Internet of Things, You have been Assimilated


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The Internet of Things (IOT) is not just the utility of devices and sensors to networks. IOT signifies the next pivot in evolution of the relationship of Man to Nature, Man to Man and Man to Machine.
-Kevin Leversee

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  • By leveraging Big Data and real-time analytics to improve parking and traffic flow, which could reduce pollution and traffic accidents as well.By managing all the gadgets in our homes, from lights, computers and smartphones down to our coffeemaker and garage door. Wake up, the coffee is brewing, the house is heated, the car already knows the best route to work and the news we need is showing on the screen of our choice - prioritized, obviously.Connected cars, roads and smartphones will guide us to the nearest open parking spot - and bill us automatically.This Internet of Things will also let businesses increase "efficiency, productivity and collaboration," as it delivers real-time data and insightwhen and where it's most needed, including to a widely dispersed, highly mobile workforce.Buried within the survey results are such nuggets as:Mobile devices will outnumber humans this year. 90% of consumer-connected devices will have access to some personal cloud in 2013.24 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020.66% of IT professionals surveyed believe business and consumer technology will converge within 3-5 years - great news for consumer tech leaders like Apple, Samsung and Google.At least 4 billion terabytes of data will be generated this year alone.The trend toward BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) has clear and present business repercussions: 75% of the surveyed IT professionals believe that employees' personal use of mobile devices impacts how the business itself uses the cloud. 65% think the Internet of Things' biggest challent in managing and analyzing the resulting real-time data.(Note: SAP and Harris have also prepared an infographic of the survey results, visible here.)
  • (Fame with the Gossip that it spawns) have become the tools and weapons of those in powerMarketing False Conflicts, Realities, Manufactured Celebrity, Media Bias, Division of People along Religion, Ethnicity, Sexuality, Banking, Housing, NSA, PRISM, Big Pharma, Military Industrial complexThe Worship of Money and Power (measurement for success) causes Human Pain and Suffering
  • Closed System Theocracy – the corporations know what is best for you- who is watching the watchers?
  • Internet of Things, You have been Assimilated

    1. 1. IOT the Internet of Things: You Have Been Assimilated Keynote Y4iT XI Kevin Leversee
    2. 2. Do We Trust Our Government Enough With…?
    3. 3. When you live a life at a Deeper Level of understanding, it forces you to also have deeper level of questioning. These create outcomes that are uncomfortable and or frightening to many. They force people out of their comfort zone, making obsolete traditions, exposing beliefs and… realigning cultures. -Marc Canter
    4. 4. Desire The root of all human action, the purpose behind everything we have ever done.
    5. 5. Individual Desire’ that person has Perception = Influenced by Stories of Human Experience in the Social Circle The Path=desire line Tools
    6. 6. Man vs. Nature
    7. 7. Forms tools , uses the wheel and harnesses fire Man Desires to Control and Harness his environment Man vs. Nature
    8. 8. Forms groups, education, religion, governments, military, business Man Desires to Control and Influence his fellow Man Man vs. Man
    9. 9. Man vs. Man For Good • Forms groups, religion, governments, military, business to help, heal, educate, empower, enable people • Project ak47, • Ilsc • Glory reborn • Devcon / this event
    10. 10. Millions of Markets of Dozens Versus Dozens of Markets of Millions Versus a Market of One.
    11. 11. IOT Content Searches for YOU • Where • Relevance • Push • Security and privacy
    12. 12. Perspective = your reality Is our reality being manipulated and manufactured?
    13. 13. “We got mired down in the here and now, with this fixation on phones and devices, We needed to step back and say there is a broader transformation going on.” Renee James, Intel’s president
    14. 14. Desire Poets and dreamers create the future…How many Sci Fi Movies – changed our lives for the better?
    15. 15. IOT Utility and Networks versus Desire • The Internet of things, bigger than anything we know. • It knows everything about you • Everything is connected • Nothing is private, secret or hidden What Happens when IOT Utility and Networks replace and or overrule Human Desire as the root for action?
    16. 16. Closed Systems Versus Open Distributed Systems
    17. 17. Is CoreOS the Future? • Distributed Open System as a ‘Living’ Operating System updated via Network • Doctor Controls Applications in a Container (like Unix Kernal) • This and other Tools like NgineX are exciting ways that Open and Distributed Software and Networks (Ecosystems) combat the abuses of Power, and monopoly of Closed Apple type Architectures • Nearly 10% of the entire Development Community (13,000 of the API’s ) have responded for Alpha testing
    18. 18. The Internet of Things (IOT) is not just the utility of devices and sensors to networks. IOT signifies the next pivot in evolution of the relationship of Man to Nature, Man to Man and Man to Machine. -Kevin Leversee
    19. 19. Contact Us: Kevin Leversee @kevinleversee @startupdragons
    20. 20. Sources and Suggested Reading • First Robocop 1980s inspired AI Developers • Iron Man inspired Elon Musk to build a holograph computer interface and 3D printer for Rocket Engines • • • • Also Special thanks to Marc Canter find his blog at and Lance Harvie at • • • • • • Note I am not cool enough to do the unicorn cat GAT poster- its from Reddit here- • • • • •,industry_medical,aid_263589&dfpLayout=blog • Disney report on fast company pretty damn good • • • • • •