Kevin Sousa's Viral Facebook Formula


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Kevin Sousa teaches you how to turn your Facebook account into a free lead and sales generation machine.

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Kevin Sousa's Viral Facebook Formula

  1. 1. May 27, 2013Viral Facebook FormulaViral Facebook FormulaIn just a moment, you’re gong to discover the‘simple formula’ that I use to pull in up to 350free leads per day and get upwards of 600,000shares and 80,000 comments on my Facebookposts without a big list, magic software, orhacks that will get your account banned fasterthan a jack rabbit on viagra…In fact, this formula is so effective andconsistently reliable that nothing else onlineeven comes close to boosting your free leads and sales as much as this… Plus, it’s quick and easyto apply… It works in every market… and you can do it without a shred of technical skill ormarketing know-how… and that’s just the beginning.Read this entire blog post until the end, andI’ll also give you a special bonus that willhave your first post going viral andgenerating leads within 24 hours! It’s copyand paste simple, and the boost to yourleads, sales, and income happens veryquickly!Prepare yourself, because theresults will SHOCK YOU!
  2. 2. Imagine for a moment what just 100 extra free leads per day could do for your business.. Wouldit double.. or triple your current income?Maybe you’ve never made any money on the internet and this formula will be the first time you’llactually see all your hard work show up in your back account. Think about what that extra incomecould do for you…Would you be able to buy a new car, take your family on a nice vacation, or just have the freedomof not living paycheck to paycheck, worrying about how you’re going to pay your bills?What you’re about to see is so powerful, the temptation to misuse it can be strong. So you needto promise me that you will only use it to promote great quality products that genuinely helppeople.. deal?Also, this formula won’t be available for long, and it will be takendown without notice.. which means this will probably be the lastchance you get to see it, so get it now while you still can…OK, so I bet you’re wondering what the story is behind this formulaand how you can use it to start generating leads and sales in your business..Well, about a month ago, one of my business partners asked me an interesting question…He said.. “Do Want to Turn your Facebook Page into an ATM Machine?”…and at first, I just laughed and thought…“Here we go again…”
  3. 3. He’s going to try and sell me some magic software or hack that will just waste my time, not gettingme any closer to making real money on Facebook…”I learned a long time ago, the ONLY way tomake consistent money from your Facebookpage is by turning your friends andfollowers into LEADS……and the only way to get a lot of followersand leads, is by getting VIRAL EXPOSUREthrough the likes, shares, and comments onyour posts.“But There Was Always One SeriousProblem”Nothing I posted ever got more than 20-30 comments and a couple shares, so I could nevergenerate enough leads to make any real money…That is, until I createdmy secret formula for unleashing the “Viral Power” of Facebook.It was unlike anything I had ever heard or done before..I thought it was just ‘luck’ that caused a post to go viral and get thousands of shares andcomments, but I was DEAD WRONG..It’s a formula…It’s scientific…It’s not luck…So that means ANYONE who applies the formula canget a similar result!That was music to my ears..…and after just one week of using the formula, Istarted getting thousands of shares and commentson my posts every day.. and leads we’re flooding into my email autoresponder.My posts started spreading like wildfire and marketers from all different niches started asking mehow I was doing it……and after I taught them my formula, they started seeing results almost instantly!When you get your copy of the Viral Facebook Formula today… I will teach you The Exactformula I taught them for making posts their posts viral in a value packed 30 minute training video..Ialso provide additional trainingvideos where I teach you “How toMaximize Your Leads.”You will learn a couple simple
  4. 4. tweaks that took me from 50-100leads/day to over 350 leads/dayliterally overnight…Iwill teach you how to kick startyour shares so you hit the magic‘viral’ number FAST! (even if you have no friends or followers)Iwill teach you how to convert your viral posts into leads and sales in any niche……and Ieven show you the top 5 mistakes I made and how you can avoid them…Just imagine what this can do for your business and your income.. never before has it been soeasy to give yourself a MONSTER sized pay raise.. by bringing in 2, 3, or even 4 times the amountof leads and sales that you’re currently getting.. and with so little effort....making your posts go viral is easy andthe difference it makes in the volume ofleads and cold hard cash flooding intoyour bank account each and every weekis nothing short of INCREDIBLE..What would the Viral Facebook Formulabe worth to you?Keep in mind that when you generate newleads, they stay on your list and purchase your products for YEARS, if you treat them right!Using my Viral Facebook Formula is about the fastest way to give yourself an instant pay raiseby generating hundreds of extra leads every day!Act today you’ll also receive a very special, limited time bonus.. I actually let you copy my 2 BestPosts of All Time! You’ll get access to the exact content, video and text that I used in my 2 bestviral posts, that each got over half a million shares, so you can piggyback on my success and haveyour first post going viral within 24 hours of getting started..Testimonials from John Chatman & Franco GonzalezSo grab your copy today by entering your email address below..So what are you waiting for? You’ll be glad to hear that when you
  5. 5. invest in the Viral Facebook Formula, you’re covered by a 30day, risk free, 100% money back guarantee..Try the Viral FacebookFormula in your business for a full 30 days, watch the free leadsand sales pour in and then decide for yourself if it’s not the mostvaluable method for generating free leads your business has everseen..Enter Your Best Emailbelow and grab your copy of the Viral Facebook Formula NOW, so you can start generating freeleads for your business.. today..About The Author: Kevin & Kimberly SousaKevin and Kimberly have listened to thousands of audio recordings andpersonally counseled with some of the most highly successful people in theworld. Theyve attended hundreds of seminars and read countless books onmotivation, skill with people, attitude and the psychology of success. The veryspecial people who became our mentors and best friends, gave us nothing buthelp, patience, understanding and love as we matured in personal growth. Forthat we are forever grateful. Now we pay it forward. Decide what you want.Believe you can have it. Believe you deserve it. Believe it’s possible for you.Then close your eyes every day for several minutes to visualize already havingwhat you want and the feelings of already having it. Come out of that and focuson what you’re grateful for already and really enjoy it. Then go into the day andrelease it to the universe. Trust that the universe will figure out how to manifest it. Then beaware of the people, circumstances and events that surround you, to help you achieve yourgoals and dreams. Act on faith, feel the feelings and be grateful as though you have alreadyachieved your purpose. Commit To Your Dreams! ~ Kevin & Kimberly Sousa