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    Music Music Document Transcript

    • Simmons1 Through my research there are many different musical genres, effects of music in society,and careers for musicians. Music is an organized arrangement of tones characterized by melodic,harmonic, rhythmic, and textural and dynamic elements. There are numerous styles of musicassociated with various cultures and periods in history. The elements of music consist of melodyand harmony. A melody is a series of tones varying in duration and pitch to form an organized,recognizable pattern. Melodies are often styled according to the type of music as well as theculture of origin. Harmony is the construction of two or more tones played together. A series ofharmonic tones is organized to accompany the melodic sequence to form a progression (Gale2010). Rap music is also rooted in the talking jazz style of a group of ex- convicts called the LastPoets. However, rap music did not reach a broad audience until 1980 when the Sugar Hill Gang’ssong “Rapper’s Delight” received widespread radio play (Gale 2003). Rock and Roll was anexpression of independence by adolescents socially secure enough to reject their parents’ musicaltastes, which valued songs in which primal impulses had been refined beyond recognition. Oneof hip hop’s pioneers was built by Russell Simmons. As co-founder of the pioneering recordlabel Def Jam in the 1980s , he helped launch the careers of a number of important artists, suchas Run–D.M.C. and the Beastie Boys. He has his own clothing line too (Gale 2005). Overallmusic has a powerful effect on the quality of our lives. For music to reach the people you need amusic producer, music arrangers and orchestrators, music audiences. Music composers is anotherword for producer, but one famous named Paul Hindemith began his composing career as anexpressionist , exploring musical territory opened up by Arnold Schoenberg and Bela Bartok.He was associated with a movement known as “New Objectivity”. Elements of popular musicand even jazz were included in New Objectivist music, but such elements were treated with
    • Simmons2satire and parody (Gale 2003). Music is my life and I want to pursue this career even if it takeslonger than I expect it. My favorite music artist who has been in the industry a long time isSnoop Dogg . He was born on October 20, 1971 in Long Beach, California and by the time hewas 15 he was selling every kind of narcotic you could think of in North Long Beach. Then hemet Dr. Dre and soon after he was a very successful artist in the music industry (Gale 2011).After I get my degree in music at a university then I will be able to help all the people that Iknow who can rap or sing because I know everybody want to make some money and someproducers become rich and don’t even have to do as much work as other people. Like sit in aoffice and do paper work on the record label. But some artists are more focused on life problemsor something you can relate to. The best music producer I can relate to is Pharrell Williams whois an American rapper, singer, record producer, composer, and fashion designer. He formed arecord production duo with his friend named Neptunes and he has produced numerous hit songsfor various music artists. Marching band was the main extra-curricular activity that motivatedhim and now the most recent song he has in the industry is with king of Atlanta T.I. . So as yousee you can do anything as long as you keep your mind focused on the business of your choice.