Lutheran Lakota Shared Ministries


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Lutheran Lakota Shared Ministries

  1. 1. Pine Ridge Retreat Center Our Mission • The mission of the ministry at Pine Ridge Retreat Center is to foster better understanding between Indian and non-Indian peoples and to make contributions to the life of the people living on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
  2. 2. We host groups who come from Seminaries from churches Immanuel Lutheran, Cresco, IA Students from LTSS and Wesley discuss “Neither Wolf nor Dog”
  3. 3. They come And diverse social and economic From diverse geographic areas backgrounds St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, Herndon, VA Church of the Wilderness, Bowler, WI
  4. 4. From Undergraduate & graduate Programs Augsburg Nursing Program Students Augsburg School of Nursing Transcultural Nursing Students
  5. 5. Lutheran Outdoors also coordinates a programs through PRRC Lutheran Outdoors group having devotions and singing on porch of They interact with our young people church at Wounded Knee during activity time
  6. 6. Hospitality and generosity abound
  7. 7. Sanctuary Program Young people come to worship And to play Puppets perform Young people learn traditional dances and singing
  8. 8. Relationships form As we play And have fun together
  9. 9. Picnic and play outside on a nice summer day
  10. 10. Pool, foos ball, bumper pool, and ping pong are some favorite activities Seminary students enjoy some time in the snow
  11. 11. We visit key cultural sites We hear the story of the white buffalo calves born on Merrival buffalo ranch
  12. 12. Rev. Robert Two Bulls and wife Delores share the story of Ansampi Bleza J-term seminary group at Christ Episcopal Church in Red Shirt Cedar Creek between Red Shirt Table and Blind Man Table
  13. 13. We might go to a wacipi (pow wow)
  14. 14. Visit Oglala Lakota College, Kyle KILI Radio Station, Porcupine
  15. 15. Community Service Painting and yard work at a Seminary students replacing a floor at the Guild home out in the district Hall, Makasan Presbyterian Church, Oglala.
  16. 16. Groups also do community service Work on foundation of new multipurpose center Replacing a kitchen counter at home of an elder in Batesland
  17. 17. I St. Timothy’s, Herndon with members of Korean Presbytery at Makasan Presbyterian Church in Oglala Just having a chat after breakfast with members of group from ILIFF Seminary
  18. 18. Speakers Share Darren Merrival takes group members to feed the buffalo Teacher, advocate, performer, Will Peters with group member after his presentation
  19. 19. Celebrate
  20. 20. Go to a birthday party We watch a parade CeCe, turns 1
  21. 21. Gather Christmas Wishes
  22. 22. Opportunities How you can help Wish list • Board games • Come and see • Doll house • Financial: • Dolls • Toy trucks – Gas vouchers • Puzzles – Gift certificates • Leap Frog computerized learning sets • Food • Outside games – – croquet • Clothes – volley ball – Horseshoes (rubber) • Pampers & Formula • Gasoline • Pick up truck • Propane • Garage • Large bath sized towels
  23. 23. Sponsorship Sponsor a Child or a Family • Several children who come to the • Family sponsorship includes Center on a regular basis are sponsored by members of groups the parents/guardians along who come on a regular basis. Many with the young people. more would benefit from a stable ongoing relationship – knowing • Usually, correspondence someone continues to lift them in and gifts come to the center prayer and cares. for distribution to the • Sponsorship involves designated recipients. – Birthday gift – Christmas gift – Notes of encouragement throughout the school year
  24. 24. Scholarship Delane No Neck Memorial Scholarship • Donations to the Delane No Neck Memorial Scholarship for a special needs graduate from Pine Ridge High School going on for further education. • Donations to fund membership at the SueAnn Big Crow’s Boys and Girls Club
  25. 25. • Buy and sell authentic art work and crafts • Scholarship a child for – Water color and acrylic membership at SueAnn Big paintings Crow’s Boys and Girls Club – Dream catchers ($15/year) – Jewelry – Drums • Scholarship Red Cloud Indian School’s annual Administrative fee for a child or family ($100/child, capped at $200/family) Some groups raise funds for their mission trip through selling Native American arts and crafts
  26. 26. Thank you • For your ongoing support – – Donations are welcome – As are your ongoing prayers • Come and visit! • For more information, contact Rev. Karen Rupp at Pine Ridge Retreat Center • 605-867-5262, PO Box 862, Pine Ridge, SD 57770