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Kevin Mexico
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Kevin Mexico


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Published in: News & Politics, Business
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  • 1. Mexico
    By Kevin Vazquez
  • 2. Mexico politics
    The politics of Mexico consist in a framework of a federal presidential representative democratic republic in which government is based on a congressional system, where the president of Mexico is the head of state and head of government.
    They run off of a multi-party electoral system.
    The three main parties parties consist of; Institutional Revolutionary Party(PRI), National Action Party(PAN), and the Party of the Democratic Revolution(PRD).
    The rest of the parties are Labor Party, Green Ecological Party, Convergence Party, New Alliance, and the Social Democratic Party.
    The most recent election was the one of Felipe Calderón who represented the PAN party, Andrés Manuel López Obrador who represented the PRD party, and Roberto Madrazo which represented the PRI.
    Calderón won with 36.38% of the votes.
  • 3. Mexico economics
    The 11th largest economy of the world.
    The economy has a rapid developing modern industry and service sectors.
    With steady growth of private ownership.
    The resources they trade contain railroads, telecommunications, electricity generation, natural gas distribution and airports.
    Mexico trade within the National trade agreement, trading with countries such as Japan, Israel, Europe, and much of Central America.
    They have a relaxed industrial economy by loosening restrictions on foreign investment.
    They advanced by upgrading there nation's railroads, expansion of the fishing fleet, and resettlement of some 50,000 families from the northern states to the southern states .
    There worst poverty period was in 1994 when half the population went into severe poverty. Which ended due to rapid growth in the NAFTA
  • 4. Mexico Diplomatic Involvement
    Mexico and the U.s are involved through a couple different ways such as North American Free Trade Agreement, and the Gadsden Purchase. They are both members of the Organization of American States
    Mexico and china have a rough involvement through trade because of there rough intervention in 1972, and china supposedly trading Mexico cheap goods made in poor factories.
    European trade with Mexico is present due to Europe being the first to recognize Mexico's independence, and helping Mexico in the Pastry War, also in the Pacific war.
    Mexico has an embassy in London.
  • 5. Sources's_Republic_of_China_relations