Gas Turbine Fire Suppression Introduction


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Gas Turbine Fire Suppression Introduction

  1. 1. Gas Turbine Fire SuppressionIntroduction to Products & Applications ROC Public: Green
  2. 2. FireTriangle Oxygen UNBREAKABLE CHAIN REACTIONHeat Fuel ROC Public: Green
  3. 3. Fire Suppression SystemsComplete Engineered Fire SuppressionSystems. Detailed System Design to industry codes & standards Agent Supply and Refill Services Clean Agent , Foam & Water systems Start-up Services Long term Support & Service Training. ROC Public: Green
  4. 4. CO2 Fire Suppression Systems Versatile Fast & Efficient Clean Low Cost ROC Public: Green
  5. 5. CO2 - The Versatile AgentStored as a liquid CO2 is stored as liquid, under pressure. When a system is activated, the liquid CO2 flows through discharge pipe work to specially designed nozzles.Quick Vaporization The agent’s low boiling point means that the liquid vaporizes rapidly during the discharge, providing a penetrative three- dimensional action. ROC Public: Green
  6. 6. CO2 - The Versatile AgentReaches difficult areas The rapid expansion of the gaseous agent allows fires to be targeted even in the most inaccessible areas of the risk.Fights fire on two fronts Reduces Oxygen: Fire is extinguished by reducing the oxygen level in the risk area to the point where combustion cannot be sustained. Cools Area: Cooling is a secondary action of the agent; this feature is used in local applications where the liquid phase of the discharge is applied directly to the fire and risk materials. ROC Public: Green
  7. 7. CO2 - Fast & EfficientCO2 is fast and efficient The High Pressure CO2 system uses a large bore discharge valve,enabling high mass flow rates to be achieved. The fast action of the control system and valve enables the system to react within the first few seconds of a fire that can make the difference between a nuisance and a disaster. ROC Public: Green
  8. 8. CO2 - A Clean AgentCO2 clean: CO2 is a colorless, odorless, dry, inert gas and is one of the most familiar of all chemicals.No residue: After extinguishing a fire it vaporizes fully leaving no residue. There is no mess, nothing to clear up, no water damage.Safe to use on food: It is non-corrosive and will not contaminate foodstuffs. ROC Public: Green
  9. 9. CO2 - A Clean AgentSafe for electrical fires: It is non-conductive and so can be used on energized electrical equipment. ROC Public: Green
  10. 10. CO2 - Over 60 years of Experience Engineers developed carbon dioxide fire extinguishing over 60 years ago and Kidde have been responsible for every major improvement that has been made in this branch of fire protection. Existing Products benefit from the accumulated experience of thousands of installations in power plants, industrial plants, oil refineries, electronic processes, on ships and in a wide variety of hazardous areas. ROC Public: Green
  11. 11. CO2 is Low CostCarbon dioxide is a standard commercial productwith many other uses and it is readily availablethroughout the world.Because of its universal use it can be obtainedcheaply and this is an important considerationwhen frequent recharging of storage containersis necessary as in local application systems,where fires may be more frequent. ROC Public: Green
  12. 12. What is High Pressure Water Mist? Basic principle: WATER, discharged at HIGH PRESSURE through SPECIAL NOZZLESResulting in VERY SMALL DROPLET SIZE and HIGH DISCHARGE VELOCITY ROC Public: Green
  13. 13. What is High Pressure Water Mist? Asafe and fast alternative to CO2 A reliable alternative to inert gases A clean alternative to foamAnenvironmentally friendly alternative to halon ROC Public: Green
  14. 14. High Pressure Water MistSafe alternative to CO2CO2 has impact on central nervous system and heart functioningNormal air has less than 0.1% CO2, normal breathing rate 25-30/min0.5% is the safe limit for spaces occupied for less than 8 hoursIncrease to 3% doubles the normal breathing rate, causes headache12% consistency causes loss of consciousness rapidly and death in a coupleof minutesCO2 fire protection systems’ consistency is min. 34%, and this consistencyshould be attained within one minute (re. NFPA 12), and maintained overthe entire protection time (10-40 minutes).Fine clean water mist produced by HI-FOG is safe ROC Public: Green
  15. 15. High Pressure Water MistFast alternative to CO2Use of water allows for immediate activationMinimum fire damage FIRECO2-system HI-FOG 1. Evacuate & 1. Activate confirm 2. Secure enclosure 3. Activate 2-20 minutes Delay <1 second Delay ROC Public: Green
  16. 16. High Pressure Water MistEnvironmentally friendly alternative to halons /halocarbonsNo global warming potentialNo ozone layer depletionNo thermal decomposition products (toxic, carcinogenic,corrosive)Re-fill is practically freeRe-fill is easily and immediately available in mostconditionsNo end of life disposal concerns ROC Public: Green
  17. 17. How does it work?Water mist entrainment into fire 3-Dimensional function Water mist Air ”Room Effect” ROC Public: Green
  18. 18. Gas Turbine Protection Water mist system System main components: 1. Machinery space Accumulator Unit 2. Nitrogen cylinders3. Actuation valve (electrical activation) 4. Water cylinders 5. SS distribution piping 6. SS Test/Drain valve 7. SS Spray heads ROC Public: Green
  19. 19. High pressure water mist systemTypically 2 or 4 spray headsSmall diameter single tube to each spray headSpray heads mounted parallel to turbine axisIn accessory spaces spray heads can be mounted on ceiling ROC Public: Green
  20. 20. High pressure water mist systemFuel oil or lubrication oil fire starts in turbine enclosureFuel supply is shut offForced ventilation is shut downSystem is activated by the detection systemLube oil is provided during coast down or longerAn open door or vent does not impair extinguishing capability ROC Public: Green
  21. 21. Systems for spaces - up to 260 m3  Self-contained - own water and power  Normally non-pressurized water cylinders  No requirement for gas tight enclosures  No thermal stresses on protected equipment  Factory Mutual approved Zertifikat  Manual or automatic activation  10 min. discharge time as a minimum FM  Single pipingType Water N2 cyl.MAU-50 1*50 liters 20 liters APPROVEDMAU-100 2*50 liters 50 litersMAU-150 3*50 liters 50 litersMAU = Machinery space Accumulator Unit ROC Public: Green
  22. 22. Installed Base of Over 10,000 Systems Installations in Over 90 Countries 99.9% 1st Pass Test Success Full Life Cycle Support, including: Design & Applications Engineering Manufacturing & Test Full Documentation & Certification Installation & Commissioning Upon Request Aftermarket Support via Global affiliates Relentless Continuous ImprovementKEVTA Fire Systems, Incorporated2057 Aldergrove AvenueEscondido, California 92029 USA+1 760 743 4041 | ROC Public: Green