Welcome to my Holland & Barrett                  Presentation
ABOUT THE TASK                 Technically review Holland & Barrett                 Highlight some of the below issues and...
Quick Statistics                                                                        Holland & Barrett300000           ...
On Page Review                                    Holland & Barrett350300                                        302 Redir...
Off page Analysis                                                       Holland & Barrett            Social Metrics       ...
Audience Research                                         Holland & Barrett                                               ...
Standout Issues & Flaws                                                                              Holland & BarrettURL ...
Standout Issues & Flaws                                                                                            Holland...
Standout Issues & Flaws                                                                           Holland & BarrettMobile ...
Quick Wins                                                                                       Holland & BarrettPaginate...
Quick Wins                                                                                            Holland & BarrettCat...
Holland & BarrettBasic Improvements H3 – Look at taking the text outside of the   Meta – Create new meta descriptions for ...
CONTACT ME                                        MY DETAILS                                          16 Hathaway Green La...
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  • 302 issues – If these go to products which are now permantely out of stock they should be 301
  • Holland

    1. 1. Welcome to my Holland & Barrett Presentation
    2. 2. ABOUT THE TASK Technically review Holland & Barrett Highlight some of the below issues and make comments on how I would go about amending these issues. • Standout Issues & Flaws • Quick wins and opportunities • Basic improvements This presentation will last about 10 minutes and will contain various issues and solutions which could help Holland & Barrett stand out within the Vitamin and Health product industry Kevin Wiles dummy review
    3. 3. Quick Statistics Holland & Barrett300000 Load Time: 1.16s /hollandandbarrett Robots file: Yes250000 Sitemap.xml: Yes /101571455552746181137 /hollandandbarrettuk200000 /holland_barrett150000 Indexed Pages IIS Web Server jQuery Framework Windows Server100000 ASP.Net framework 50000 0 Holland & Barrett Simply Supplements Health Span Kevin Wiles dummy review
    4. 4. On Page Review Holland & Barrett350300 302 Redirects250 These should be made into a more permanent move so I would advise changing to 301200150 Duplicate Title Tags Add unique title tags to ensure Google can correctly identify a page.100 50 Missing Issues Create unique Meta Keywords & Descriptions and also add Alt tags to all images 0 Missing Alt Tags There is only a few images missing alt tags, I would look at adding some on to these images. Kevin Wiles dummy review
    5. 5. Off page Analysis Holland & Barrett Social Metrics Backlinks = 7,251 The overall total of backlinks Holland & Barrett have at the moment. Referring Domains = 1,521 The total amount of domains which hold all of the above backlinks Tweets, 711 Average Links Per Domain = 5 Shares, 1046 This is an average based on backlinks/Referring domains Anchor Text Google+, 50 Some of the Anchor text for the link profile have blanks Likes, 89 these should be looked at. They might be changed for Brand/Keyword terms unless they are images from banner campaigns. Kevin Wiles dummy review
    6. 6. Audience Research Holland & Barrett Local Many searches are ‘local’. Ensure coverage for local brand and category terms. Eg ‘Health food Leeds’. Positions 3-5 For many of these core generic terms, Holland and Barrett are in positions 3-5. Bumping these = quick win. Content Using these ‘audience interest areas’, it would be straightforward to generate a content plan for Holland and Barrett, either as part of our core search plan or as an additional opportunity for StickyEyes. Store Pages Individual store pages aren’t currently indexed in search. Fixing this could allow H&B to place vouchersSource: Google Suggests on these, meaning ‘online’ could get the credit it deserves for in-store sales. Kevin Wiles dummy review
    7. 7. Standout Issues & Flaws Holland & BarrettURL Structure BETA Site Homepage ContentURL structure can be an important aspect I have noticed the site has a beta version Content is one of the most importantwhen it comes to getting high results within which seems to have been indexed. factors for SEO. The homepage has veryGoogle. The current structure of Holland & beta.hollandandbarrett.com this might little content.Barrett doesn’t contain any keywords and cause major duplicate content issues aroundisn’t very friendly at all. the site. An introductory paragraph will inform shoppers about your products and theIf you look at the below URL which is for market your in.Aloe Vera products you will see thestructure is very poor. Fix: I would look at adding a small box under theFix: product boxes which could containI would look at changing the URL structure information about Holland & Barrett andto something like the below. Fix: the range of products they sell. To fix this you could look at blocking the sitehttp://www.hollandandbarrett.com/pages/c from being indexed by using the Robots file. Tip:ategories.asp?cid=AloeVera I would also look at adding the H1 to main <meta name="robots" content="noindex content rather than the logo. I discuss theThis gets rid of the following numbers and ,nofollow"/> more in depth later on.adds in keywords to the URL.Ideally I would make the URL’s as friendly You could also get the site validated inand short as possible Google Webmaster tools and request removal from the index. Kevin Wiles dummy review
    8. 8. Standout Issues & Flaws Holland & BarrettDuplicate Content Homepage Links H1 TagsThe Holland and Barrett site has various The Holland and Barrett website has various As discussed earlier the H1 tags on all of thepages which are identical all but the bottle versions of the homepage. Some of which website are all wrapped around the mainsize. Both the below products are identical are Query Parameters for logo.in terms of content. analytics, however there is also a /Home version which again could cause indexing Although this could be something which ishttp://www.hollandandbarrett.com/pages/product_ issues. generated via the E-commerce package Idetail.asp?pid=10&prodid=176&cid=230 would look to resolve this. Main Link www.hollandandbarrett.comhttp://www.hollandandbarrett.com/pages/product_detail.asp?pid=10&prodid=684&cid=230 Logo Link www.hollandandbarrett.com/?linkpos=logo Fix: Tab Link www.hollandandbarrett.com/?linkpos=row1 Look into the E-commerce package more The only difference is the amount of pills in and see if you could change the way the H1 Alternative Link www.hollandandbarrett.com/home each bottle is generated.Fix: I would then look at having a H1 on everyAlthough Canonical tags have been added I Fix: page and make it relevant to the content orwould look and making them one solid page I would look at adding a 301 redirect to topic of that page.and adding a 301. redirect the /home version of the website.I would then add a 301 re-direct to the page The other 2 versions seem to be ok oncewith less link equity and direct it to the taken into Google and requesting a Cachedother page. version. Kevin Wiles dummy review
    9. 9. Standout Issues & Flaws Holland & BarrettMobile Website Category Content Mobile AppI noticed that Holland and Barrett have no The main categories for Holland and Barrett I find myself more and more downloadingmobile website and no app. This will like the below have no content on at all. apps to my mobile phone whether this is abecome a fundamental thing within the news app or a store app. Holland andnext 2 years with more and more people This again will become a big issue with the Barrett should look at making a friendly app.looking to buy products via smart phones. latest panda update. Fix: http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/pages/c I would make a small app which has all ofFix: ategories.asp?cid=5&linkpos=row2&MCat= the below features this would make it veryLook at making a well optimised mobile 1 easy for people to find various local storeswebsite which can allow people to easily and offers.navigate and buy products online, this will Fix:help increase sales for Holland and Barrett. • News Look to add content which tells users about • Local Stores the category they are in and add useful • Offers internal linking to relevant sections. • Information on Reward Scheme Kevin Wiles dummy review
    10. 10. Quick Wins Holland & BarrettPaginated Pages Page Titles Inter LinkingHolland and Barrett have a lot of paginated There are over 284 duplicate page titles, I Although the current website has hugepages this could cause a range of crawling would spend some time developing a linking from the navigation and the hugeissues and excessive duplicate content. keyword research plan. This would contain a categories around the website. list of long tail and high traffic keywordsTo fix this issue you could look at adding Once content has being created for the a From here I would then look to change all range of pages across the website, I wouldrel="next" & rel="prev"‘ the duplicate page titles . then look at adding in more internal linking from this to more relevant category orThis will help Google understand those This will be a quick win for SEO in terms of product pages.pages are simply paginated pages and all the website as it will ensure you have theinbound links should be attributed to the best chance of having every single page This will make it a lot easier for people tofirst and most important page. optimised for as many keywords as possible. find the relevant products they need from Holland and Barrett Kevin Wiles dummy review
    11. 11. Quick Wins Holland & BarrettCategory Content Mark up Reviews BlogAs previously discussed, I think this could be Reviews are one of the biggest ways to sell a The current Holland and Barrett website hasa huge opportunity to add more content to product and health products should have some articles, although they were veryrelevant categories this will help people also some as well. difficult for me to find.find these sections within the SERPS. I noticed on a few pages like the below – I would look at adding a more social andhttp://www.hollandandbarrett.com/pages/c active blog which could feature all of theategories.asp?cid=5&linkpos=row2&MCat= http://www.hollandandbarrett.com/pages/ below.1 product_detail.asp?pid=157&prodid=424 • Nutritionist AdviceThe above is a perfect example, adding This page has reviews but it currently isnt • Product Informationcontent about the types of sport and even using any mark up like SCHEMA or • Special offersadding some top supplements with inter Microformats to take full benefit and have • Information about the reward schemelinking could be a massive quick win. them showing in the search results. • Recipes (For Products) • Diet HelpIt will also ensure the page is no longer I would look at adding one of the above to • Best product to treat …weak when it comes to SEO & Content. have these reviews show up in search as • Q&A Discussions well this will heavily increase the click • Video Chats through rate. Kevin Wiles dummy review
    12. 12. Holland & BarrettBasic Improvements H3 – Look at taking the text outside of the Meta – Create new meta descriptions for More content – Add information about the H3 tag duplicate and missing pages product and why it is useful. Product Videos – Add videos showing how Q&A – Create an open section for any Images – Show more images to engage with they look and can be consumed. questions users might have. the user. Kevin Wiles dummy review
    13. 13. CONTACT ME MY DETAILS 16 Hathaway Green Lane Stratford upon Avon Warwickshire CV37 9HX 07824 6979 65 kevinjwiles@gmail.com http://www.kevinwiles.co.uk Twitter.com/kevwiles Kevin Wiles dummy review
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