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MakeMyTrip THack

  1. 1. And Connect | Share | Travelogue vis SMS / Call- Konark Modi, Hemant Juyal, Bhaskar Gupta, Piyush Kumar - MakeMyTrip India Pvt Ltd.
  2. 2. What problem it solves? When we travelWhat we like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever… We have built a tool to capture emotions / reviews, connect with world , solve traveler’s during the trip concerns via an interactive application…accessible to everyone (via SMS and phone) because All it takes is a single moment !
  3. 3. In Detail  Capture traveler’s emotions, a travelogue via SMS / Phone call, so he can come back and blog, view, post, share or have a nostalgic ecstasy looking back at memories later.  He can also post reviews, status on FB via SMS  During his travel, traveler can also use travel timeline as a utility app like  To find places based hotels deals for last minute deals (WEGO DEALS API)  To find public transportation within and outside the city. (Jeppesen and Rome2Rio API)  Get your today’s activity scheduled based on your itinerary. (TripIt API)  Capture moments, emotions, reviews of short text, Voice messages on TravelTimeLine and optionally post on FB (Hoiio, TextWeb and FB API) Future Considerations –  “Instant customer satisfaction survey via IVR or call for single women travelers to reconfirm about their safety”  “SOS numbers (Tell me present country’s emergency numbers)”
  4. 4. What APIs you used
  5. 5. How it works User Registers on MyTravelTimeLine and gives access to FB Login, TripIt Account During the travel he can send SMS to do various activities like  Post a message, moment of ecstasy and keep it on mytraveltimeline app. He can initiate a CALL back request to LOG a voice message / experience for his travel blog.  Post a message to FB  Get directions to reach a place within a city or anywhere around the world  Find hotel, package or flight DEALS in search of better on the spot travel  Get present conversion rates  Travelers can use it as a security feature to capture or send SOS or ask for Emergency numbers of that country when in NEED. User comes to the website and review his timeline, FB posts, and further details , edit them.
  6. 6. Why SMS or Call Access to information is very easy on this platform; anytime & anywhere 24X7. Barrier to entry / use the system irrespective of language / literacy etc. ; this is the system to be provide useful means of generating & consuming information through text-based app! In a country like India where internet penetration is growing but still on a very lower side & where mobile phone penetration is very high; an SMS-based solution will kick so many things for everyone
  7. 7. Opportunity within an existing or new system Internet on SMS and SMS for masses ! Power of UGC (User Generated Content) in REAL TIME. As your reach grows and user starts reviewing, speaking more, the information will be powerful. FB, Tweeter, Review sites which can be integrated will have more data. Use it to do Research / Conduct Surveys, better deals. Instant customer satisfaction survey can be built up while traveler is experiencing the trip. Booking Reconfirmation can be easily made over this model, reconfirming the booking from both customer and supplier side.
  8. 8. Commercial viability Lot of innovation is being evolved in pre-booking phases. There is lot more scope and innovation needed to solve customer’s problem while he is ON the trip. We can offer similar services for easy access of information for everyone. Connection is important and how well you can connect to your consumers and provide a platform where ease & convenience of use is make or break a difference to people’s lives ! Increase your repeat customers, and stickiness. Hotels, OTA, customers, all can be weaved seamlessly to a common platforms without the hassle of customer storing contact info into their phonebook.
  9. 9. Technology platform power:- Sentimental Analysis over content generated Social Integration  Get the relationships going with the social connect by integrating services like Facebook and Twitter and MyTravelTimeLine network. Gamification : use of game theory principles to continuously motivate the users to remain active in system.
  10. 10. Next Steps:- Today this may look like a PoC but we plan to Roll-out this unique product in India focusing on many areas … Roadmap:-  Crowdseeding & LOCALIZATION:-  As of now; this system may look like a tradition “crowdsourcing" model as anyone can send a SMS-message to a central system in which messages are gathered, stored and processed + analyzed to produce useful information and visualized on a map / trend graphs but the same system can be used in a “Crowdseeding” approach too; where Content-flow can be directed from the set of specialized residents and frequent travelers in form of their local language / language of the Content generator to have a Truthful and locale data/content about the destination.
  11. 11. Demo URL  Visit and  SMS to +919266592665 starting SMS - @ttl  <msg> to post a message to FB  to allow callback service to record voice message  Or Call +6568714894 to record voice message  @ttl.route A to B   @tt.registerThanks : Q & A –,,