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Pizza Hut final presentation about digital marketing plans

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  • Do you like Pizza? If yes, what kinds of pizza is one of your favorite? I want to introduce types of pizza you might never heard of before!
  • Before I start talking about my plans, I want to share a success Pizza Hut stories in South Korea. I’ve noticed that people here in U.S. tend to order pizza more than they actually go out and eat at the restaurant. But countries like South Korea for example, people also stop by or go out to pizza restaurants for lunch or dinner with their families and friends. They also have various types of Pizza menus such like ‘Bulgogi Pizza’ and ‘Gold rich Pizza’. These various types of pizzas were very successful in South Korea when it came out. People wanted to try out new menus when they came out and loved the delicious tastes they had. Pizza Hut was also brilliant making their crust bread because they put sweet potatoes and other delicious ingredients considering that people tend to throw the crust away when they eat pizza. United States of America is already a great market place where has different cultures but pizza companies including Pizza Hut have limited menu choices.
  • There are already many pizza places worldwide succeeded with their new specialized menus.
  • So would it actually work in U.S. market? I’m confident with success because there are many success Pizza Hut stores worldwide with their new specialized menus, and so why not here in U.S. market where there are so many international and different cultures of people live who can be our focusing target consumers. To make my plan success, I want Pizza Hut to try out this campaign in Urban States such as New York and California to see people’s reaction to this where there are diverse cultures of people. At this point, I think communicating with customers is the most important to accomplish.
  • Pizza Hut should use digital marketing strategies to communicate with their customers. Digital marketing can be a great tool in many ways! For example, creating Facebook page and uploading pictures and news about their new menus would lead people to put likes to the Facebook page and feedbacks that can communicate with customers where Pizza Hut can review and figure out their strengths and weaknesses from them. Google AdWords is another great digital marketing Pizza Hut can focus on. Hundreds of people search on google to find out near pizza restaurants around them. So advertising through Google AdWords will lead customers to the right page with their wants!
  • Quick review on our target market places. The Total number of Facebook users is 1.26 billion (updated 10/6/13), 1.23 billion monthly active users (updated 1/29/14) and 757 million daily active users (updated 1/29/14). Amazon actually spent $55.2 million on AdWords advertising in 2011 which means many successive companies are already using AdWords search engine to make their profit.
  • I don’t want to make same mistake like Coca Cola did with their new coke project, but I just want to add up new menus keeping the classic American pizza menus so that everyone’s happy!
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) which our ultimate goal would be increasing the margin of the profit and getting more customers with different cultures. This can be the ideal goal to pizza hut because they are extending the customer fields not only in U.S. but worldwide!
  • According to the Pizza Hut reviews by Andrew McMains, Pizza Hut’s media spending is about $245 million in 2010 and $235 million in 2011. So I’m expecting them to spend about $100 million to the digital marketing budget. As I thought of creating Facebook page and Google AdWords as two main digital marketing which we learned through the course, I thought about putting in daily and monthly budgets they can use. Spending bigger amount of money on promoting the Facebook page will make more Facebook users to use the ads. So I chose about $.12 million daily spending on promoting the Facebook page which adds up to $43.8 million annually and around $.155 million daily on Google AdWords which adds up to about $56.5 million annually.
  • Did you guys have fun with my new Pizza Hut innovation project? It’s their work to make right pizza for you and it’s your job to let them know what kind of pizza you like to eat! Thank you for your kindly attention to my presentation!
  • Go Global Pizza Hut presentation

    1. 1. Pizza Hut menu renovation project “Go Global” Pizza Hut
    2. 2. Why ? • Typical types of pizza menus • America has different cultures
    3. 3. Already out there! • Indian Curry Pizza • Korean Shrimp Pizza • Japanese Seafood Pizza
    4. 4. Would it work?
    5. 5. It’s safe marketing strategy
    6. 6. Budgets are critical to think about
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