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Signs you may need a bed bug exterminator
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Signs you may need a bed bug exterminator


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Heat-N-Go provides professional and effective bed bug treatment and extermination. Visit today to learn more.

Heat-N-Go provides professional and effective bed bug treatment and extermination. Visit today to learn more.

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  • 1. Signs You MayNeed A Bed Bug Exterminator
  • 2. How to Know if You Have Bed BugsBed bugs have made a dramatic comeback. So much so that thereare many people who think they may have them that do not. Manyothers who do have them are blaming the signs on something else.The US Environmental Protection Agency says that attempting toassociate what appears on the skin as small bites is not a guaranteeof having bed bugs. There are plenty of conditions that can causesmall red welts that look like bites. Other insects and spiders canalso leave those marks.
  • 3. How to Know if You Have Bed BugsThe EPA recommends looking closely at the bedding for signs ofinfestation. Bed bugs are tiny. The adult bed bug is about 5 mm longor 3/16 of an inch. The term "bed bug" is a common name forvarious insect species of the Cimex genus.
  • 4. What Are Bed Bugs?The Cimex lectularius is the bed bug that likes to feed on humanbeings. Bed bugs feed on the blood of humans while they sleep.They have skin-piercing mouthparts they use as a kind of syringe toextract blood. The bites usually leave behind red marks that areseveral times the diameter of the bite.
  • 5. What Are Bed Bugs?Use a flashlight and magnifying glass to search a mattress and boxsprings thoroughly. Be sure to check the bed frame and theheadboard too. Look in the holes of the headboard where screwsare at for evidence of bugs and eggs.
  • 6. What Are Bed Bugs?The eggs resemble grains of rice in appearance but are muchsmaller at only 1 mm in length. Be sure to look for actual bed bugs.You may find live bugs or dead bugs in any of the life stages fromnymphs to adults. Nymphs are so small they would not fully coverthe date on a penny.
  • 7. What Are Bed Bugs?Small brown stains on bedding may be feces left behind by bedbugs. It is important to take your time and look carefully into everycrevice and fold of bedding. Some mattresses and box springs havehandles or straps used when moving them. Look under the strapsand handles for any evidence of infestation. Bugs that have beensmashed into mattresses will leave reddish looking stains
  • 8. How Do I Get Rid of Them?There are ways to get rid of bed bugs that a homeowner canattempt to varying degrees of success. Replacing the bed may notget rid of all of them. Insecticides that homeowners can buy over-the-counter may or may not work. They do respond to heat andcold, but the temperature extreme needed to kill all of them is toomuch to make it feasible for a homeowner to use that method .
  • 9. How Do I Get Rid of Them?The EPA states that exposure to 113 degrees Fahrenheit for at leastan hour should kill them. The agency also says that cold below 0degrees Fahrenheit for at least four days will kill the bugs at any oftheir life stages.
  • 10. How Do I Get Rid of Them?Bed bugs have been exhibiting a resistance to pesticides. That andthe other extremes needed to kill them all usually make a bed bugexterminator the best option for homes. Exterminators have accessto specific chemical pesticides that are considered safe for homeuse that homeowners typically cannot acquire for do-it-yourselfapplications.
  • 11. Further Reading…• Heat-N-Go provides professional and effective bed bug treatment and extermination. Visit today to learn more.