<br />Business Plus <br />$49.95 per month<br />10 Messages per month ($100 value)<br />500 Profiles per search<br />NEWOrganize Profileswith notes and 25 folders<br />Pro<br />$499.95 per month<br />50 Messages per month<br />700 Profiles per search<br />NEWOrganize Profileswith notes and 25 folders<br />
  10. 10. Other items & some tips, before we take a look…<br />Joining requires an email confirmation to utilize certain functions. <br />Searches: people, jobs, keywords, company, answers, inbox, groups<br />Do not put initials or comments after name.<br />A good & complete profile encourages other connections to join your network. A headline is like your 30 second info-mercial. <br />
  11. 11. More items & some tips, before we take a look…<br />Privacy is important to LinkedIn, so use your settings.<br />Always review/preview your profile – to make sure it is good. <br />If you set your profile to public you can share your URL to the world! Put it on your business card, your website or your resume. Remember… it’s not always what you know , but who you know.<br />A LION – LinkedIn Open Networker… Examples: recruiter, “ I am new to the area or new to profession and looking for a mentor”, <br />
  12. 12. Demo:<br /><br />
  13. 13. Questions?<br />Can I send requests to nonmembers, - yes!<br />Can I remove or delete connections from my network, - Yes!<br />What types of questions can I ask? Submitted questions are grouped by category. (Think professional/business)<br />Can I customize my LinkedIn experience, (integrate with your favorite: browser, Outlook/email, firefox etc. See Chapt 10). <br />Marketing yourself or business (see Chapt 15). <br />
  14. 14. Thank you for your Time!<br />Keith Ewanyk, PMP<br /> Sr. Project Manager @ Telperion Solutions Group<br />Phone: 585 370-7852<br />Email:<br />Website:<br />LinkedIn:<br />Remember, we can help, just ask!<br />