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Marketing masters advanced email marketing workshop


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  • 1. 2011 B2B Marketing MastersWebinar SeriesOnline WorkshopAugust 25, 2011 Advanced B2B email marketing workshop For the Masses
  • 2. About SalesFUSION Leading SaaS marketing automation solution HQ – Atlanta, GA, offices in Philadelphia Focus on Marketing to Sales integration Operating in 11 countries MarketingUnlimited program Innovative client service model 200+ Clients, 40 Partners 90% Product dev. – customer driven High growth – 110 new clients in 2010 SalesFUSION’s clients have an average “active life span” of 2.5 years
  • 3. About the Speaker – Kevin Miller EVP Marketing Principal at SalesFUSION 18 Years of database marketing, marketing promotions experience Developed Consumer Promotion Campaigns for Sony, Toyota, Guinness, Discovery Channel, NASCAR, WWF, TNT Direct Marketing practitioner Built and executed over 300 Webinar Campaigns since 1999 Involved with B2B Marketing Automation since inception Former user of many email & marketing software apps– Constant Contact, Vertical Response, Emma, MailChimp, CheetahMail, Unica, NuEdge Systems, Marketbright Connect with me on LinkedIn or Follow on Twitter, Follow us on Facebook Professional Marketing Philosophy: “Marketing is about results…period. Without tangible metrics to prove the efficacy of a campaign through the realization of increased revenue….we are simply throwing darts at a board and hoping for the best”
  • 4. 7 Deadly sins of email marketing1. Using an email vendor that affixes “This email sent by “VENDOR NAME”2. Call to action is sales brochure or home page3. Sending attachments or flash4. Subject lines that include…“Viagara” or “I have unclaimed funds in a Nigerian Bank for you “…OK just kidding5. Mass emailing your database a general message more than 3 times in a month6. Using the “OH BOY THEY OPENED IT” design philosophy (more on this later)7. Sending blast emails from your woefully under-designed CRM email tool – don’t8. Giving access to the email tool to sales personnel (that’s really #7 because #4 was a joke)
  • 5. About the Marketing Masters Series Focused on advanced-level b2b marketing topics Education on how to best leverage emerging marketing technology Series based on the industry best-practices and over 200+ companies Complemented with Live, Public demonstrations of marketing automation software technology Guest speakers/industry leaders Marketing automation technology combines technology and best practices from virtually all marketing disciplines and forces the end-user to become moderately fluent in all aspects of b2b marketing
  • 6. Today’s Session Advanced B2B email marketing B2B email trends worth following Defining email marketing in 2011 and beyond The nature of nurture-based campaigns Back to the basics  Subject line do’s/don’ts  Deliverability & CAN SPAM  Working with email templates/WYSIWYG  Testing, A/B, metrics  Setting up trigger-based campaign  Social media and email marketing  Building a strong call-to-action Integrating with CRM Q&A 110% client focused Dedicated client services Unlimited training
  • 7. Advanced b2b email marketing Trade your bullhorn for a multi-tool Linear messaging replaced with non- linear, branched, reactive, personalized, relevant communication Age old adage – right message, right recipient, right time Combine Trigger-based campaigns, drip-based campaigns, branched campaigns and multi-step, multi-conditional campaigns It’s not THAT Hard……it just requires tools and training In the arms race of software features, we sometimes build so far ahead of what the majority of our user community can digest at one time, we render a large portion of our solutions under-utilized
  • 8. Email marketingchallenges 2010/11 Content Getting through to a crowed inbox Campaign ROI Building opt-in
  • 9. What is b2b email marketing in 2011? Rapid migration away from low-end email blast tools to nurture-style campaigns  The Constant Contact Effect = Fatigued Inbox & Overworked Spam Filters lead to weak messages/campaigns Focus on delivering content and value in email Multi-step campaigns designed to “Hold the Reader’s Attention” Integrated with CRM Part of a larger communication strategy Messaging is moving away from “buy me now”….to “I want to teach you first…and sell you when you’re ready” Appliance-level SPAM filters (Postini, Barracuda…etc) will almost immediately interpret “sent by vendor” domains as Spam and will drop them in a junkmail folder
  • 10. The changing nature of b2b email - 20111. Social Media/Network Adoption: Facebook is approaching 600million users and Twitter 150 million. Social commerce is about toexplode. Social is simply a game changer.2. Mobile: Smartphones are expected to outsell PCs for the first time in2011. Forrester Research is predicting tablet sales in the U.S. will overtakenetbook sales by 2012, and desktop sales by 2015. Mobile is aplatform, not a channel.3. Social Inbox: Facebook, AOL and other ISPs and email clients are finallymoving toward a multichannel inbox. Emails battle for consumermindshare begins moving to the inbox itself.Source – Email Insider Email marketers who recognize and act on the changes that have taken place in the ways their customers choose to communicate with them and with each other will be in the best position to adapt their email programs and stay relevant.
  • 11. Email Campaign TypesBulk /Broadcast email – Single, linear email with 1 message and 1 call to action sent enmasse to a list or segment.Drip – Series of pre-built emails sent on calendar dates to groups of people for a specificreason. Examples are webinar invitations and monthly newsletter. They key is “CalendarDate”Trigger- Single email (auto-responder) sent to an individual based on the activation of someform of trigger. The send date/time is relative to the action or relative to the previous triggeremailJupiter Research (in “The ROI of E-mail Relevance”) found that behaviorally-targeted triggeremail campaigns get 30% higher open and click-through rates and three times the conversionrates of broadcast emailSome report open rates as much as 70% higher than broadcast email Email marketers who recognize and act on the changes that have taken place in the ways their customers choose to communicate with them and with each other will be in the best position to adapt their email programs and stay relevant.
  • 12. The Nature of Nurture-based campaignsNurture marketing is – a non linear sequence of communications that are initiated by yourprospects through web interaction, form completion or dynamic segmentationKey Elements of Nurture-based email Use a combination of trigger/drip/forms/segmentation/profile Communications are highly relevant and personalized Emails are typically triggered based on some initial event or change in profile Campaign goals  Stay top of mind  Be the vendor of choice when decision time comes Email marketers who recognize and act on the changes that have taken place in the ways their customers choose to communicate with them and with each other will be in the best position to adapt their email programs and stay relevant.
  • 13. Back to basics – an email marketing deep dive Subject Lines  Single biggest driver of open rates  Keep short, simple and decisive  45-65 characters max  Avoid obvious issues – Free, Offer, Expire – or adjectives that are over the top (Massive, huge)  Avoid Characters in subject lines *&%$@!In the junk folderbecause of thesubject line
  • 14. Back to basics – an email marketing deep diveDeliverability and CAN SPAM B2B deliverability is based on your ability to get through Appliance- level filters – Postini, Barracuda…etc. Black Listing is not as applicable in B2B – more relevant for public ISP – AOL, GMAIL….etc. “Sent on behalf of” email domain is a spam filter death sentence Once a filter flags an ESP like this as spam….anyone hitting that filter…even from a different company goes into spam…. This is the Constant Contact Effect Jeff Kaplan <>; on behalf of; Jeff Kaplan <>
  • 15. The Constant Contact Effect• 1 Company uses CC• Saturates persons at ABC, Inc. Corporate Spam Filter Company ABC, Inc. with email with CCS domain• Person flags CCS domain as spam• All other companies using Constant contact – marketing to ABC, Inc. no longer get through
  • 16. Back to basics – an email marketing deep diveWhat is SPAMRequirements of the CAN-SPAM Act There must be a clear and conspicuous remove function available to the recipient for 30 days after the email was sent. This is also known as an “Opt Out” function. Implement opt-out requests within 10 business days. Opt-outs must be communicated to all customer contact points within your company, added to your suppression lists Provide a valid physical postal address of the sender so that potential clients or prospects can mail you their request for opting out. The law requires just a postal address. The CAN-SPAM Act requires that you clearly “label” your email as an advertisement. This is not required for those who have already opted in to receive information from your company. This requirement is for those non-opted-in clients and for all prospect emailing campaigns. You must use a valid sender or header information. The CAN-SPAM Act requires that both of these fields are not misleading or false in any way. You must use valid subject information. the Subject line must reflect the intent of the e-mail message and not be misleading in any way.
  • 17. Back to basics – an email marketing deep diveWorking with HTML Templates Off the shelf templates – from the ESP vendor or 3rd-party sources. Cool vendor - g/email-templates Use WYSIWYG editor to modify Note – some templates (wizard-driven) can be very restrictive Most templates are best modified via tables or CSS
  • 18. Back to basics – an email marketing deep diveWorking with HTML Editors – for non HTML people Image sizing – know the size of the image you are replacing – re-size your image before loading into the editor Adding new content – should be done via adding tables within tables Get 1-4 good templates created and re-use Settle on a standard banner
  • 19. Back to basics – an email marketing deep diveEmail Design basics Main image banner – top Main text/message body – left Images/call to action right Use summary/bullet points Shoot for attention span of @ 25-35 seconds Think AdWords landing page design Images on right because of outlook preview pane
  • 20. Back to basics – an email marketing deep diveEmail Design basics Email should be designed with Outlook preview pane in mind Unsubscribe comes through VERY nicely though??? Emails that are image heavy on left don’t look good in preview mode Too many images may scare people into not opening This text should have rendered in the preview pane
  • 21. Back to basics – an email marketing deep dive
  • 22. Back to basics – an email marketing deep diveTesting before you send Use a quality Spam rule checking solution against your finished HTML Review rules on the open-source SpamAssassin Test against multiple email clients – but stay focused on Outlook Have an internal seed list – 3-4 people – to give an email sanity check For larger volume campaigns – consider an A/B Test against subject lines at a minimum
  • 23. Back to basics – an email marketing deep diveSocial Media and Email Don’t believe the hype – Social is not replacing email….like everything else, it is driving change Email marketing is NOT dead – it’s use is growing exponentially (see Constant Contact Effect) Social is another channel into your site Your site’s purpose in life should be to capture leads Once leads are captures, we use trigger-based nurture email campaigns
  • 24. Back to basics – an email marketing deep diveBuilding a strong call to action There can be only one Limit/eliminate links to your website in emails Use big buttons – include text link underneath For assets like white papers – use thumbnail images Assets don’t necessarily require forms if you have the click metrics If using forms for assets like white papers – use trigger emails to fulfill Cool tool – Click to download
  • 25. B2B Campaigns – Trigger/nurture based email There can be only one Limit/eliminate links to your website in emails Use big buttons – include text link underneath For assets like white papers – use thumbnail images Assets don’t necessarily require forms if you have the click metrics If using forms for assets like white papers – use trigger emails to fulfill Cool tool –
  • 26. Trigger email results  In b2b – triggers are lower volume but very high open rates  Use triggers to reinforce brand/message  Continually reinforce consistent messages/call to actions
  • 27. Practical Application of Trigger email in B2B Forms-driven triggers Marketing Asset Auto-Responder• Capture email/contact• Send asset via email• Trigger email  Link to PDF  Click to see demo  Click to view other resources
  • 28. Practical Application of Trigger email in B2B Marketing Asset Auto-Responder with Branched Logic• Capture email/contact• Mutliple choice question• Answer triggers a 3-step campaign  Email 1 – 0 Trigger days  Email 2 – 5 Trigger days  Email 3 – 14 Trigger days
  • 29. Practical Application of Trigger email in B2B Implicit action – trigger campaign enrollment• Lead scoring models behavior• Behavior = points• Point value range = group• Group actions = TriggerImplicit behavior scoring is apowerful methodology used tocommunicate broad-basedmessages to groups of peoplebased on their overall behavior
  • 30. Practical Application of Trigger email in B2B CRM/Sales Driven – Field value change/populate triggers• Trigger campaign enrollment based on concept of “listening” to designated CRM fields• Update/Enter of a “listened” field will result in adding the lead/contact to a single or multi- step campaign• Used to offload the act of “tickler” emails from sales to marketing• Don’t rely on sales to use follow up tasks in CRM to nurture leads• Example – lead status changes from “Open” to “Nurture” – system auto-enrolls lead into ongoing campaign
  • 31. Personalization & dynamic content Good trigger based email marketing is relevant to the consumer/prospect Personalization adds value to the email. Dynamic content can be leveraged to dramatically improve the personalized look, feel and message of the email
  • 32. Before you pull the trigger…. • Get your content in order – trigger campaigns can eat up content • Create a content map for each trigger campaign • Consider the length of the campaign vs. timeliness of content • Don’t throw content out there for the sake of doing so • Mix in multi-media/channel content – video/social/blog • All content should still point to the same outcome/call to action • Planning trigger campaigns should always focus on the goal/call-to-action Plan + Content/Technology = Trigger marketing
  • 33. Creating content maps• Trigger Campaign – Website – White Paper Website – White Paper A Email 1 – Send white paper link Email 2 – 7-trigger days – Offer webinar video Email 3– 14 -trigger days – Offer – product brochure Offer /Form Demo/Sales Meeting Offer /Form Demo/Sales Meeting Offer /Form Demo/Sales Meeting
  • 34. Marketing Automation versus ESP Marketing Automation Platform – Includes all marketing functions in one app ESP Application Email Multichannel Integrated • Bulk email • Some social sharing Bulk and Drip- Social, PPC, all All info connected to • Metrics based email channels CRM • Not tied to CRM • Shared IP • 12-month Trigger & Integrated lead Interconnected solution Nurture based features within capture forms email platform
  • 35. Email Marketing and Lead Management Revenue loss CRM Systems are Lower CRM adoption data entry only Marketing Tools Weak funnel Marketing data is non- Not integrated to CRM existent or not useful to sales
  • 36. Inside Sales use of trigger campaigns Website monitoring Research anonymous visitors – append with contacts – enroll in campaigns Inside Sales Teams are leveraging new Pop email alert when email marketing tools for b2b high-value activity • Respond to leads with HTML email occurs – assign task templates for call • Enroll new suspects in intro nurture campaigns • Enroll cold but not dead leads in If no phone contact nurture campaigns made – enroll in trigger campaign • Increased touch-points with larger number of suspects Receive on-going alerts when lead returns to site/responds
  • 37. What does SalesFUSION Offer? • Email Marketing• Dashboards • Nurture Marketing• Linked to CRM • Social Media oppt. • Online/Offline• Real-time Marketing analytics• Campaign Generate spend analysis Leads Revenue Capture Analysis Leads • Landing Pages • Web visitor tracking• Feedback loop Track Sales Route Leads • Lead Scoring from CRM to Opportunities • Lead Routing FUSION CRM • Real time alerts
  • 38. B2B email marketing and CRM  Provide meaningful info to Sales in CRM, improve user experience  Information in CRM is valuable to sales in prospecting  Change perception from data entry, to value  Fully automated - Allows for better lead lifecycle tracking
  • 39. Thank you! Q&A Sign up for a 1/1 demo of SalesFUSION Visit our online resource center PDF Materials & Video will be available White paper – Published on 9/15 Visit our online resource center More “Marketing Masters” series webinars coming through Q3/Q4  Focused 100% on integrating Marketing and CRM  Clients are raving fans of hands-on service  Most aggressive pricing in market  30-day Live Trial  Pre-integrated to more CRM systems than any other vendors in our space