SalesFUSION webinar - recycle your marketing collateral for b2b lead gen


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SalesFUSION discusses the concept of green marketing and how to recycle digital marketing collateral to drive b2b lead generation initiatives.

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SalesFUSION webinar - recycle your marketing collateral for b2b lead gen

  1. 1. From clicks to clients – Optimizing the lead to sales processRECYCLING YOUR MARKETING COLLATERAL TO BOOST LEAD GENERATION Friday, April 22, 2011 Session Start Time – 1PM EST
  2. 2. Session agenda• A note on the link between eMarketing and Green Marketing• The flow of marketing collateral• Types of marketing collateral for Recycling• New ways of publishing and syndicating collateralLive example of social publishing – paste a link to your site or ablog in the Chat window!
  3. 3. eMarkeitng is Green Marketing• Email marketing versus direct mail• Digital collateral versus printTips to becoming a better “green marketer”1. Use direct mail sparingly – email first, mail second2. Use thumb-drives as collateral at trade shows3. Use collaboration tools such as SharePoint instead of printingSalesFUSION will donate $1 per attendee to Arbor Day
  5. 5. Collateral – what is fair game for recycling? • Product data sheets • Sales presentations • Past webinar presentations • Case studies • White papers • Analyst & research documents • Press releases • Blog posts • Trade show presentations
  6. 6. The workflow of marketing collateralMarketing Cloud Landing Page Website/Resource Center CRM/Sales Process Deal Close • Publish….capture….nurture • Click to purchase – usually not a straight line • From click to purchase – time is measure in weeks/months • Not a one to one relationship – typically many to many
  7. 7. Right message – leverage your testimonials & case studies Early-Stage Tactics Survey’s indicate the sooner you engage prospective buyers into communities of peers, the better. While there are moderate difference in tactic preference, peer enablement is the central theme. Middle-Stage Sources Along with peer preference in the middle buying stage is the decrease in search value and increase in vendor content needs. Late-Stage Sources Peers again! The stage analysis of sources indicates suppliers need to become publishers and thought leaders. Source: SiriusDecisions, B2B Buyers 2010 Survey from SiriusDecisions Summit
  8. 8. Content publishing – scenario 1 - PPC A B Hey Kids.. Can you find the word “HR or Human Resources” Futility anywhere on THIS {NOT A LANDING} page?
  9. 9. Publishing opportunities – Social Publishing SitesFree SyndicatedContent/Social BusinessMedia• Good for branding• Thought leadership• Use PDF with embeddedlinks
  10. 10. Publishing Scenario – Social Business SitesBecome anexpert/publisher• Re-purpose white papers• Post events• Post PowerPoint• Create valuable articles• Be seen as industry expert• SEO benefits• It’s free
  11. 11. Publishing Scenario 3 – SlideSharePart of business social mediaRe-purpose PowerPoint presentations for lead gen and SEO
  12. 12. Publishing Scenario – LinkedInPart of business social media• Information from other toolssuch as, SlideShare,Blogs available on publicprofile.• Re-use case studies, productdata sheets….etc
  13. 13. Publishing Scenario – LinkedIn Group PostingsPart of business social media• Careful – rules of the road apply• Post in news/discussions –depending on group policy• Leverage tracking URL’s• Events, presentations, white papers• Press releases – can also be sharedfrom free-press sites (1888 pressrelease;• Open groups (new) allow forindexing of URL’s – contributes toSEO
  14. 14. Using Tracking URL’s, Sharing Widgets and IttyBity• The ONLY true measure of socialmedia posting effectiveness• Understands where your traffic iscoming from to the post• Allows for multiple postings tosingle source (landing page)
  15. 15. Scribd• Social media publishing• Author searchable white papers,articles and eBooks• Tie to blog, LinkedIn, Twitter,Facebook• Indexed by google
  16. 16. IttyBitty – Social Publishing• Publish any content from theMarketing Automation platform• PDF, Blog, Press, Articles• Track traffic from sites• IttyBitty – Indexed by Google• Easy way to leverage social media• Easy way to syndicate existingcontent• One component of an integratedsocial media strategy
  17. 17. Steps to take to begin syndicating & recycling content1. Create a document and link inventory2. Update all materials (address, product names…etc.)3. Create a publishing matrix and plan4. Stagger your content syndication so that it is occurring frequently5. Link to your content sites6. Ensure new content is shared & published7. Create a mechanism for tracking traffic/leads from sources
  19. 19. Tips for building an online resource center• Resource centers provide a consistentand trackable destination for leads fromall sources.• Update frequently• Clearly label the type of content• Press releases don’t count• Provide mixture of industry educationand product education• Like a restaurant with great food….theywill come back• Ensure you capture basic information• Vary your lead capture forms based oncontent - higher value = more questions• Email the asset back to the lead using atrigger – ensures accurate email• Email when contents are updated
  20. 20. LEAD CAPTURE
  21. 21. Basic Rules of Lead Capture• Simplicity – don’t clutter with flash,images….etc•Survey/form – above the fold and noadditional clicks to get to it• Remove or understate extraneous links(that’s for the “thank you page”)• Only ask for what you need• One to One relationship betweenpages/ads• Offer should be specific and compelling“Download the white paper”“Register for webinar”“See a product demo”
  22. 22. Using Tracking URL’s, Sharing Widgets and IttyBity• The ONLY true measure of social mediaposting effectiveness• Understands where your traffic iscoming from to the post• Allows for multiple postings to singlesource (landing page)
  24. 24. Nurturing b2b leadsKey Questions you need to answer•What initiates the nurture campaign?•What is the offer of the campaign? •White Paper? •Free Trial? •Demo?•What is the goal of the nurture campaign? •3 Months – 5 new opportunities – 1 closed deal •100 new leads per month? •$50,000 increase in pipeline value?•What is the follow up plan? •Auto-responder? •Trigger email campaign? •Trigger Sales call? •Lead Scoring
  25. 25. Nurture campaign with a White PaperExample of a “burst campaign”• Email Campaign – Call to action – download from resource center• Fulfill via return email (trigger)• Publish on resource center – allows for more flexible posting in socialmedia• Use as a first-wave campaign element for multi-asset campaign 1. Send white paper 2. 2-5 Business days – trigger product data sheet 3. 3-5 Business days – trigger pdf of related powerpoint 4. 1-2 Business days – trigger additional product data/demo….etc
  26. 26. Nurture Marketing Workflow• All movement of data needs to be bi-directional• Lead scoring acts as the traffic cop• CRM feeds revenue/opportunity back to the EMM Landing page Lead Scoring complete A Email - Fulfill Item EMM CRM B, C, D Trigger Campaigns
  27. 27. SalesFUSION solution for B2B Marketing & Sales Inbound /Outbound Campaigns enabled by SalesFUSION 360Web Activity Integrated Marketing Platform & Sales Integration SolutionBlog/RSSSEO/PPC Campaign Lead Scoring Marketing to Sold Deals = Management Lead Sales Trackable ROI Management Integration EngineOnline Ads inboundLanding Pages outboundPR Continuous Marketing To Leads Decision FUSION 360 CRMEmail Analytics Engine Sales AutomationEvents Lead NurturingSocial Media
  28. 28. Q&A – Do you want to give SF360 a try?Question & Answer Copy of today’s materials PDF of today’s PPT Questions - Email to Learn about SalesFUSION Enterprise b2b marketing platform that you can afford! http://www.salesfusion.comThank you and good marketing!The SalesFUSION Team