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    Memo Memo Document Transcript

    • Memo<br />To:Stephanie M. Anderson Quinn, PhD<br />From:Kevin Kruse<br />Date:3/14/2011<br />Re:Nursing Interviews<br />5397510985500<br />Introduction<br />This memo contains information gained by interviewing two established professionals who work in two different areas of the nursing field. Although both individuals are nurses, their jobs differ greatly. One works for an agency called Visiting Nurses Association of Mid-Ohio and is a home and health nurse that visits patients at their homes. The other works in the emergency room at the Bucyrus Community Hospital and is the nurse in charge during her shift. This memo contains information about each person’s background, job responsibilities, and services provided as well as a comparison of the two careers showing similarities and differences. <br />Professionals’ Background<br />The first individual interviewed was Tammy Mooney. Tammy has 23 years of nursing experience and works for the Visiting Nurses Association of Mid-Ohio. She attended Tri Rivers School of Practical Nursing in Marion, Ohio and received her LPN upon graduating from there. LPN stands for licensed practical nurse, and individuals who hold this title care for the sick, injured, and disabled under the direction of a physician. Since Tammy is a traveling home and health nurse that visits the residences of her patients to care for them her work place setting is the home of her patients and her car. Her responsibilities include a wide a variety of duties. For each patient Tammy visits she must evaluate their health and notify the patient’s physician if she suspects the health of the person is declining. Tammy is also responsible for teaching who she treats how to live safely in their homes. She often visits patients who are elderly and disabled and have problems living on their own due to declining health. She also instructs the patients how to properly take their medication and to notify them of possible side effects the medication has so they can recognize the symptoms and are able to contact their doctor or stop taking the drug if they occur. Tammy’s perception of her job hasn’t changed from the day she first started. She loves to help people and wishes she could help everyone even though she knows it’s not possible. She has good experiences with the people she treats and enjoys working with new people, getting to know them, and helping them.<br />The second individual interviewed was Veronica Vandayburg. Veronica graduated from Marion Technical College in 1992 and is a registered nurse or RN. She has 17 years of nursing experience and has worked in the intensive care unit, as a home health and hospice nurse, a prison nurse, and currently works in the emergency room. Veronica also has her PALS certificate and her ACLS certificate. PALS stands for pediatric advanced life support, and individuals who have this title are better trained to recognize and treat critically ill infants. ACLS stands for advanced cardiac life support. Individuals who have this title are better trained in dealing with and treating patients who are in cardiac arrest. To earn these two certificates Veronica received extensive training that bettered her as a nurse and allowed her to perform her job at a higher level. Veronica works in the emergency room at the Bucyrus Community Hospital and has been there for about 5 years. She is the head nurse in charge during her shift and she is responsible for deciding which patients receive care first in the emergency room based on how severely ill or injured a person is compared others; the term for this is triage. Veronica also treats patients of her own in the emergency and has her own work load that goes along with her duties as shift charge nurse. When asked about her perception of the job Veronica said she has become less fond of it as the years go on. This is because while working in the emergency room she said you see many bad things that can drag you down mentally. Also she sees a vast amount of people that come to the ER solely to get drugs not because of an illness. She said she often saw the same individuals showing up weekly faking illness or claiming to be in pain in hopes of receiving medication that they could use to get high or sell for money. Veronica ended by saying she still enjoyed the fact that she could help those who truly need it and being able to do that is what keeps her going. <br />Agency Background<br />The mission statement for the Visiting Nurses Association of Mid-Ohio is to provide compassionate, innovative and effective community-based home healthcare that promotes the health, independence and dignity of those we serve in Northeast. The main office for the VNA of Mid-Ohio is in Cleveland, Ohio and the office Tammy works out of is located in Mansfield, Ohio. The VNA of Mid-Ohio was created by Dana Traxler. Dana started the association from the ground up and previously worked for another home and health agency prior to starting her own. When she first started the business Traxler employed 3 nurses and since then she now employs nearly 50. She built the company from the ground up and now helps a large group of people around Ohio. The population that is most served by the VNA of Mid-Ohio is composed of mainly the elderly and disabled that have been discharged from the hospital but still need skilled care from a nurse. The VNA of Mid-Ohio is a profit organization. It is funded by medicare, medicade, and private pay. Services provided by the association include drawing blood, dressing changes, and administering IV’s. The VNA of Mid-Ohio also provides mental health nurses and social workers to aid with living needs. The VNA of Mid-Ohio is the only home and health nursing association in Ohio that provides the services of mental health nurses.<br />The mission statement of Bucyrus Community Hospital is to improve the health and wellbeing of those they serve. The hospital was founded in 1932 and was recently bought out by the Galion City Hospital in Galion, Ohio after declaring bankruptcy. The hospital recently was renovated and is located in downtown Bucyrus. Bucyrus serves all ends of the spectrum from those suffering from flu like symptoms and come to the emergency room because they can’t afford the services of a family physician to those who are serious ill and need immediate medical attention that can only be provided in a hospital setting. Bucyrus is a non-profit hospital that is funded by government grants, medicare, medicade, and insurance companies. The hospital provides services for illnesses as simple the flu to things as serious as trauma patients and those in need of emergency medicine. <br />Comparison & Summary Impressions<br />There are more differences than similarities between these two occupations. Similarities include working to help people and treating the ill and disabled. They differ in many ways. Tammy has a more flexible planned schedule compared to Veronica. Tammy is given the names of the patients she is supposed to see the night before by the VNA of Mid-Ohio and then she is able to chart her work day and pick the times she chooses to see each patient. Since Veronica works in the emergency her schedule is far from planned. Some days she could see twenty patients and others she could see four. She also has to choose the order in which patients receive treatment as part of her duties as shift charge nurse. Also Tammy’s work setting changes daily because she rarely sees the same patients every day. Her office or place of work is the homes of others and her car mainly. Veronica’s work place is in a hospital setting every day and is more routine in a sense when it comes to showing up to work because she goes to the same place. The responsibilities of each job also vary because Tammy’s patients aren’t suffering to the point where one is worse off than the other and she has to decide which patient needs her care first. Veronica has to make that decision and it could be a life or death choice. There are also differences in the people they treat. Veronica treats all ages, social, and economic levels. Tammy treats mainly the elderly. Veronica see’s patients that may not have insurance and arrive for treatment with the sole purpose of gaining access to prescription drugs and fake illnesses or injury to do so. Tammy sees patients who always need her help and have no such intentions. The structure of each person’s employer also differs because Bucyrus Community Hospital is a nonprofit hospital and the VNA of Mid-Ohio is a profit organization. The hospital is funded by government grants whereas the VNA of Mid-Ohio is funded by private pay. Also the services provided are different because a nurse who works in the ER won’t make house visits to see patients. Plus nurse in the ER can treat more patients and meet more needs because they work in a hospital and have access to more equipment and technology as opposed to a traveling nurse who works out of her car. <br />While interviewing each individual it was apparent to me that one enjoyed her job far more than the other. I could observe Tammy enjoyed her job far more than Veronica and based on what I saw and herd I would assume it was due to the fact that her job was less stressful and more structured. When Veronica was asked about her perception of her work she admitted that it has become less enjoyable due to experiences she has had. I would suspect she enjoys it less than what she admitted based on her tone of voice, reaction to the question, and how she carefully thought out her response to the question. It is a difficult question to answer though because it is only human to be dragged down mentally by the bad things one can witness in the emergency room. It was still evident that she still enjoyed helping people and was still passionate about her job. <br />I learned many things from the two individuals I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to. I learned that the field of nursing you choose to enter can have a major impact on job stress levels. I also learned that to be a nurse you have to truly be passionate about helping people because you see things that can alter your opinion about life and the world in general that can get a person down. I also learned some background information about becoming a nurse in anesthetist or CRNA which is the field I have hopes to join one day after completing the required training. I learned that some hospitals use solely CRNA’s as opposed to anesthesiologist to put patients under before surgeries. I also learned that CRNA’s receive very similar training that an anesthesiologist receives. The difference is anesthesiologists are required to go to med school and become more of a well rounded physician because they become educated in other aspects of the medical field where a CRNA focus mainly on just learning about anesthetics.<br />