SalesFUSION Webinar - THe impact of website visitor tracking on your sales funnel


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SalesFUSION Webinar - THe impact of website visitor tracking on your sales funnel

  1. 1. SalesFUSION WebinarThe Impact of website visitortracking on b2b sales funnels
  2. 2. What we’ll cover today About SalesFUSION The b2b website funnel Understanding b2b website analytics Website visitor tracking demystified Web visitor analytics and your sales funnel Enriching CRM with website visitor “One of the most data important questions The impact of the “digital marketing & sales must conversation” answer is “who is on my website and why?”
  3. 3. About SalesFUSION SaaS Marketing Application HQ – Atlanta, GA – Sales Offices in Philadelphia, PA Provide all b2b marketing functionality in a single app Focus on integrating Marketing and Sales (CRM) Only solution built on a CRM database Extensive global partner network Unique Client Services model Game-changing pricing structure 99% retention rate 90% of all new features added in 2011 – customer requests
  4. 4. The website visitor funnel Search Email Campaign Web Forms Responses Completions Basic Web Social/Blog Analytics Corporate Website All roads lead to the websiteMA-Software 95% of b2b buyersAll site visit data is research on the webcaptured an analyzed This “digital conversation”inside of the MA system with your company isData is scored going on whether youLeads are pre-processed know it or not!
  5. 5. The B2B Website Funnel Digital conversation Prospective buyers are engaging with you in search, social, blog, online ads….and more You must inject yourself info this digital conversation and present materials that entice forms completion and lead capture Capture Track behavior Use traditional web analytics to optimize your sites performance by analyzing site behavior Analyze Present new content Present your visitors with new content that is engaging and educational. Become a source of industry best practices and elevate to Nurture trusted advisor status through intelligent nurture marketing Ideas Lead scoring Capture all data points and group, rank, score and route leads to appropriate follow up path. Score Engage sales Move the highest value leads to CRM/Sales quickly. Engage sales via email alerts and relevant contact history in CRM. Sales
  6. 6. The Role of the corporate website in your marketing mix • Center of your marketing universe • All channels lead to it • Social • PPC • Online ads • Email • SEO • All prospective buyers end up on it at some point • We spend a ridiculous amount of time and money getting people to our site…and have no idea what to do with them when they get there!
  7. 7. Advanced b2b web analytics“Who’s on my site” vs “How is my site performing”Analytics focused on leads and lead conversionAnalytics integrated into the lead gen processAnalytics that trigger events and alertsInformation is captured and appended to CRMInformation is used by sales in addition to marketing/webs team
  8. 8. Website visitor tracking demystifiedThe identification and tracking of individuals and companies visitingyour websiteEnabled by placement of a 1st party cookie on the visitor’s pc andrelation of their IP address to their email addressTracks the visit detail in the context of lead generationInformation gathered includes pages, downloads, time on site, locationand much more..Information gathered is integrated with CRMInformation gathered is actionable and drives sales-related processes
  9. 9. Google Analytics vs. website visitor tracking Website visitor trackingPerformance of website Places 1st-party cookieGeographic information Tracks a person or companyTop pages Identifies companies based onBounce rate reverse IP appendVisit depth Information is used in leadReturn visitors scoring/nurture marketingInformation used by web team for Information is embedded in CRMsite optimization Information drives sales lead alerting via email
  10. 10. Important metrics to b2b sitesVisitor Loyalty - How often do visitors visit the site? Do your visitorsvisit once a month? 3 times a month? 10 times a month? Compare thismetric over a period of time, for example compare this month to lastmonth or this quarter to last quarter.Visitor Recency - How long has it been since a visitor last visited?Again, compare this to two different time periods to see if there is achange or did things remain the same.Depth of Visit - Measures the number of pages viewed by your visitors.Here you will be able to view how many pages visitors view on your site.Always compare metrics over a period of time and try to get an insightinto whether visitors are viewing more pages or less.
  11. 11. Trends in b2b web analyticsInformation is moving from analytical to actionable – companies wantinformation gathered/presented in ways that can be used in sales funneladvancementIncorporating social metrics – monetizing social media efforts willdepend on integrated web analytics and website visitor trackingIntegrated approach – Disconnected tools being replaced withintegrated solutions that can automatically act on web activity
  12. 12. Website Visitor Tracking and your Sales Funnel Web Leads InCapture Lead Data - FormsAnalyze/Score MarketingPre-Qualify based on rules Inside SalesHigh-value leads – route to sales –trigger email alert with link to CRMLead data is pushed to CRM Outside SalesSales Engagement – Qualify toopportunity or set to nurtureClose Win/Loss – Trackback ROI datafrom Opportunity
  13. 13. What are we capturing in b2b web visitor tracking?1.Known visitors – previously identified by email click/form completion2.Known companies – identified by reverse IP append3.Unknown visitors – raw SEO data Email marketers who recognize and act on the changes that have taken place in the ways their customers choose to communicate with them and with each other will be in the best position to adapt their email programs and stay relevant.
  14. 14. What are we capturing in b2b web visitor tracking?Combination of traditional analytics plus unique visitor demographics andsite behavior IP-level detail Geo-location SEO information Email marketers who recognize and act on the changes that have taken place in the ways their customers choose to communicate with them and with each other will be in the best position to adapt theirPage-level detail email programs and stay relevant.
  15. 15. How do we capture and display this information?1.Email click through – assuming the email/WVT solution is the same2.Form completion3.First-party cookie is placed on PC4.Related to IP Address and Email Address and CRM GUID (if applicable)• Not 100%• People can clear cookies or browse on a different machine• Good content increases identified individuals• Give people a compelling reason to self-identify
  16. 16. Data appending for known companies1.Appends additional company detail to identified organizations2.Can allow users to search and purchase contacts from data appendingsolutions – Jigsaw…etc.3.Purchased users – can be enrolled into campaigns….you may get lucky!
  17. 17. Using website visitorinformation in practical b2b ways
  18. 18. How do we use the data in a practical way for b2b?• Append data to your CRM• Alert sales when valuable activity occurs• Data uses to create accurate lead scoring models• Data appended to account, lead contact records in CRM• Data drives automated campaigns (nurture/trigger)
  19. 19. How do we use the data in a practical way for b2b?Sales reports – companies onthe site•Meaningful reports•Delivered via email•Filtered based on role/geo•Make information actionable – click toopen in CRM
  20. 20. How do we use the data in a practical way for b2b?Contact/Account level alerts•Controlled by lead scoring•Managed by lead assignment rules(from CRM?)•Leads on a silver platter for sales•Beware of overkill – throttle thealerts accordingly
  21. 21. Integrating with CRM – driving towards higher value SERVICE Contact Center Marketing Automation iCRM Robustness of Solution •Implicit Data •Explicit Data •Marketing & Sales Alignment Email Marketing MARKETING •Multi-Channel Integration •Implicit Data •Behavior Web Analytics •Implicit Data •Behavior Customer Intelligence •Data Augmentation CRM •Data Quality . Sales Performance Mgmt SALES •Incentive Comp •Sales Analytics Sales Force Automation •Contact Mgmt SFA •Pipeline Mgmt Value Derived Source - Gleanster
  22. 22. What marketing data do top performing companiesintegrate to CRM? Source – Gleanster, Inc.
  23. 23. What does good CRM integration look like • Separate from sales activity history • Graphical – show sales quickly if someone is active • Drill down into detail • Data should be in table fields • Allow for reporting and workflow
  24. 24. Inside sales use of website tracking Website monitoring Research anonymous visitors – append with contacts – enroll in campaigns Inside Sales Teams are leveraging new email marketing tools for b2b Pop email alert when high-value activity •Respond to leads with HTML email occurs – assign task templates for call •Enroll new suspects in intro nurture campaigns •Enroll cold but not dead leads in nurture If no phone contact campaigns made – enroll in trigger campaign •Increased touch-points with larger number of suspects Receive on-going alerts when lead returns to site/responds
  25. 25. Things to consider?•Is anonymous activity worthwhile data?•Is WVT as a stand alone solution viable?•Will the recent issues in EU carry over to the US on privacy?•How can we best handle privacy issues?•Should we reference this information in prospect calls?•WVT should be part of an overall marketing automation solution (tagging fromemail/form)•The value of stand-alone visitor tracking solutions is
  26. 26. The impact of visitor tracking on your Sales Funnel•Increased adoption & satisfaction by sales of the CRM•Response time to leads is dramatically reduced•Fewer leads fall-out prior to pre-qualification•Longer-term leads are better developed through nurture marketing•Forced collaboration between sales & marketing•Accountability for passed leads is higher
  27. 27. What does SalesFUSION Offer? • Email Marketing• Dashboards • Nurture Marketing• Linked to CRM • Social Media oppt. • Online/Offline•• Real-time Marketing analytics• Campaign spend analysis • Landing Pages • Web visitor tracking • Lead Scoring • Lead Routing • Real time alerts
  28. 28. Thank you! Q&A Visit our online resource center PDF Materials & Video will be available See a Live Demo Who won an iPhone 5?Integrated Marketing Automation for…  Focused 100% on integrating Marketing and CRM  Clients are raving fans of hands-on service  Most aggressive pricing in market  30-day Live Trial  Pre-integrated to more CRM systems than any other vendors in our space