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Today’s travel industry is characterised by an interconnected network of complementary technologies, with every corner of the business impacted.

These open ecosystems enable collaboration, creativity and speed of innovation in travel products, services and tools.

But what does this mean for travel? And how do you keep up with the pace of change?

In this FREE 60-minute webinar, produced by Tnooz and Travelport, and featuring representatives from the OpenTravel Alliance and other travel technology organisations, we took an in-depth look at the travel technology ecosystem and where open development and where it may lead us all.


* Valyn Perini, CEO, OpenTravel Alliance
* Jason Nash, VP product innovation, Travelport
* Amin Kroll, CEO, CarPilots
* Rui Figueiredo, partner/head of product development, Travel Technology & Solutions
* Kevin May, editor and co-founder, Tnooz
* Gene Quinn, producer and, CEO/co-founder, Tnooz

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  • So firstly let’s take a look at some of the core problems we’re trying to solve as part of our open platformIn order to effectively service customers today travel agencies are utilizing multiple websites, API’s and other content sources in order to access the travel content, functionality and pricing they require.Development against multiple APIs and/or content sources is laborious, time consuming, difficult to maintain and expensive. Further, the APIs available today may not offer access to all of the content desired. In addition, the content itself is becoming increasingly fragmented and complex, with the rise of optional services and their associated fees (e.g. un-bundling of baggage, meals, pre-assigned seats, etc.). These services are increasingly difficult for travel suppliers to distribute and for developers and travel agencies to access and manage.Furthermore, the supplier APIs and other content sources are ever-changing; for example, travel suppliers frequently change or upgrade their existing APIs to offer new functionality. This results in additional development costs for users of that API whenever this occurs increasing the cost to process every booking.
  • In the past the GDS’s have traditionally been partially walled gardens.. We’ve worked with developers.. But it hasn’t necessarily been at the heart of our strategy.But when you look around at the world today it’s clear that a large number of successful software companies succeed not just because of what they themselves build for their customers… but because of what they enable their partners to build on top of their platform.There are numerous examples.. Of course Apple is probably the most popular – just look at the iPhone and the app store. Yes it’s a great bit of hardware but are you really attached to the device or to the apps? And of course some apps are built by Apple but the vast majority aren’t…And clearly there are other examples as well – look at Tweetdeck and Twitter.. Pretty much everyone involved benefitted there – consumers had a better product, Twitter got more traffic… and Tweetdeck – those guys managed to make some money as well.But what does any of this have to do with a GDS?!Well firstly here at Travelport we recognise it’s not easy to be a platform or an eco system–to be successful everyone involved needs to win – so for us that means our supplier partners, our subscribers and of course our developer partners as well as ourselves. We have a great basis to work from though - today Travelport has a phenomenal global reach – connecting hundreds of airlines, more than a hundred thousand hotels and numerous other supplier partners with tens of thousands of agencies worldwide.And we recognise that we can’t.. And shouldn’t… try to meet all of the travel distribution needs of our partners and customers. We should of course build our own tools.. As evidenced by our multi million dollar investment in Travelport Universal Desktop. However we should also build the tools that will allow and encourage development and innovation on top of our platform – so people can re-use our core technology and data assets in innovative ways to meet the needs of multiple niches.And we’re delighted to say we’ve been making just those investments – primarily in our universal API and also our Universal Desktop SDK. In this session we’ll take a look at these in more detail and point you in the right direction to find out more..
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  • Travelport Universal API is the first API to provide global access to high-speed rail, low cost carriers and multi-GDS air, car and hotel content via a single API.Universal API is designed to support third party application developers, consolidators, online and large travel agencies who develop and maintain their own travel related applications. These applications use our API products to communicate with our host systems (Galileo, Apollo and Worldspan) and access powerful technologies such as Travelport e-Pricing. With Travelport Universal API, customers are able to reduce software development costs and improve time to market when building travel related applications for deployment on the Web, desktop solutions or mobile applications.The Universal API provides: Access to multiple GDS cores and content sources Aggregated results from multiple sources in one response Ability to query separate sources (e.g. Worldspan availability, Galileo cars)The Universal API provides a single access to Travelport Universal Profile and Universal Record Universal Profile - a single profile and policy relational database that allows greater levels of granularity in storing data and more flexibility in terms of system integration Universal Record – a super PNR storing and linking data in a consistent format irrespective of source
  • The feedback from our customers is consistent and echoed by this research with more than 170 agencies based in EMEA.It’s time consuming, expensive… and frankly a hassle for our customers to maintain multiple API connections.With our open platform and universal API these are problems we’re trying to solve.. We think the GDS should help customers minimise the number and complexity of the connections they need to manage… so you can spend more time and money on adding value in other areas.
  • Speaker notes: Travelport’s vision is clear- to be the world’s leading provider of informed travel choice. We enable consumers to make an informed choice about the spectrum of travel options available to them. Central to this vision are 4 key pillars of focus and investment: Unrivalled Travel Content, Intelligent Search; Empowered Selling Experience; Open Platform Unrivalled Travel Content is all about providing the broadest range of travel modes, fares, rates and content. It’s about making sure that we re-aggregate all the dispersed/fragmented content that is available now – enabling travel agents to be more specific and personalized about the criteria. So what does this mean?  Global/Local: Globally balanced and relevant content that meets the ever evolving demands of local, regional and global travel | Travel from anywhere everywhere: Multi source content integration previously not accessible by traditional GDS | Content Plus: Extended content enabling access to added value and unbundled offerings Intelligent Search is all about getting the best informed choice, quickly and accurately. It’s about making sure that intelligent search capabilities allow travel agents to determine what is the best match for their customers’ needs and wants. So what does this mean? High performance search: Performance that delivers industry leading accuracy, diversity, speed and efficiency | Broader horizons: Presenting related content beyond the core search to enable enhanced selling opportunities | Getting personal: User-centric results based on nature of travel, personal preferences, supplier preferences and policies.] Empowered Selling Experience is about enabling you to access and sell content the way you want. It’s about delivering greater value by making sure that the maximum level of relevant travel content is bookable in our system and ensuring that those bookings are possible via as many channels and many devices as possible. So what does it mean? Let it flow: Leading point of sale solutions through automated workflow processes that drive flexibility, productivity and efficiency | Travel everywhere: Multiple distribution channels – Desktop, mobile, tablet – searchable and bookable | Engaged experiences: Enhance selling through proactive, dynamic and interactive added-value services Open Platform is about flexible access to content and services. Technologies that adhere to common structures and ensure a stable and secure programming environment where: Multiple distribution channels – Desktop, mobile, tablet – search  Travel in any direction: Enhance selling through technology framework based on a common architecture that enables the delivery of services in new and innovative ways on any device | Developing travel expertise: Unique developer relationship, community and technology that delivers new revenue opportunities | Speaking your language: the freedom to innovate and develop next generation travel tools and apps. Should you require a more detailed deck on the Travelport Vision please access this via the Our Company page on Homeport within customer resources; Travelport Vision Presentation 
  • Heart is real time point to point pricing algorithm. Factors time, place, and vehicle class and any other traveler requirements.Prepaid up front fares, no meter risk.Travel Agent = Monetize opportunity. Originally direct to market App based focus - Exclusive in natureRealised gap from an Travel industry perspectiveWhy? Extremely fragmented market – not properly tied to distribution channels.Now very inclusive model. We partner and empower stakeholders on Supply and Demand side to facilitate bookings.The open market approach taken by TravelPort was very important for a ‘non-industry’ start-up such as CarPilots. Embraced the opportunity very early on, being the pioneer third party integrator for the UD.Technically we could use our in-house expertise to code against known frameworks, whilst learning about GDS and industry requirements.Commercially makes sense in order to fast track opportunities for us.
  • Platform:Open Market PlaceInstantly connects Passenger or Agents with Drivers and ProvidersManages the Users, Agents Experience and Driver Management.Info exchange via alerts and SMS.Aggregate Ground Transfers – Australia wide and NZ coming
  • Making open travel tech ecosystems work to your advantage

    1. 1. Building a traveltechnology ecosystem 17 October 2012
    2. 2. Kevin May, Gene QuinnTnooz TnoozEditor & Moderator CEO & Producer
    3. 3. PanelistsJason Nash Valyn Perini Amin Kroll Rui FigueiredoVP, Product CEO CEO Head of ProductInnovation Open Travel CarPilots DevelopmentTravelport Alliance TTS
    4. 4. Poll no. 1
    5. 5. Poll no. 2
    6. 6. Building a Travel Technology Ecosystem Jason Nash, VP Product Innovation, Travelport 17th October 20126
    7. 7. Marketplace Situation Travel Content• Travel application users and developers need to utilise multiple websites, API’s and other content sources in order to access travel content, functionality and pricing to meet traveller needs• Maintaining multiple API connections is laborious, time consuming, difficult and expensive• Some travel content is not available through API’s today7
    8. 8. Technology Trends & Open Platforms Developer Friendly Web Service Enabled API powered platforms8
    9. 9. Aggregated Content Through A Single Source• The first global GDS API to aggregate GDS air, car and hotel Single Code Easily content alongside low cost Base reduces “switch on” carrier, high speed rail and costs new content merchandising content from multiple sources• Enables third party developers, online travel agencies (OTAs) & travel agencies with their Rich and Single “view” own point of sale to optimise their comprehensive Universal development of travel related mulit-source Record – a true applications for deployment on content super PNR the web, for desktop solutions or mobile applications9
    10. 10. Travelport Universal API Architectural Overview Travelport Travelport Hub concept allows Ability to easily connect with open source technologies and social platforms Options Integrator App for SouthWest Smartpoint seamless integration Points of Sale Standalone API Customers Travelport of OTA’s & Corporate & Software Universal Travel Agents new content developers Multi National Desktop Traversa ViewTrip Zero channel Universal API Travelport Synchronous & Future proof Aggregated & Hub Business process Universal Record & Multi Media & Geo differentiation Asynchronous Services specific message routing services & raw GDS commands Universal Profile synched host PNR referenced data New Travelport Content Architecture Aggregation & TINIT Multi GDS AIR, CAR, HTL WHITE normalization Rail Content Hub Air Content Hub Merchandising Hub Hotel Content Hub Further Content Hubs layer offers choice and control Current Standard GDS Direct connect to Air content Unbundled 2012 participation rail suppliers including LCC Services Powered by Sprice Future10
    11. 11. Our research confirms the customer value of TravelportUniversal API™ simplifying their content managementOver 50%of EMEA customer sample were maintaining6 or more API connections and almost30% more than 10 connections.The impact:About 36% of the sample were spending over 30% of their ITdevelopment spend on adding and maintaining these content sources.Survey results based upon responses from 170+ EMEA OTAs and offline agencies with online presence11
    12. 12. Creating the Travelport Platform Capability to customize and extend the travel agency desktop Travelport App Store / Travelport MarketplaceSingle interface to Universala comprehensive Desktop set of travel Travelport SDK content Commercial Developer model for Network meeting travel agency needs Travelport Commercial & and integrating Universal Support framework local long-tail API for engaging third content party developers Travelport Developer Network
    13. 13. Travelport Developer Network Programme Marketing & Technical Support Software Commercial & Community Support Named Partner Technical Specialist (PTS) who is dedicated Named Account Manager - to to members of the network ensure members maximise opportunities around programme Travelport Universal API The PTS will provide a point of usage / new business access, support & one contact to escalate any opportunities / programme inclusive certification fee issues/queries which cant be management & admin. resolved through the usual support channels. Improved visibility of your solutions to Travelport agency customers via Quarterly 1-2-1 technology updates Travelport Developer Network - delivered by a PTS or guest online directory speaker, providing updates on Travelport Universal development initiatives &roadmap. Certified App logo Desktop Developer Increased awareness with License (SDK access Online forums with access to Travelports internal subscriber plus 5 licenses for Travelport product expertise. sales teams via webinars, events, collateral etc. development use only) plus certification for 2 Developer training via Market research & insight covering Webcast, Webinar, Self Paced modules a year Learning -(Subject to Product set) market trends & opportunities. Travelport Developer Network
    14. 14. Leading provider of informed travel choice Powering business success by enabling providers and agents to sell how and what they want to, through a superior travel-buying experience UNRIVALLED EMPOWERED INTELLIGENT OPEN TRAVEL SELLING SEARCH PLATFORM CONTENT EXPERIENCE Providing the Delivering the best Enabling you to Allowing flexible broadest range of informed choice, access and sell access to content travel content quickly and accurately content the way and services through you want an open platform14
    15. 15. The Open Standard Advantage Why Open Standards Matter in the Travel Industry
    16. 16. About OpenTravel The OpenTravel Alliance provides a community where companies in the electronic distribution supply chain work together to create an accepted structure for electronic messages, enabling suppliers and distributors to speak the same interoperability language, trading partner to trading partner. © 2012 OpenTravel Alliance |
    17. 17. Since… OpenTravel has been a1999 member funded not-for- profit organization. Since… OpenTravel has been producing open 2001 standards for the travel industry. © 2012 OpenTravel Alliance |
    18. 18. Hundreds… Of travel companies worldwide have implemented OpenTravel schemaMillions… Of messages are exchanged every day using OpenTravel schema © 2012 OpenTravel Alliance |
    19. 19. Why Open Standards?It’s all about transparency and participation… Any company Any individual can join can comment No company can All voices be excluded are heard . Neutral Bias-free We support all No company business models can dominate …and we give them away!
    20. 20. Using the same schema with multipletrading partners reduces… Development CostsUsing a knowncommunication structureprovides… Credibility and Stability © 2012 OpenTravel Alliance |
    21. 21. Since… OpenTravel has been re-architecting its 2011 open standard to support modern messaging environments……and implementing amodel driven architectureto streamline internal standardsdevelopment and supportimplementer enterprise softwaredevelopment. To help make travel companies more responsive to the market and their customers © 2012 OpenTravel Alliance |
    22. 22. Providing Technical LeadershipXML Cookbooks Schema Dictionaries Data Model UML Models Travel Glossary Implementation MatrixOpenTravel Forum © 2012 OpenTravel Alliance |
    23. 23. To Create Commercial Solutions • Application Connectivity • Non-Inventory Items• Lodging/Accommodations • Booking Documents & • Notifications Queues • Packages & Dynamic• Airlines • Check-ins & Check-outs Packaging• Car rental companies • Customer and Partner • Payment & Identification• Cruise lines Accounts Verification • Customer Profiles • Pricing, Quotes &• Railways Commissions • Descriptive Information• Destination providers • Dining & Meal Plans • Rates & Rate Rules• Ground Transportation • Error & Warning Handling • Reservations (Bookings) • Fares & Booking Rules • Search & Availability• Golf • File Attachments • Search & Display (No• Insurance • Groups & RFPs Availability)• Tours/Activities • Holds & Unholds • Seat Availability & Information• Tour operators • Inventory • Shore Excursions • Inventory Exchanges• Travel agents • Special Services • Itineraries • Terminal Messaging • Locations • Ticket Fulfillment • Loyalty Programs
    24. 24. The Open Standard Advantage Why Open Standards Matter in the Travel Industry
    25. 25. Poll no. 3
    26. 26. Arrive SmilingAmin Kroll - CEO
    27. 27. CarPilots is an on demand ground transfer booking service
    28. 28. GDS Travel OTA Corporate RetailProviders Agency Online Travel CarPilots Open Market Booking Platform Aggregated Ground Transfer
    29. 29. CarPilots Module
    30. 30. ProfileJohn Smith Home address in profileAir LegsSYD > MELB Depart Nov 2 8.05amMELB > SYD Depart Nov 9 7.55amHotelCrowne Plaza Check-in Nov 2 Check-out Nov9
    31. 31. 1) All fields auto-updated for every transfer leg2) Agree to pickup time and PAX #
    32. 32. 1) All fields auto-updated for every transfer leg
    33. 33. 1) Fares calculated using shortest route on the Map i. Recognises any tolls2) Check out to Book
    34. 34. DISPATCHED
    35. 35. Completed BookingConfirmation• Integrated into PNR / Itinerary• Passenger and Drivers details exchanged • Via Email, App or SMS• Agent can continue to Manage jobs via DesktopMonetised• Ground Transfer Segment Monetised• 10% for Limo, Van, Coach transfers
    36. 36. Poll no. 4
    37. 37. TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY & SOLUTIONSStrong partnerships bringing added value to the industryRui FigueiredoTnooz WebinarOctober 2012 39
    38. 38. WHAT IS TTS Technology Company founded in 2010 by a team of Travel Industry and ICT experts With the objective of developing and providing innovative online solutions tailored for the emerging and evolving needs of travel agencies and airlines Developing technology in a exclusive partnership with Travelport Currently supplying worldwide 4 solutions for Travel Agencies, Consolidators and Airlines. (visit for information about all our solutions) 40
    39. 39. HOW DID WE START Based on Lisbon, Portugal Branch in Barcelona, Spain Focused on specific solutions for Latin markets All solutions tailored to cover each market specific requirements Knowledge of working in the industry for more than 15 years Regional partnership with Travelport 41
    40. 40. TRAVELPORT DEVELOPER NETWORK Travelport provides state of the art API, allowing companies like TTS to develop on top of their platform Travelport Developer Network permitted TTS to take our products globally Built to join strengths with 3th parties, bringing added value to Travel Agents around the world Travelport global reach combined with 3th party innovative solutions result like TTS is a powerful combination 42
    41. 41. WHAT IS TMATravelport Mobile Agent aka TMA, is a native mobile solution that brings thepower of the GDS cryptic access to the agent, anywhere at any time. Cryptic Galileo GDS access Focalpoint look and feel Quick connection With you everywhere Available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Soon also in Android phones and tables 43
    42. 42. THE HISTORY OF TMA TMA was initially released in October 2011 in Brazil, Spain and Portugal More than 6000 TMA have been installed from more than 90 countries Since release, TMA has been downloaded from the App Store every single day In July 25th of 2012 was released globally and can now be used by any travel agent in the world. Pre-release video Release Video 44
    43. 43. TMA – LOGIN Agents use their existing GDS SignOn and password to access TMA No additional logins No additional passwords In a couple of seconds, the agent is in the GDS terminal 45
    44. 44. TMA – CRYPTIC TERMINAL Focalpoint style interface Exactly the same gds commands as input The same output No learning curve Access to all existing content Access to all existing bookings Start the work in the office and continue working on the road 46
    45. 45. TMA - PKEYS Define PKeys for the most used commands Execute them with a single touch of a finger Edit, remove or create as many Pkeys as you wish Pkeys can have complex valid GDS command 47
    46. 46. TMA - HISTORY TMA keeps a list of the last 50 commands you entered Re-execute any command from the history list with a simple touch of a finger Scroll up and down with a swipe Empty the history list at anytime 48
    47. 47. TMA - CUSTOMIZATION Customize TMA to your convenience Change font and background colours Change Font size Login options History behaviour 49
    48. 48. TMA – MUCH MORE Same level of functionality on all devices Orientation change Send terminal content by email Move Up and Down with a single touch Change expired passwordThe full power of the GDS at the tipof your fingers, anywhere you are 50
    49. 49. TMA – WHAT’S PLANNEDIn a ever changing world, TMA alsoneeds to continue to improve. TMA 2.0 to be released in Q4 2012 TMA for Android to be released Q4 2012 Support for Apollo in Q4 2012 4 new releases per year Support for Worldspan Support for more mobile operating systems 51
    50. 50. THANK YOU 52
    51. 51. Q&A
    52. 52. Thank You!Webinar replay will be available on Please send questions and comments to Kevin May,