The revolution in realtime research; africa stand up!!

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I am researching a strory that will appear in the pambazuka news …

I am researching a strory that will appear in the pambazuka news
accompanied by a video podcast and other beautiful data visualizations
dubbed, The Revolution in Realtime Research:Africa Stand Up!
This content will eventually be uploaded on other blogs,websites and
social networking sites for people to learn more about your Ngo/Donor
I am reaching out to other Ngos/Donor agencies/charities/philanthropies as well.

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  • 1. The Revolution in Real-timeResearch: Africa Stand Up!
  • 2. 1.0 The IdeaWhy is it that Donor agencies are in Africa yet only part of their problems are solved? What can we learnfrom trying to quantify the relationship between development (no development) with speed and agilitywhen responding to queries on the go? Which Ngos are sleeping while they watch others being part of therevolution? Do some Ngos feel that they are too big to be held accountable when handling political,economic, social justice, health and environmental issues here in Africa? These are some of the questionsthat will be answered in this Research entitled; The Revolution in Real-time Research: Africa Stand Up! Kevin Ovita Teddy is a researcher/online seeder and hip hop enthusiast who organizes a local chaptercalled the Nairobi Research Group. This is a one of kind group and the first in Africa and is made up ofenthusiasts, historians, creative technologists, cultural critics, linguists, teachers, MCs and academics –who meet to discuss various topics with a socio-political context and activism e.g. quantifying art &metaphor, data visualization, internal / external cultural analysis, gaming, curriculum design and more. Hehas tried to fuse his love for non-profits and impatience at how things drag here in Africa to come up witha speed analysis of how quick the top 500 Ngos/Donor agencies respond to queries here in Africa. Teddywill not look at traditional PR/IR methods since this research is dealing with web communications hence hehas resolved to exclude use of phone calls when reaching representatives’ of Ngos/Charities andphilanthropies. While he looks at this research from a very close view hopefully otherresearchers/activists can zoom out and come up with many questions which can be used for furtherresearch and research degrees.
  • 3. 2.0 ExecutionThis will be a focus group survey which will be done at a cyber cafe in Nairobis Central Business Districtthrough which the top 500 Ngos media representatives email will be sought through web forms, socialmedia, individual email, phone only,IR contact only, press release etc.These emails will be sent between 12noon-1.00a.m. on a weekday in the month of April 2012(normal workinghours on all continents).This means that we will come up with a time schedule based on the locations of the500 Ngos that would fit these time zones that emails will be sent. We will hire the services of aconsultant to do the data analysis, clean up, presentation, data visualization, info graphic and podcast. Wewill then do a Nairobi Research Group Event at the Goethe Institute who are usually courteous enough tosponsor the venue, sound and advertisements to present these data visualizations. This establishment willbe coupled with a tea-party that will culminate into a cypher composed of ten talented underground(conscious) emcees.
  • 4. 3.0 Impact1. This research will try to answer this question, how fast does top 500 Ngos respond to political,economic, social justice, health and environmental problems in third world countries especially here inAfrica? We will come up with a listing of 500 Ngos/Donor agencies/charities/philanthropies which is the2012 top 500 Ngos real time speed analysis (Here we will chart the name of the Ngo and response time).2. We will come up with a video podcast and beautiful data visualizations/info graphic dubbed, TheRevolution in Real-time Research: Africa Stand Up! This will be seeded on other websites, blogs and socialnetworking sites.3.We will develop case studies, success stories and sample major findings then 12 best real lifeexperiences accompanied with absurdities(stupidity, craziness) of Ngos that engage in real time tosolve(ameliorate) the problems that exist here in Africa.4.After 6 months-1 year we will use real time devices and free software tools like Google alerts, yahooalerts, feed burner to track the comments,mentions,memes engagement of activists with the online storyor if it generated buzz for further research.
  • 5. 4.0 ActivitiesConsultation, Data collection and clean up (1 week)Data analysis (4 weeks)Data viz/info graphic and podcast (2 weeks)Nairobi Research Group event (1 day)Online seeding on pambazuka news, blogs, Social Networks (1 week)Track the comments, mentions, memes engagement of activists using real time mobiledevices(smartphones&tablets) and software tools. (6 months-1 year)
  • 6. 5.0 BudgetItem Duration Amount in Kshs Amount in dollarsConsultation, Data 1 week 150,000Kshs 1875$USDcollection and clean
  • 7. upData analysis 4 weeks 100,000Kshs 1250$USDData viz/info graphic 2 weeks 200,000Kshs. 2500$USDand podcastNairobi Research 1 day 150,000Kshs 1875$USDGroup event((tea (Sound,Venue,Advertisementsparty+paying rappers) will be donated by Goethe Institute)Online seeding on 1 week voluntary-at no chargepambazuka news, (our contribution to theblogs, Social project)NetworksTracking “buzz” the voluntary-at no chargecomments, mentions, (our contribution to thememes engagement of project)activistsTotal 8 weeks 600,000Kshs 7,500$USD6.0Details here!Donate now!
  • 8. Organization Name:Wasanii Mtaani/Artists in the HoodName of Principal Contact Person; Kevin Ovita TeddyTitle of Principal Contact Person; Project Coordinator/ResearchManager NairobiPhysical AddressAt Threeways supermarket, 1st Floor,Room 31.Marenga Road,off Waiyaki Way.Postal Address;P.O. Box 30257 00100 Nairobi +254711139582 Blog; Numbers nairobislummaga zineEmail Address Website www.wasaniimtaa ni.orgClaims toProject Title; The Revolution in Real-time Research: AfricaStand Up! Beginning Date; April 2012Period of Request 2 months End Date; June 2012Bank; Barclays Bank of Kenya Branch; Queens waySwiftcode;barkenxAccount Name;Wasanii Mtaani/Artists in the HoodAccount Number;1091962Amount of Request in Dollars;7,500 $USD