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Power Point Presentation for my English 201 class in the Fall Semester of 2012

Power Point Presentation for my English 201 class in the Fall Semester of 2012



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Spaeth claritypp002W Spaeth claritypp002W Presentation Transcript

  • Kevin SpaethEnglish 201-002W10/31/2012
  • The Toulmin Method of logic for presenting an argument Stephen Toulmin (1922 – 2009) was credited as one of the founding father’s of argumentation theory. (O’Grady). His model for logically presenting an argument is one of the most common forms used in organizing and presenting one’s data. His It’s all about Logic… steps are simple; Claim, Data, Warrant, Backing, Counterclaim, and Rebuttal. (Weida)
  • ClaimThis step is pretty basic forany kind of document. Thisis where the thesis and thebasis of the paper isformed. (Weida) - “Space, the final frontier…” - “Really?! Prove it.”
  • DataThis is where all theevidence and material forthe argument is presented .(Weida) - No, not this Data…
  • WarrantAlso known as a bridge, thisis the explanation as to whyor how the data supportsthe claim, and theunderlying assumption thatconnects your data to theclaim. (Weida) - Its all beginning to come together.
  • BackingAlso referred to as thefoundation, this is whereone provides additionallogic or reasoning tosupport the warrant asnecessary. (Weida) - Now this is what I call back-up…
  • CounterclaimAs with any good argument,the counterclaim, the claimthat negates or disagreeswith the thesis/claiminitially stated is included.(Weida) - He tasks me! He tasks me… - Yes, yes your turn to make your argument.
  • RebuttalAnd finally, evidence that inturns negates or disagreeswith the counterclaimstated previously. (Weida) - Space, the final frontier… but with a suave accent.
  • Citation• Weida, Stacey. Stolley, Carl. “Organizing your Argument”. Purdue OWL. The Writing Lab & The OWL at Purdue and Purdue University. Web. 10/31/2012.• O’Grady, Jane. “Stephen Toulmin obituary”. The Guardian. Guardian News and Media. January 10, 2010. Web. 10/31/2012. obituary• All Star Trek references are attributed to the Star Trek franchise, and used simply for the fun of the theme.