Case Studies in integrating Marketing Automation with Dynamics CRM


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Webinar - case studies in integrating marketing automation technology and processes into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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Case Studies in integrating Marketing Automation with Dynamics CRM

  1. 1. Marketing Automation & MicrosoftCRM IntegrationOnline WorkshopFebruary 16, 2012 Case Studies in B2B Marketing Excellence
  2. 2. About SalesFUSION Enterprise marketing automation platform Microsoft ISV Partner since February, 2009 130+ Live integrations with MS CRM Support 4.0 & 2011 Focus on advance nurture marketing & lead to sales process Powerful solution with all of the features b2b marketers need Deep integration to Dynamics CRM (4.0 & 2011)
  3. 3. Today’s Session B2B Marketing in 2012 The importance of integrating Marketing & Sales Challenges you will face in marketing to sales integration Opportunities for performance improvement Case studies LexJet – Pete Petersen, CIO Baxa – Jason Schleweis– Interactive Marketing Manager Managed Maintenance – Patricia McLoughlin, Marketing Manager Lessons learned 110% client focused Dedicated client services Unlimited training
  4. 4. B2B Marketing trends that are here to stay • Marketers must master multi-dimensional channels • B2B marketing is driven by content (web, social, webinar, email) • Integration of marketing/sales processes • Adopt integrated social media strategy • Adopt integrated nurture strategies that tie in sales to the process • Lead scoring is rapidly becoming a foundational technology…not a nice to have • Sales and marketing alignment is a broken process that must be fixed by technology and process improvement
  5. 5. How the web has changed how we market • Center of your marketing universe – 90%+ of buyers are evaluating vendors on the web before they speak to the vendor • All channels lead to it • Social • PPC • Online ads • Email • SEO • All prospective buyers end up on it at some point • We often have little or no insight into the visitors to our website and how to use this information in sales.
  6. 6. Some of the biggest challenges you will face as a b2bmarketer in 2012 and beyond • Developing multi-dimensional content • Mastering how, when and where to use this content • Understanding the role of content in lead generation • Mastering how content drives nurture marketing • Mastering how to use content on the web • Interpreting and using the massive amounts of new data • Aligning marketing and sales goals, technology and process….
  7. 7. Importance of integrating marketing & sales technolgy  The web has reduced sales cycle times  Prospects are talking to you before sales knows it  Competitive nature has changed and increased  Companies that integrate marketing to sales perform better from a revenue standpoint
  8. 8. Lack of funnel visibility No ability to Consistently make data make data Please rate your ability to make data driven decisions on driven driven LEADS the following areas: decisions 3 1 2 4 5 6 decisions 7 8 9 10 Unknown Demand Measure campaign ROI on for Products and prospecting campaigns EE TP 3.5 5.6 MARKETING Services QUALIFIED Targeting new prospects or LEADS EE TP Known Demand for markets 2.5 6.1 Products and SALES Services Personalize messaging to EE TP ACCEPTED marketing identified leads 5.3 8.0 LEADS SALES Forecast sales cycle-time EE TP QUALIFIED 7.2 9.4 Sales Opportunities LEADS Forecast sales close ratio EE TP 7.4 9.6 CLOSED / WON Measure Customer Lifetime EE TP Customers Value 2.3 6.0 Personalize cross-selling and up-selling campaigns EE TP 4.4 7.8 Top PerformersGleanster – Report on benefits of integrated marketing and TP EE Everyone Else CRM solutions
  9. 9. What kind of information are top-performing companies integrating? 73% Website Page Visits 56% 67% Email Click-Throughs 33% 63% Email Campaign History 32% 58% Content Downloads 25% 56% Landing Page Visits 34% 49% Data Augmentation 22% 43%Landing Page Click Throughs 12% 34% Webinar Attendance 4% 28% Event Attendance 5% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% Top Performers Everyone Else
  10. 10. Where are the integration points for top performers?Web Analytics Tracking Code in Marketing Automation Google Analytics BothEmail Marketing 4 out of 5 Use Pre-Built IntegrationMarketing Automation 100% Use Pre-Built Integration
  11. 11. The importance of a lead alerting process6 out of 10 Top Performing Organizations configureReal-Time Sales Alerts for Sales RepsBy RegionBy AccountBy Page VisitTreat Your Reps like Your Marketing Prospects Relevant, Timely Information is Key
  12. 12. How do we use the data in a practical way for b2b?Contact/Account level alerts• Controlled by lead scoring• Managed by lead assignment rules (from CRM?)• Leads on a silver platter for sales• Beware of overkill – throttle the alerts accordingly
  13. 13. 4 Key technologies needed to make you a top performingcompany• Website visitor tracking• Nurture marketing• Lead scoring• Lead routing
  14. 14. Real-world case studies of b2b marketing integration toDynamics CRM Common themes you will hear….  Integrating sales was a priority  Visibility to ALL marketing information in CRM  Collaboration amongst marketing and sales  Agree on the process  Track results though to opportunities
  15. 15. Case Studies in b2b marketing tocrm integrationPete Petersen, CIO: Delivering results for LexJet Corporation since 2003Pete is the Chief Information Officer for LexJet Corporation, a leader in thewide-format inkjet printing industry. As a member of LexJet’s leadershipteam, Pete is primarily responsible for aligning technology with LexJet’soverall business objectives.Pete oversees a seamless sales and distribution system that providesLexJet account specialists with a paperless customer management, orderfulfillment and invoicing system. Pete’s responsibilities include both short-term and long-term sales, marketing and overall business strategy as wellas the execution of digital marketing efforts, e-Commerce conversion andlead generation.
  16. 16. Case Studies in b2b marketing tocrm integrationAbout LexJetLexJet markets and sells professional-grade, wide-format inkjet printingequipment and supplies that have helped more than 20,000 smallprinting, imaging, and sign businesses adapt to changing markets anddevelop new sources of revenues.Issues LexJet was facing No visibility of marketing campaign data in CRM Limited in the amount and type of campaigns they could run Supporting over 50 inside sales reps Could not provide meaningful marketing insight to sales at the right time
  17. 17. Case Studies in b2b marketing tocrm integrationLexJet selected SalesFUSION 360 and its deep integration to DynamicsCRM to support their marketing & demand generation initiatives.LexJet leverages the powerful and inherent nurture marketing capabilitiesto deliver campaigns more efficiently and effectively.Support a 4500-location account with national and local campaigns driventhrough the SalesFUSION marketing platform.Have real-time lead intelligence delivered to the desktop of everysalesperson on their team which helps focus their time and selling energyon near-term, high-value prospects.
  18. 18. Discovering new opportunitiesIdentifying new opportunities with CRM integration Discovered 750 new people in database interested in a new solution Allow sales to identify new sales prospects more quickly Creates forms in a matter of minutes to capture lead info and get it into CRM Lead intelligence is delivered to the desktop of the sales team Use scoring profiles to identify the “hottest” leads first Follow up more quickly on leads Build the pipeline faster
  19. 19. Benefits of Integrated MA softwareAnd CRMHow we use the MA software to its fullest extent Reduced costs of campaign production Deliver vital and timely lead intelligence to sales Build pipeline faster Reduce time to roll out campaigns from days/weeks to hours/minutes Increased lead conversion due to web tracking solution (web forensics)
  20. 20. Case Study in Marketing & SalesIntegrationJason Schleweis – Interactive Marketing ManagerJason is responsible for all electronic marketing initiatives at BaxaCorporation, including the management of their social media, webinarseries, lead management, email deployment, Sales Portal and AppleiPad use throughout the Sales and Marketing organizations.Jason is certified in social media through the Online MarketingInstitute, is a certified project manager through PMLG, and acts ascurrent web master for the Business Marketing Association, ColoradoChapter. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration andMarketing from Central Michigan University.
  21. 21. Case StudyBaxa Corporation was founded in 1975 with a mission to developinnovative products of superior quality for hospital pharmaciesnationwide. More than 30 years later, the Baxa name is synonymouswith practical fluid-delivery solutions for both the pharmacy and nursingenvironments.Issues Baxa Was Facing Multiple point solutions for marketing Marketing data residing in multiple repositories Impossible to get a clear picture of all marketing channels No integration of marketing information to CRM
  22. 22. Case Studies in b2b marketing toCRM integration – Marketing & SalesCollaborating for success!To address the issues, Baxa integrated SalesFUSION 360 withMicrosoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.After Implementing SalesFUSION for Dynamics CRM Leveraging true marketing automation capabilities Integrated campaigns and visibility across all channels Sales is alerted to prospect activity in near real-time Sales has vital information about marketing response data inside CRM Marketing and sales are collaborating at a much higher level
  23. 23. Benefits of integrating Marketing &Sales in CRMMarketing & Sales Collaboration - Why was this important? Fixing Sales & Marketing misalignment Re-building trust between marketing and sales Give sales the information they need when they need it most Marketing & Sales work as an collaborative teamQuestion for Jason – “What advice would you give to a marketingmanager in getting buy in from sales on implementing an integratedlead management program like the one you’ve installed?”
  24. 24. Tangible ResultsVisibility equates to results – in both sales and marketing 6% increase in qualified leads form last trade show – How did marketing automation help? 52% more samples requested/fulfilled from 2011 (using SalesFUSION) over 2010 (without SalesFUSION) – How did marketing automation help? Elimination of low performing campaigns Improved relationship with marketing and sales.
  25. 25. CRM Integration & NurtureMarketing CampaignsUsing a non-integrated marketing automation solution Higher expense of using a system that doesn’t speak to CRM Lack of visibility of campaigns Difficult to automate campaigns based on CRM data Difficulty in setting up automated campaigns Sales and Marketing not on the same page Labor intensive campaign execution
  26. 26. CRM Integration & NurtureMarketing CampaignsAutomated a lead to sales process SalesFUSION = fully automated nurture campaigns that speak to CRM Set it and forget it technology – “Can you explain how you use campaign automation?” 100% visibility into the flow of leads from marketing to sales Sales has ability to send HTML template emails from within CRM Sales has visibility into all marketing response behavior at the lead/contact entities in CRM
  27. 27. CRM Integration & NurtureMarketing CampaignsBenefits of automating lead to sales processes Improved lead conversion – because sales has better information about the lead history More leads with equal or less spend – campaign automation allows you to do more with less Lead reaction time reduced – using sales lead alerts the time to follow up is shorter and more impactful Eliminating marketing waste – visibility into low-performing campaigns helps re-allocate marketing dollars.
  28. 28. CRM Integration & NurtureMarketing CampaignsAdvice for integrating a lead to sales process Get sales involved in the process early Make sure sales understands where to find data in CRM Make sure there is a plan for lead follow up
  29. 29. What does this look like in CRM?  Real-time view into web activity native in CRM  Web activity is displayed at the lead/contact/account levels to all users  Information can be drilled down to the individual level  Page views and TOS(Time on Site)
  30. 30. What does this look like in CRM?  Marketing intelligence dashboard  Displays all marketing interactions from the lead/contact level  Web browsing, email, forms, scoring summaries….etc.
  31. 31. What does SalesFUSION Offer? • Email Marketing• Dashboards • Nurture Marketing• Linked to CRM • Social Media oppt. • Online/Offline• Real-time Marketing analytics• Campaign Generate spend analysis Leads Revenue Capture Analysis Leads • Landing Pages • Web visitor tracking• Feedback loop Track Sales Route Leads • Lead Scoring from CRM to Opportunities • Lead Routing FUSION CRM • Real time alerts
  32. 32. Thank you!  Q&A  Visit our online resource center  PDF Materials & Video will be available  White paper – Gleanster Report on Integrated CRM  Visit our online resource centerIntegrated Marketing Automation for…  Focused 100% on integrating Marketing and CRM  Clients are raving fans of hands-on service  Most aggressive pricing in market  30-day Live Trial  Pre-integrated to more CRM systems than any other vendors in our space