Tnooz-Amadeus Webinar: The impact of the always-connected traveler


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The mobile device is now part of everyday life and becoming the hub for all traveler activity, replacing PC, telephone, kiosk, boarding pass.

The traveler’s handheld device is now an integral part of the entire journey, not just from pre-trip planning and booking, but through the actual trip itself.

But what does this mean for the travel industry? What are suppliers and intermediaries doing to take advantage of this trend in traveler behavior?

Panelists are:

David Holyoke, Travel Leaders Corporate, president
Rain Fletcher, Choice Hotels International, VP application development & architecture
Brian Beard, Amadeus, executive travel technology consultant

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Tnooz-Amadeus Webinar: The impact of the always-connected traveler

  1. 1. The Impact of the Always Connected Traveler October 25, 2011
  2. 2. Kevin May,Tnooz editor / moderator
  3. 3. Poll no. 1
  4. 4. Brighter, Bolder, Better The Always Connected Traveler Tnooz Webinar Oct 25 © 2011 Amadeus IT Group SA Brian Beard4
  5. 5. Always Connected TravellerOverview Transportation Travel Phases Air Pre Trip Bus On Trip Traveler Car Post Trip Rail DEVICE Influencers Connectivity Information Value Drivers Bandwidth Timely Interface Accurate Input Method Actionable Performance Personalized
  6. 6. Brighter, Bolder, Better Always Connected Traveler Statistics The Numbers 1M The number of presale orders for the Apple iPhone 4GS 428 Millions of mobile of devices sold in Q1 2011 85% Projected Smartphone sales growth year over year „10 to „11 (Q2) Global Rank of the US in 12 measuring countries with the Fastest Broadband © 2011 Amadeus IT Group SA speeds Billions of people 5 projected to have broadband access to the internet in 20166
  7. 7. Brighter, Bolder, Better Always Connected Traveler Macro Trend – Effort Between Human / Device InteractionDevice EFFORT Human 1980s Floppy Disks 1991 Hard Drives Image 1 1994 eMail 1995 Internet 1997 eCommerce 1998 Mobile eMail Image 2 2002 Mobile Internet 2007 Smart Phones 2008 Smarter Devices + GPS Image 3 © 2011 Amadeus IT Group SA Today 2011 Speech interface in Mobile Devices ????? ????? Convergence (Humans become the device)7
  8. 8. Brighter, Bolder, Better Always Connected Traveler GDS Perspectives • The core business of the GDS to consolidate supplier information and process travel transactions remains central to providing services to the connected traveler • The GDS’s must adapt a flexible approach to Mobile technology • As mobile devices get more sophisticated, the connected traveler will demand more timely and © 2011 Amadeus IT Group SA accurate information from GDS systems8
  9. 9. Brighter, Bolder, Better Always Connected Traveler Predictions • Almost Certain • Travel servicing interface from mobile devices will be fully functional • Wireless broadband will be available almost everywhere • Proactive travel servicing will become the norm • Online booking tools that don‟t have a fully functional mobile interface will become obsolete • Less Certain • Traveler behavior will change with enhanced connectivity, location based services and smarter devices • Your device becomes your credit card, making T&E much easier to track • Traveler privacy will become an issue • Traveler productivity will increase significantly © 2011 Amadeus IT Group SA • Out There • The device and the traveler will be come more Integrated (wearable devices, speech interface)9
  10. 10. Brighter, Bolder, Better Always Connected Traveler Opportunities and Disruptions • Possible Headlines related to the connected Traveler “Mobile booking tools overtake traditional OBT‟s (PC/laptop) as the booking tool of choice for the business traveler” “Tablets and smartphone replace laptops as that device of choice for business travel” “As corporations let their travelers select their mobile devices, travel managers are forced to adopt new practices” “Rental cars now equipped with hi-speed wi-fi” © 2011 Amadeus IT Group SA “Personal video conferencing reaches mass adoption, travel spend increases”10
  11. 11. Poll no. 2
  12. 12. Travel Leaders CorporateDavid Holyoke
  13. 13. Mobile Applications► Travel Leaders Corporate provides our Customers with Options:  Mobile Applications that are ingrained in the Online Booking Tools  Beacon Flight Notification with itinerary monitoring  Push Notifications for immediate access to support  Support for a variety of mobile applications to fit our travelers‟ needs Travel Leaders Corporate is currently testing a branded mobile solution that will work with all our customers including those who do not use an online booking tool.
  14. 14. Beacon Flight Notification Technology Automatic traveler alerts Flight Disruption Information sent directly to mobile, smart phone, PDA Beacon Monitoring Agents continuously monitor at-risk reservations to search cost effective alternatives Proactive Agent Intervention Proactive airline re-protection Precautionary hotel booking
  15. 15. In the Next 60 Days► In the next 60 days, Travel Leaders Corporate will be launching a new mobile product that will allow interactive access to our agent and support specialists to manage their travel during the planning stages as well as in transit. Product Features Include:  An application is available in iPhone or BlackBerry and registered with Travel Leaders Corporate  Immediate access to Travel Leaders‟ Agent Support Team  Dynamic Itinerary Management Options  Synchs with your Device Calendar  Push Notifications – Flight Status, Gate Changes, and Communications from Travel Leaders Corporate
  16. 16. Interacting on the Go - Mobile Technology Receive a Change Notice from Travel Leaders “Accept” the Change or Email the Travel Agent Through Travel Leaders’ new automation, the traveler will simply push a button to accept any changes allowing us to confirm their peace-of-mind without the need of a phone call.
  17. 17. Poll no. 4
  18. 18. The Always Connected Traveler: Challenges for the Lodging IndustryRain FletcherVice President, Application Developmentand Architecture
  19. 19. Big Issue 1: Guests Want Ubiquitous, Fast Connectivity Guests check into room with their own devices – often MANY devices ... and bring their own content Customer expectation: fast, FREE wifi connection … and everyone wants it at the same time Hotels reality ... o siphoning of revenues from in-room movies and gaming o investment in smart TVs with web connections now wasted o hotels need to think about shorter investment cycles (3 to 5 years)
  20. 20. Big Issue 2: Guests Want Myriad Ways to Interact with Hotels Customers have an "always-connected" expectation ... o "Im online ... why isnt my hotel?" o Pre- and post-stay communication o Reservations are "organic" not "static" o Customers have ubiquitous mobile access o Big challenge, but also an opportunity
  21. 21. Big Issue 4: New Opportunities from New Connectivity with Guests Unprecedented opportunity at point-of-booking, not just point of check-in Significant portion of reservations now same-day Same-day reservations at nearby geo-locations With channel management, more business booked Great data from mobile connection to hotel
  22. 22. Big Issue 5: Looking Forward in Hotel-Customer Relationships The new hotel kiosk = mobile phone: room keys on handhelds? Mobile point-of-sale means ancillary products and revenues Significant, but manageable, issues: o security o authentication o investment (e.g., re-keying of rooms)
  23. 23. Q&A
  24. 24. Thank You!Webinar replay will be available on Please send questions and comments to Kevin May,