b2b webinar best practices - how to effectively nurture webianr attendees


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Webinar from SalesFUSION and WebAttract on how to effectively manage and optimize the attendance and post-webinar conversion through nurture marketing, audience recruitment and content-driven marketing

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  • Mike discusses his take on webinar demand generation, then moves to talk about the challenges
  • Mike – speaking of effective nurturing tactics, let’s drill down on the power of webinars, as a recent study from CMI, shows they are rated EFFECTIVE – VERY EFFECTIVE 70%Lori to advance when Mike’s done…to next slide on the webinar value prop for lead nutruing
  • (Mike) – Let’s talk about some of the key sources for creating great webinar contentRemember, people want to learn something new, or validate something they’ve been thinking about, or are just plain curious to hear what you have to say and determine if it’s relevant to helping them solve their business, operational or technology challenges….Mike advances the slide to drill down on the elements of a Case Study….Softball for Joe - What are some the motivators to get an author or subject matter expert to want to participate in a webinar?
  • (Mike) – talk to the key points, give examples….Advance to some popular webinar themes…
  • (Mike) – We’ve found that from a B2B perspective, webinar themes usually fall into these 3 categories…Give an example for each one….Advance to our next phase 2,…Softball for Joe - Popular B2B Webinar Themes – What are some of the more unique or esoteric themes you’ve produced?
  • (Bret) I’d ask you to consider than LinkedIn alone, with over 65 million members and over 700,000 discussion groups, can easily be leveraged to drive business-to-business demand. If you then add in Twitter, Facebook, Slideshare, YouTube, PRWeb and the many, many other social media networks and sites out there, into an integrated mix that can be smartly and efficiently use to increase awareness and generate demand, the possibilities are endless. The question is how? In this brief informational session we’ll explore the various tactics of contributing to discussion topics, blogging, breaking news posts, press releases, video snippets, and more, in leveraging your legitimate and original content marketing as channels to drive demand and ensure you and your company stay top of mind with prospects and clients.Overall, these social media platforms offer you the means to leverage blog posts, discussion groups, press releases, video, and more, to communicate your business message and drive demand gen results in various flavors, and over various lengths of time. An important point here is that, like most of marketing, social media marketing requires an investment of time, effort and intellect and, like most sales activities, delivers opportunities of varying sizes and across different sales cycles. However, given two factors, the use of social media for sales and marketing purposes is impossible to ignore: 1) it’s highly inexpensive compared to direct mail, broadcast, print advertising, etc., when you consider the reach it provides and 2) there are no real issues around spam and opt-in/opt-out, as long as used appropriately.Regardless of which social media marketing approach you take or, for that matter, any marketing effort you pursue, you’ve got to have a solid understanding of the objectives you seek to achieve and you’ve got to clearly understand who your audience is and what will be the most effective message to connect with them. Mike says, yup, the audience always needs to be our #1 focus…..always keeping in mind, what’s in it for them?Yeah, once these matters are defined, you’re ready to choose the best social media channel to attain your desired results. What you’ll see as we step through some of the choices is that each one satisfies certain marketing needs, and each one is diverse from the other both in terms of measurable outcomes as well as the time and effort it takes to put them to work for you.(CUE – Mike says, ….and for those of you that think LinkedIn is only for job networking, we’re going to talk about why this is truly the 800# gorilla of all business networking sites…..advances slide and let’s Bret riff )
  • (option) Mention that we use a combination of a 27MM name B2B DB as well as lists from some of our online media partners….Run through the numbersHint at CTR and we’ll come back to it in just a bitAdvance…and now let’s turn our attention to webinar contentSoftball for Joe - Key Audience Recruitment Metrics – What trends are you seeing, i.e., are these numbers holding steady today as they were, say a year ago?
  • The webinar went off as planned, you had a great turnout, the audience stayed on until the end…..Review stepsGet ready to go to summary slideSoftball for Joe - Post Webinar – From a lead scoring standpoint, which are more valuable, folks who attended or registered but were no shows? Can you give some other examples of what the final analytics can tell you to have a more positive and warm conversation with both attendees?
  • b2b webinar best practices - how to effectively nurture webianr attendees

    1. 1. SalesFUSION WebinarNurturing webinar leads
    2. 2. What we’ll cover today• Introductions• Webinars as a lead generation channel• Types of webinars webinar content• Webinar as a long-term campaign• Audience recruitment• Tips for delivering a great webinar• Post-webinar nurture campaigns• Extending the webinar content
    3. 3. About SalesFUSION• SaaS Marketing Application• HQ – Atlanta, GA – Sales Offices in Philadelphia, PA• Provide all b2b marketing functionality in a single app• Focus on integrating Marketing and Sales (CRM)• Only solution built on a CRM database• Extensive global partner network• 110 New clients in 2010• Unique Client Services model• Game-changing pricing structure• 99% retention rate• 90% of all new features added in 2010 – customer requests
    4. 4. An End2End Solution for Webinar Demand Creation Mike Agron Executive Webinar Producer WebAttract, LLC mike@webattract.com www.webattract.com +916.804.4703
    5. 5. ABOUT WEBATTRACTAN “END2END” SOLUTION FOR WEBINAR DEMAND CREATION• Professional services organization of B2B webinar experts• Helps marketing and sales professionals excel at demand gen• Delivers a proven methodology, best practices & metrics• Clients include global and emerging brands• Recently commissioned by Citrix Online to author a new eBook “WebinarReady™ - A Step-by-Step Guide to Hosting Successful Webinars”
    6. 6. Stay on until the end and play SalesFUSION Slots!• Showcase of cool little feature in our dialog/landing pages• Pick a winner of a Starbucks gift card using our integrated slot machine!
    7. 7. Challenges you will face More competition for people’s time Email delivery Creating a compelling message Content creation Registrant attendance Follow up and qualification
    8. 8. Types of webinars Industry best practices/point of view Product promotion/release Training Accredited/Association-focused Customer retention
    9. 9. Nurture-based marketing is 100% dependent upon goodcontent 2012 b2b content marketing report from MarketingProfs
    10. 10. Content is becoming the key driver for Nurture-basedprograms 2012 b2b content marketing report from MarketingProfs
    11. 11. WEBINAR DEMAND GENERATION Targeted Demographic Value Proposition Qualified Sales Leads + = Raises Brand Awareness Thought Leadership ©2012 WebAttract LLC
    12. 12. ©2012, WebAttract LLC
    13. 13. INFORMATIONAL VS. SALES PITCH Informational vs. Sales Pitch Case Study Product CentricBest Practices – Lessons Learned Features - Benefits Business Value, Metrics, ROI Pricing ©2012 WebAttract LLC
    14. 14. WEBINARS ARE MAGNETS FOR ATTRACTING PROSPECTSTHAT ARE RIPE TO BECOME YOUR CUSTOMERS ORTheir Needs are Not Being Met They are Actively Looking for a Solution Tip If your value proposition is timely and a “must have”, people will opt in to register for your webinar ©2012 WebAttract LLC
    16. 16. KEY FACTORS OF A CASE STUDYFOCUS ON BUSINESS VALUE• Case Story Company Profile• Challenges• Options• Solution• Results - Metrics• Best Practices• Lessons Learned• How to Get Started? ©2012 WebAttract LLC
    17. 17. POPULAR “MUST HAVE” B2B WEBINAR THEMESCase Study – BusinessImprovementHow To - TutorialStandards &Compliance ©2012 WebAttract LLC
    18. 18. PLAN FOR PREDICTABLE OUTCOMES Webinar Objectives Analyze Life Audience Cycle Value Intelligence Define Call To Action Success Factors ©2012 WebAttract LLC
    19. 19. HIGH PERFORMING – HIGH IMPACT High Commercial Outcomes High Performing High Performing Low Impact High Impact Low Performing Low Performing Low Impact High Impact Low Value to Your Audience ©2012 WebAttract LLC
    20. 20. Tips and tricks for success – email invitation • Invitation should be clear and concise • Make the dates/time and how to register highly visible • Main paragraph should show well in Outlook preview pane • Tues-Thursday between 11A – 2PM
    21. 21. Tips and tricks for success – Registration • Simple, and main body above the fold • Registration – don’t ask too much – only what’s needed • Reinforce the agenda • Reinforce the time/date
    22. 22. Tips and tricks for success – Confirmation • Instant release • 1 week before • 2 days before • Day of • Include outlook reminder • Opportunity to cross- promote/reinforce brand • OK to link to other online resources
    23. 23. PLANNING FOR WEBINAR NURTURE CAMPAIGNS• Average time frame for webinar promotion is 4-6 weeks• Post promotion – content and attendee behavior focused• Begin with webinar materials – filter down to product materials toward end
    24. 24. Tips and tricks for success – Post webinar microsite • Multimedia – video, slides, resources • Promotional asset for ongoing use • Posted to website, social networks…etc. • Link back to online sites such as YouTube/SlideShare
    25. 25. EXTENDING YOUR REACH WITH SOCIAL MEDIA Results Tip Webinarlistings.com ©2012 WebAttract LLC
    26. 26. KEY AUDIENCE RECRUITMENT METRICSTO DRIVE 250 REGISTRANTS AND 100 ATTENDEESMetric Significance50,000 Size of the targeted demographic audience750 1.5% will reach your registration landing page250 A Click Thru Ratio of 33% will yield 250 registrants100 40% or more registrants will actually attend ©2012 WebAttract LLC
    27. 27. POST WEBINARNOW IS THE TIME TO EXTEND THE DIALOGUE AND SELL• Mine final analytics for prospect insights• Record and edit for on demand viewings• Send a thank you email/link (24 to 48 hrs.)• Don’t forget to thank your speakers• Harvest analytics to start a warm conversation with attendees and no shows• Manage funnel to convert and nurture prospects into customers ©2012 WebAttract LLC
    28. 28. The use of marketing automation tools in successfulwebinars the brand and message – don’t rely on webinar • Control tools for registration, drip, trigger, nurture-based emails • Robust analytics • Pre-build and copy your campaign flow over and over • Native integration to webinar platforms • Better performance and attendee rates.
    29. 29. Benefits of using marketing automation to run webinars • Pre-build subject swaps – increase opens and CTR • Track and adjust your webinar in real-time • Control and adjust the message/subject line based on performance
    30. 30. HIGH PERFORMING – HIGH IMPACT High High Performing High Performing Low Impact High Impact Commercial Outcomes     Low Performing Low Performing Low Impact High Impact Low Value to Your Audience ©2012 WebAttract LLC
    31. 31. Integrate results to CRM • Move leads from webinar to CRM more efficiently • Keep sales in the loop • Tie in telesales for pre/post call-downs • Track webinar leads through opportunity creation/close
    32. 32. Leveraging event management in MA Software• Integrated event management combines planning, executing and tracking online events into a single interface• Integration with webinar platforms makes branding of reminders/registration pages easier for the producer
    33. 33. Questions?• Schedule a demonstration of SalesFUSION• Learn more www.salesfusion.com• Learn more www.webattract.com• Thanks for staying with us! Let’s pick a winner of the Starbucks Card