Sales Leads Are Like Aggregate - Deister Sales Meeting


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Exploring how Leads Are Like Aggregate and why a solid website is important for conversion was the topic of presentation by Kevin Mullett for the Deister Machine Company Sales Meeting. This also happened to be a celebration of Deister Machines's 100 year Anniversary.

In this presentation Kevin explains to this business to business group why it is essential to have a home on the web they own, and how sift through all the noise to find the solid business leads that are most likely to turn into customers.

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Sales Leads Are Like Aggregate - Deister Sales Meeting

  1. 1. LEADS ARE LIKE AGGREGATE@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  2. 2. circa 1987 me on a bulldozer WHO AM I?@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  3. 3. Online marketing doesn’t work if potential customers can’t find you or if you have to push everyone there. CAN I FIND YOU@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  4. 4. WHERE DO WE DO RESEARCH IN 2012? Recommendations for a restaurant will likely be taken at face value. Recommendations for expensive equipment will be validated. Where do we go to do research these days?@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  5. 5. No marketing media channel has 100% eyeballs or is 100% effective. We need to prioritize based on goals, resources, and business objectives. NO ONE SPOT@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  6. 6. Maybe it’s time to rethink what you are willing to spend money on, and why. WHAT IS WORKING?@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  7. 7. WHY THE WEB IS THE MARKETING CENTER • Works WITH all other marketing • 24/7 lead generation • Where people do research (At their pace not yours) • Easy, quick, and inexpensive updates A NetCentered approach@kmullett Social Media Summit #SMSFW
  8. 8. Clients now have more tools than ever to sift through everyone that might be able to fill their need. VISIBILITY SCREENS@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  9. 9. tv dm (direct mail) radio newspaper print (brochures/ads) email marketing social SEO search marketing tradeshows sponsorships (nascar etc.) yellow pages (not shown)@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  10. 10. TIP: SOMEONE NEEDS TO MIND THE STORE Search engine optimization (SEO) wont fix bad content or make it convert into business, but without it "just writing good content" leaves you reaching less people than you could. Who’s on watch? Google CEO Eric Schmidt to Congress – 516 updates and over 13’000 tests in 2010. (pdf)@kmullett Social Media Summit #SMSFW
  11. 11. There is a lot of misinformation,speculation, opinion and hypebeing spread about onlinemarketing. Worse is theexpectation that it should befree, effortless, and easy, yetproduce greater ROI. HYPE & HYSTERIA@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  12. 12. TIP: ASK YOUR COUSINS 12 YEAR OLD…@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  13. 13. TIP: TECHNICAL COMPETENCY MATTERS These technical factors impact SERP and conversion.@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  14. 14. BUDGET & STRATEGY@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  15. 15. TIP: BEWARE OF FREE OPINIONS Projects are always limited by: time, money, effort, resources, knowledge, buy in. (from HIPPOs or clients)@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  16. 16. TIP: IT’S NOT ABOUT WHAT YOU LIKE Which phone line will you be ignoring today? Tools to find your audience:@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  17. 17. ACTION: GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER FIRST! Grab your local listings: Keep name, address, phone consistent!@kmullett Social Media Summit #SMSFW
  18. 18. Don’t be surprised when you get very little value out, of that which you put very little value in. DO YOU SEE THE VALUE?@kmullett Blog Indiana #BIN2012
  19. 19. TIP: THINK OFFLINE, ONLINE, MOBILE QR Codes and mobile sites need a strategic purpose! Hello trade shows…@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  20. 20. OWNERSHIP@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  21. 21. ACTION: BLOGGING…DO I HAVE TO? Efficient blogging ideas. • Convert customer question response emails into posts • Share via social • Use video reviews & stories • Link to specific information pages from blog posts. vs • Get guest bloggers@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  22. 22. ACTION: GOOGLE GIVES YOU CLUES Let Google give you ideas on which long tail subjects to write about. • Google Instant • More search tools (left) • Searches related to (bottom) • Related searches (top) [doesn’t always appear]@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  23. 23. TIP: YOUR WEBSITE IS NOT FOR YOU If you ask me to build you a pink website, I will build you a pink website but… I won’t pretend it’s a good idea if it doesn’t fit the intended audience. YOU are not the intended audience!@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  24. 24. ACTION: GET COMFY ON CAMERA • A Humanistic look into your company and processes • Easy and inexpensive to embed from Youtube • Increased visibility & no plug-in • Visitors and search engines like video@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  25. 25. ACTION: MEASURE IF IT WORKED • Monitor contacts, calls, lead sources (referrals) • email subscriptions and network growth (quality) • Check Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools: bounce rates, time on site, pages visited, conversion, confirmation pages, and…well that’s another seminar.@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  26. 26. Humanize yourmessage, Encourageconversation, Listenfirst, Promote Less. H.E.L.P PHILOSOPHY@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  27. 27. ME Image by Joe Shoemaker@kmullett / @cirrusabs
  28. 28. GET TIPS, TRICKS, INVITES, AND INFO Find out what’s in The Puzzle Box / @cirrusabs
  29. 29. ACTION: PREPARE FOR BUSINESS • Open G+, Youtube, & Skype accounts • Buy a webcam • Harness the power of smartphones • Practice with someone (me) Are you keeping up and prepared to communicate how others wish to be communicated with?@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  30. 30. ACTION: KEEP TRAFFIC, SEO & VISIBILITY! Embed signup capability via services like eventbrite@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  31. 31. ACTION: CHECKING WHERE YOU RANK Get: Rank Checker a Firefox browser add-on • Measure baseline • Measure changes • Measure competition • Check in private browsing@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  32. 32. ACTION: START LISTENING & WATCHING Set alerts for: business name(s) or brand, employee names, usernames, your brand name, competition, influencers in your field, product/service names, and misspellings.@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration
  33. 33. ACTION: GRAB YOUR BRAND/IDENTITY Deister 100 Year Celebration
  34. 34. ACTION: TELL THEM & TELL THEM WHY… • Are we clear with our message? • Is design or action most important? • What is our call to action? • What is in it for them?@kmullett Deister 100 Year Celebration