What Is The Empower Network


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Let’s define the word, “Empower.” It means to give and/or enable someone with the authority or power to do something. Watch me explain on my video.

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What Is The Empower Network

  1. 1. What is The Empower Network?http://www.empowernetwork.com/kevinsousa/what- is- the- empower- network December 10, 2012What is The Empower Network?Let’s define the word, “Empower.” It means to give and/or enable someone with the authority orpower to do something. Watch me explain on my video.Click Here to Watch my Video on YouTube!I started in this profession in 1978 and discovered that I had a lot to learn. I realized that I neededto deprogram and then reprogram my thinking and paradigms (habits).This required a lifetime commitment of listening to the highly successful people in our societythrough audios, videos, 1-on-1 counsel, reading self-development books and attending as manyseminars as I possibly could.What is The Empower Network?It’s different for everyone. It’s a team of people, a Master Mind Group, dedicated to building anincome and helping others do the same.It’s a team of people who are willing to learn and willing to work. We write a blog post every singleday. We reinvest 20% of our income into paid advertising and are willing to lose money on thatadvertising. We listen to a daily audio, consistently.Most importantly, we apply what we learn.What is t he Empower Net work?It’s a team of successful people who ACT before they learn how to do it and they LEARN fromtheir mistakes by CORRECTING their actions along the way. Failures try to learn everything beforethey take action.It’s a team of people who are not ashamed of their own story and who tell it to the world withconfidence and pride.What is The Empower Network?
  2. 2. What is The Empower Network?It’s a team of people who make the bold decision to do whatever it takes to find a way to upgradeand get all in with every single Training Product that The Empower Network has to offer. Theyunderstand the value of that education and, by virtue of owning those products, have theauthority to talk about them and how they benefit others.It’s the people who asked the question, “What is the Empower Network?” and then watched theENTIRE introduction video with magnetic, captivating interest, without complaining about itslength or content.It’s the people who do not just say, “I hope it works” and simply choose to MAKE it work.It’s the people who decided to immediately take action to achieve their dream and join the team.How about you?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~If you liked “What is The Empower Network?”, please ‘comment and share.’Skype: www.kevinsousa.wsClick Here t o Work Wit h Me Personally.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~About The Author: Kevin SousaFor more t han 30 years, I have list ened t o t housands of audiorecordings and personally counseled wit h some of t he most highly successf ulpeople in t he world. I’ve at t ended hundreds of seminars and read count lessbooks on mot ivat ion, skill wit h people, at t it ude and t he psychology of success.The very special people who became my ment ors and best f riends, gave menot hing but help, pat ience, underst anding and love as I mat ured in personalgrowt h. For t hat I am f orever grat ef ul. Now I pay it f orward. Decide what you want . Believeyou can have it . Believe you deserve it . Believe it ’s possible f or you. Then close your eyesevery day f or several minut es t o visualize already having what you want and t he f eelings ofalready having it . Come out of t hat and f ocus on what you’re grat ef ul f or already and reallyenjoy it . Then go int o t he day and release it t o t he universe. Trust t hat t he universe willf igure out how t o manif est it . Then be aware of t he people, circumst ances and event s t hatsurround you, t o help you achieve your goals and dreams. Act on f ait h, f eel t he f eelings andbe grat ef ul as t hough you have already achieved your purpose. Commit To Your Dreams! ~Kevin Sousa