Qualities of Great Leadership


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If you want to be a leader who attracts quality people, the key is to become a person of quality yourself.

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Qualities of Great Leadership

  1. 1. Qualities of Great Leadershiphttp://www.empowernetwork.com/kevinsousa/qualities- of- great- leadership?id=kevinsousa December 17, 2012Qualities of Great LeadershipIf you want to be a leader who attracts quality people, thekey is to become a person of quality yourself. Leadership isthe ability to attract someone to the gifts, skills, andopportunities you offer as an owner, as a manager, as aparent.What’s important in leadership is refining your skills. All greatleaders keep working on themselves until they becomeeffective.Here are some specifics:Qualit y # 1: Learn to be strong but not impolite. It is an extra step you must take to become apowerful, capable leader with a wide range of reach. Some people mistake rudeness for strength.It’s not even a good substitute.Qualit y # 2: Learn to be kind but not weak. We must not mistake weakness for kindness. Kindnessisn’t weak. Kindness is a certain type of strength. We must be kind enough to tell someone thetruth. We must be kind enough and considerate enough to lay it on the line. We must be kindenough to tell it like it is and not deal in delusion.Qualit y # 3: Learn to be bold but not a bully. It takes boldness to win the day. To build yourinfluence, you’ve got to walk in front of your group. You’ve got to be willing to take the first arrow,tackle the first problem, discover the first sign of trouble. Like the farmer, if you want any rewardsat harvest time, you have got to be bold and face the weeds and the rain and the bugs straight on.You’ve got to seize the moment.Qualities of Great LeadershipQualit y # 4: You’ve got to learn to be humble but not timid. You can’t get to the high life bybeing timid. Some people mistake timidity for humility. But humility is a virtue; timidity is adisease. It’s an affliction. It can be cured, but it is a problem.Qualit y # 5: In addition to reading and listening, you also need a chance to do some talking andsharing. I have some people in my life who help me with important life questions, who assist me in
  2. 2. refining my own philosophy, weighing my values and pondering questions about success andlifestyle.Qualit y # 6: Humility is almost a God-like word. A sense of awe. A sense of wonder. An awarenessof the human soul and spirit. An understanding that there is something unique about the humandrama versus the rest of life. Humility is a grasp of the distance between us and the stars, yethaving the feeling that we’re part of the stars.Qualit y # 7: Learn to be proud but not arrogant. It takes pride to build your ambitions. It takespride in your community. It takes pride in a cause, in accomplishment. But the key to becoming agood leader is to be proud without being arrogant. Do you know the worst kind of arrogance?Arrogance from ignorance. It’s intolerable. If someone is smart and arrogant, we can tolerate that.But if someone is ignorant and arrogant, that’s just too much to take.Qualities of Great LeadershipQualit y # 8: Learn to develop humor without folly. In leadership,we learn that it’s okay to be witty but not silly; fun but notfoolish.Qualit y # 9: Deal in realities. Deal in truth. Save yourself theagony of delusion. Just accept life as it is. Life is unique. Thewhole drama of life is unique. It’s fascinating.Life is unique. Leadership is unique. The skills that work well forone leader may not work at all for another. However, thefundamental skills and qualities of great leadership can beadopted to work well for just about everyone: at work, in thecommunity, and at home.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~If you liked this content, please ‘like and share.’Skype: www.kevinsousa.wsClick Here t o Work Wit h Me Personally.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~About The Author: Kevin SousaFor more t han 30 years, I have list ened t o t housands of audio recordings andpersonally counseled wit h some of t he most highly successf ul people in t heworld. I’ve at t ended hundreds of seminars and read count less books onmot ivat ion, skill wit h people, at t it ude and t he psychology of success. The very specialpeople who became my ment ors and best f riends, gave me not hing but help, pat ience,underst anding and love as I mat ured in personal growt h. For t hat I am f orever grat ef ul. Now Ipay it f orward. Decide what you want . Believe you can have it . Believe you deserve it .Believe it ’s possible f or you. Then close your eyes every day f or several minut es t ovisualize already having what you want and t he f eelings of already having it . Come out of
  3. 3. t hat and f ocus on what you’re grat ef ul f or already and really enjoy it . Then go int o t he dayand release it t o t he universe. Trust t hat t he universe will f igure out how t o manif est it .Then be aware of t he people, circumst ances and event s t hat surround you, t o help youachieve your goals and dreams. Act on f ait h, f eel t he f eelings and be grat ef ul as t hough youhave already achieved your purpose. Commit To Your Dreams! ~ Kevin Sousa