How To Promote Your Blog


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As a small business owner, you probably know that writing is a key component of marketing. However, only writing an article and submitting it to as many article directories as you can isn’t enough.

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How To Promote Your Blog

  1. 1. How To Promote Your Blog to- promote- your- blog December 10, 2012How To Promote Your BlogAs a small business owner, you probably know that writing is akey component of marketing. However, only writing an articleand submitting it to as many article directories as you can isn’tenough. Here are ten more ways to build more traffic to getbetter results:1. Of f er t o Writ e Guest Blog Post sMany blog owners are actively looking for guest bloggers. Youcan research blogs in a directory like Technorati or go toBlogger Linkup that can connect you with blogs looking for a How T o Promote Your Blogguest blogger.2. Blog Communit iesExamples of Blog Communities that you can submit your blog to include MyBlogLog, Blogged,BlogCatalog and NetworkedBlogs. The search engines will index your blog faster because theseblog communities have great search engine ranking.3. Blog Direct oriesBlog Directories are great places to submit your blog to. The advantage of this is that more peoplewill find you since the blogs are listed by category. Technorati is a great blog directory, but you canfind more doing a search in Google.4. Submit t o Document Sharing Sit esDocument sharing sites are often totally overlooked by the small and home business owner.Examples are Scribd, Issuu or Docshare, each with great search engine ranking. You will have tomake your article into a PDF document for this.5. Feed Direct oriesYou should also submit your blog’s RSS feed to Feed Directories. Here are some good free ones:Feedage, Feedraider, GoldenFeeds, BlogDigger, RssMountain,,, and IceRocket.
  2. 2. After you submit your feed once, these directories should keep track of your new posts, and willindex them.These are all great innovative ways on How To Promot e Your Blog!6. Pinging Sit esBecause pinging your site is very important if you want the search engines to index you and giveyou those coveted top positions, you need to do it every time you update your blog. By default,WordPress pings your blog to one pinging site every time you update. This can work against youas it pings after you edit as well, making it appear you are pinging unnecessarily. I found a greatplugin that can stop this from happening. You can set it to ping every time you update your blog orto ping once every fifteen minutes, thereby safeguarding you from getting blocked by searchengines for pinging too often.7. Social Media Sit esIf you sign up for a social media site such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube, use yourblog name as your username. This will also help your blog get indexed quickly.Share your blog posts on your social media sites to invite comments and retweets which will helpyour search engine ranking. You can make this process automatic through services such asOnlywire or if you curate as well.8. Social Bookmarking Sit esSocial bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit and Delicious can also help to giveyou more traffic back to your website. Onlywire also automates this process.9. Blog Broadcast sAdd your blog links to your autoresponder and invite your subscribers to comment on them.10. Of f er t o writ e f or Ezines and Associat ionsYou can offer to write for ezines and associations in your niche. You can also use the searchengines for this.Remember: content is king. If you apply all these strategies and your content is poor, everythingwill just be a waste of time. You also need to post daily so that people who want to read morefrom you can keep coming back for more.Use Google to find even more innovative ways on How To Promot e Your Blog.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~If you liked this content, please ‘like and share.’Skype: www.kevinsousa.wsClick Here t o Work Wit h Me Personally.p.s. How t o Earn $150 – 500 per Day, t he Easy Way!
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