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    History of Zynga History of Zynga Presentation Transcript

    • ZYNGA. COM
    • Mark Pincus founded Zynga in April2007 under the name Presidio Media;the company name changed to Zyngain July 2007. The early supportingfounding team included EricSchiermeyer, Michael Luxton, JustinWaldron, Kyle Stewart, Scott Dale,Steve Schoettler, Kevin Hagan, andAndrew Trader.
    • They received US$29 millionin venture finance fromseveral firms, led byKleiner Perkins Caufield &Byers in July 2008, at whichtime they appointed formerElectronic Arts ChiefCreative Officer Bing Gordonto the board.
    • At that time, they alsobought YoVille, a largevirtual world socialnetwork game. Accordingto the companyswebsite, as of December2009, it had 60 millionunique daily activeusers.
    • ZYNGA was named afteran American bulldognamed Zynga once ownedby Mark Pincus.They usean image of a bulldogas their logo.
    • As of September2010, Zynga hadover 1,200employee.
    • On Feb. 17, 2010, Zyngaopen Zynga india inBangalore, Thecompany’s first officeoutside the UnitedStates.
    • March 18, 2010 –Zynga confirmed thatit will open asecond internationaloffice in Ireland.
    • May 7, 2010 – MichaelArrington of TechCrunchreported that Zynga Wasthreatening to leaveFacebook Altogether in thewake of Facebook’s requiringexclusive use of Facebookcredits for Monetization inapplication.
    • After Facebooknegotiations for havingZynga host its gamessolely on Facebook fellthrough, Facebookretaliated by shuttingoff notifications forseveral Zyngagames, including
    • Plans surfaced for Zynga todistance itself fromFacebook by creating a new"Zynga Live" network, to becalled ZLive. On May18, 2010, Facebook and Zyngaentered into a five-yearrelationship to expand theuse of Facebook Credits inZyngas games.
    • Sheryl Sandberg, COO ofFacebook, was quoted assaying, "We are pleased toenter into a new agreementwith Zynga to enhance theexperience for Facebookusers who play Zynga games."
    • The companies stated theywere testing the use ofFacebook Credits, whichwould allow Facebook toeffectively capture 30% ofany users spending in thegame, and their use would begradually rolled out to allgames.
    • In a May 24, 2011discussion at TechCrunchDisrupt, Arrington andBing Gordon described theincident as the "CubanMissile Crisis of tech".
    • June 3, 2010 –Zynga acquiredchallenge games.
    • October 5, 2010 – Bonfirestudios was acquired byZynga. It was renamed“Zynga Dallas”. TheAcquisition broughtZynga’s workforce to morethan 1,300 employeesworldwide.
    • On December 2, 2010, Zyngaannounced that it acquiredthe Texas-based mobile gamedeveloperNewtoy, Inc., developers ofthe game "Words withFriends",and renamed thestudio to Zynga WithFriends.
    • In December 2010, Zyngasgame CityVille surpassedFarmVille as its mostpopular game with over 61million monthly active usersand a base of over16 million daily activeusers.
    • Zynga has acquired theNew York-based gamedeveloper Area/Code, nowrenamed Zynga New York.
    • In March 2011, Zyngaannounced the acquisition ofthe team from Massachusettsgame developerFloodgate Entertainment. Itwas Zyngas tenthacquisition in ten months.
    • In April 2011, Zyngaannounced theacquisition ofMarketZero, an onlinepoker tracker company
    • In April 2011, the companypartnered with Lady Gaga ina new game offering. In May2011, the company wasreported to be in theprocess of raising anadditional $500 million witha valuation at $10 billion
    • In May 2011, thecompany launched itsmost complicatedgame to date—Empiresand Allies.
    • As of July 1, 2011, thecompany had 2,000 employees.In September 2011, Zyngaannounced that their biggestgame CityVille has made thetransition to google+ afterabout 95% decline in theirprofits.