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SalesFUSION webinar - 2013 b2b marketing goals


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. SalesFUSION Webinar5 Key Initiatives for 2013Top goals & wishes for b2b marketersin the coming year
  • 2. SalesFUSION WebinarWhat we’ll cover today• 2012 in Review – what changed in b2b marketing?• 2013 Predictions• Top 5 goals every b2b marketer
  • 3. SalesFUSION Webinar2012 Predictions – Were they right?• Content creation – top challenge & initiative• Marketing technology – adoption of new MA systems• Show ROI on programs (social, email, advertising) – marketers will be held accountable for spend by CXO• Social Media – focus on what’s working, generating leads & revenue• Continued shift in budgets to online programs
  • 4. SalesFUSION Webinar2012 Marketing Performance• Email marketing stats for 2012 (compiled from multiple analysts/reports/sites)Top Performing Content for RankEmail Open RatesWebinars BestWhite Papers FirstCase Studies SecondMultimedia (video) Third
  • 5. SalesFUSION Webinar2012 Marketing Performance• Content marketing in 2012 Industry Vertical Percent that has content strategy Financial Services 75% Insurance 50% Software 50% Direct Selling (b2B) 31% Source – Content marketing strategies 2012 survey
  • 6. SalesFUSION WebinarThoughts about 2012• Content marketing became # 1 priority for many b2b marketers• CMO’s began to develop content roadmaps, strategy• Content became #1 because of technology and channel adoption• Bulk email continued to be replaced with nurture- style/drip-style campaigns• Marketing & Sales became a C-Suite priority• Social – failed to prove an ROI – but remained important• Email marketing in general retained top status for content delivery
  • 7. SalesFUSION WebinarTypes of content and percent of use by b2bmarketers for 2013
  • 8. SalesFUSION WebinarPrograms on which marketers will plan toincrease spend in 2013
  • 9. SalesFUSION WebinarFive goals/wishes for 2013The Five B2B Marketing Goals for 2013 are focusedimproving key areas such as web, social, sales alignmentand lead management• Website visibility - whos on it and why?• Social confusion - pick and master a few social networks• Align marketing and sales• Implement lead management processes• Adopt the right technology for your need
  • 10. SalesFUSION WebinarWish #1 – Website visibilityGoing beyond vanilla web analytics to mine for prospectbehavior• Website visitor tracking – based on scripts that cookie people who click emails and touch landing pages• Reverse IP append – match companies to IP’s• Data enrichment – add valuable demographics to company data• Captured data feeds lead scoring models• Reports/alerts – let sales know when high-value prospects hit the site
  • 11. SalesFUSION WebinarWish #1 – Website visibility• 3 types of visitors to track on your website• Known person, company, unknown
  • 12. Why is web tracking the #1 wish? Search Engine Email Campaigns Registration Online Ad Social/Blog Corporate Website 95% of b2b buyers research on the web This “digital conversation”All roads lead to your site with your company isModern b2b buyers perform going on whether you knowa significant amount of it or not!evaluation on your website –prior to engaging with sales
  • 13. SalesFUSION WebinarWish #2 – Cure social confusionNow that the hype is subsiding….lets put strategy andROI on the plate for social• Understand which social networks are relevant to your business• Ask clients how they use social• Focus on quality for a select number of social sites
  • 14. SalesFUSION WebinarWish #2 – Cure social confusionSocial-tising – new ad networks to consider in additionto or in place of traditional PPC• Establish a budget and test• LinkedIn is most mature• Facebook – Targeting methods are not optimal for b2b – can be used to generate a following• Twitter’s campaigns - Interesting variety of ad-types and unique targeting make it budget-worthy
  • 15. SalesFUSION WebinarWish #2 – Cure social confusionSocial listening vs PublishingListening PublishingSearch of keywords Push content into networksMentions of your brand Wrap tracking code @ postsFind networks to focus on Target posts at groupsUnderstand trends Easy to push from MA
  • 16. SalesFUSION WebinarWish #3 – Align marketing & salesA mission-critical task because….• Marketing owns the top of the funnel• Most pre-selling is controlled by prospects• Fewer direct sales resources• Must understand ROI from lead to opportunity• CRM has largely ignored marketing – creating friction and technology gaps• Companies that align generate more revenue
  • 17. The growing importance of Sales & According toMarketing Alignment Aberdeen Group Must-have in web 2.0 world Survey Marketing’s growing influence on funnel • 20% average growth in annual revenue, as compared to a 4% Online technologies generate more average decrease among companies not using suspects integrated marketing & sales Sales must adapt to how people buy • 47% of sales forecasted Prospects control the buying process pipeline is generated by marketing, as compared to an Competition is one-click away average 5% among Laggard companies. Evaluation cycles are compressed You don’t know what
  • 18. Marketing & Sales Alignment AutomatedValue Derived  Top performing Integrated companies  Higher revenue  Exceeding goals Moving in right  Higher CRM adoption Disconnec direction but still hampered  Higher volume of leads ted by technology Adversarial Depth of integration
  • 19. Symptoms of a Broken Process Choose Specific Choose Conditions Confirm Symptoms Symptoms  No lead management  Sales Blames Marketing  Not enough leads processes  Marketing Blames Sales  Leads are poorly  No lead scoring  Missed Revenue Targets qualified  No connection between  Low lead volume  No information on marketing tools and  Sales dislikes CRM marketing history CRM  Unqualified lists sent to sales You have marketitus dicsonnectus! SalesFUSION’s clients have an average “active life span” of 2.5 years
  • 20. SalesFUSION WebinarWish #4 – Implement Lead Management• Re-think how we triage, group, rank & route leads based on data, not gut feel• Re-build trust with sales by using lead scoring as your checkpoint for sales qualified leads• Keep sales focused on closing business
  • 21. SalesFUSION WebinarWish #4 – Implement Lead Management• Marketing – owns the sales funnel through pre- qualification• Based on rules for SQL/MQL• Fewer, better leads to sales• Inside sales/telesales – report to marketing• Sales is laser focused on closing the deals• Shared pipeline• Marketing – incented for number of SQL Produced• Mutual responsibility for the whole funnel
  • 22. Re-thinking the Sales Funnel Lead acceptance – moves lead from MQL to Marketing Ownership SQL  Through pre-qualification  MQL  Visibility into CRM Lead Status  Take action on lead status  Re-route to MQL, Report Leads In from Campaigns M CR A M When integrated properly, the number of SQL’s should be relatively small with high close rates. Sales is left to focus on closing.
  • 23. » About lead scoring MA Software CRM Software A, Hot, SQL Lead Scoring is designed to ensure a smooth transition of leads from Marketing to Sales based on mutually agreed upon rules between the two departments.
  • 24. SalesFUSION WebinarWish #4 – Implement Lead Management
  • 25. SalesFUSION WebinarWish #5 – Adopt the right technology• Don’t bring a bulk email tool to a nurture marketing fight!• Pick your technology(s) based on your marketing & content plan….or the plan will fail• If Marketing Automation is in the plan….prepare for training and dedicating expertise to the system• If you are betting the farm on social….how will you measure it?
  • 26. Technology Enablement – Aligning marketing & sales through technology Marketing Software is integrated to CRM CRM/MA Lead Scoring and lead Metrics are in placemanagement is based on to track key metrics best practices and on leads to common workflow opportunities Best practices Analytics Lead Record Marketing & Sales Standard and agree on processes automated and workflow processes are in places to ensure consistent lead flow – Lead People Process Scoring, Lead Routing
  • 27. Your b2b lead funnel should look like this….DigitalConversation Capture Track behavior AnalyzePresent content Nurture Ideas Lead Scoring & Score NurturingEngage Sales Sales
  • 28. SalesFUSION Webinar• Thank you for your time!• Questions?• Learn more about us at• See a live demo (sales@salesfusion)• On-demand version & copy of slidesGood luck in 2013!