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  2. 2. Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located on thesouthern end of the Iberian Peninsula at the entrance of theMediterranean. It has an area of 6.8 square kilometres and anorthern border with Andalusia, Spain.Geographical situation.
  3. 3. Early historyEvidence of Neanderthal habitation in Gibraltarbetween 128,000 and 24,000 BChas been discovered at GorhamsCave, making Gibraltar the lastknown holdout of the Neanderthals.Within recorded history, the firstinhabitants were the Phoenicians,around 950 BC
  4. 4. The Tower of Homage of the Moorish Castle remains standingtoday. From 1274 onwards, the town was fought over by theNasrids of Granada, the Marinids ofMorocco and the Catholic kings ofCastile. In 1462, Gibraltar was finallycaptured by Juan Alonso de Guzmán,1st Duke of Medina Sidonia.● After the conquest, King Henry IV ofCastile assumed the additional title ofKing of Gibraltar, six years later Gibraltarwas restored to the Duke of Medina Sidonia, who sold it in 1474.● In 1501 Gibraltar passed back to the Spanish Crown.
  5. 5. HistoryIn 1704, during the War ofthe Spanish Succession,leading to a permanentexodus of much of theexisting population. In1713 Treaty of UtrechtGibraltar was ceded toBritain. Spainunsuccessfully attemptedto regain control
  6. 6. During World War II , Gibraltars civilian population was evacuated.Spanish dictatorFrancisco Francoreluctance to allow theGerman army draw upa plan to captureGibraltar (Operation Felix).In the Gibraltar sovereignty referendum, 1967 Gibraltarians votedoverwhelmingly to remain under British sovereignty, Spainclosed the border with Gibraltar. The border with Spain waspartially reopened in 1982 and fully reopened in 1985.In a referendum held in 2002 , Gibraltarians rejected by anoverwhelming majority (99%) a proposal for shared sovereigntybetween Spain and Great Britain.Wilhelm Canaris
  7. 7. The Convent: At the end of thepedestrian Main Street you canReach one of the most typicalsites of Gibraltar. All tourists willmake any photo to the guard.And it is also normalphotographed at the side ofthe canyons.Anglican Cathedral of the Holy Trinity :a Cathedral in Gibraltar with a lot of historyKings Bastion: This is the mostimportant stronghold of the city,located in the most vulnerablepoint of the port just as he haddone mission to defend theaccess door of goods.Shrine of OurLady ofEurope andPatroness ofGibraltar: Thechurch isdedicated toOur Lady ofEurope,Catholic patronsaint ofGibraltar.The Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque: The building was a gift fromKing Fahd of Saudi Arabia and its construction lasted two years.Buildings and places
  8. 8. Buildings andplacesReal Street: main shopping street of Gibraltar.The Court House: english style gardenwith species such as the palm trees,hearts, flowers and other exotic orientalplants.Gibraltar Parliament
  9. 9. Flora and faunaOver 500 different species of flowering plants grow onthe Rock. Gibraltar is the only place in Europe wherethe Gibraltar candytuft is found growing in the wild.Most of the Rocks upper area is covered by a naturereserve which is home to around 230 BarbaryMacaques.Iberis gibraltarica
  10. 10. Demography● Ethnic groups: The main ethnic groups,are the british(27 % ), Spanish (24 % ), Italy (20 % ).● Language: The official language of Gibraltar is English,and is used by the Government and in schools. Themajority of the residents are bilingual. The Gibraltariansoften converse in Llanito.Religion: Approximately 78% of the Gibraltarians areRoman Catholics.Other include the Church of England (7% ), 3% reported that they have no religion. The thirdreligion in size is Islam (4% of the population).
  11. 11. ● 1.-Sikoski● 2.-Libra: 1£ 1,20€● 3.- Raja Hindustani● 4.-Black and blue● 5.- A cup of coffe● 6.- 66,5£= 76€● 12.- Roys Fish and chips● 16.- St. Joseph and Bisuop Fitzrald● 13.- 15€● 14.- Cable car● 7.- Milka, cadbury, Toblerone, Walkers chocolate● 8.- Corks, The 3 owls, The royal calpe● 9.-A menu of wooper and an ice-cream● 10.-
  12. 12. Video