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  • 1. SUPERHEROESI): My superheroesII): Why ?II): Game
  • 2. SPIDERMAN• Story :* Spiderman alias Peter Parker.* He was bitten by a radioactive spider.* A crime fighter.* He lives in New-York.* Mary Jane.• Powers and abilities :Super strength and agility, the ability to cling to mostsurfaces, shoot spider-webs, and react to dangerquickly with his "spider-sense“.• Movies : 5 movies since 1977.
  • 3. Useful because …He can clean your windows
  • 4. BATMAN• Story :* Batman alias Bruce Wayne.* His parents were killed, he swore revenge on criminals.* Gotham City.* His worst enemy is The Joker.• Powers and abilities :Unlike most superheroes, he does not possess any superpowers;he makes use of intellect, detective skills, science and technology,physical prowess, martial arts skills, fear, and intimidation.• Movies : 8 movies since 1966.
  • 5. Useful because …He can do the vacuuming in your home
  • 6. SUPERMAN• Story :* Superman alias Clark Kent.* He was born on planet Krypton.* He was adopted and educated by Kent family.* Superhero and a journalist.* Loïs Lane.* Metropolis.* Lex Luthor.• Powers and abilities :Strength, flight, speed, x-ray vision, heatvision, ice breath, and superhuman hearing.Weakness : kryptonite.• Movies : 5 movies since 1978, especially withChristopher Reeve.
  • 7. Useful because …He can carry the sofa when Batman is vacuuming
  • 8. HULK• Story :* Hulk alias Bruce Banner.* Bruce received a lethal dose of gamma radiation.* When Bruce is angry, he is transformed into Hulk.* His enemy is the American state.• Powers and abilities :Unlimited Strength, big jumping, breathe underwater.• Movies : 3 movies since 1988.
  • 9. Useful because…He can tear the clothes that you don’t like
  • 10. IRON MAN• Story:* Iron man alias Tony Stark.* He is kidnapped by terrorists who want him to build a weapon ofmass destruction.* Instead of, he creates an armor to escape.* Protect the world as Iron Man.• Powers and abilities :With his armor he has : superhuman strength, superhumanspeed, repulsor rays, fly.• Movies: 2 movies since 2008.
  • 11. Useful because …He can iron your clothes
  • 12. WOLVERINE• Story:* Wolverine is Logan.* Wolverine is a mutant.* Military stuck him an indestructible metal, called damantium , to his skeleton andclaws to make a super soldier.* But he was shot and forgot his identity.* X-men.• Powers and abilities :He can use his claws, he has an accelerated healing, he has a good sense of smell.• Movies : 1 Wolverine movie, and 4 apparations in X-Men.
  • 13. Useful because …He can cook merguez for your barbecue
  • 14. WHY ?• Save the world• Be anonymous• Be different• Fly• I readed comics• I see movies about superheroes
  • 15. GAMEYou must recognize music ofeach superhero !LISTEN…