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ChefConf 2013 ChefConf 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • Wednesday, May 1, 13
  • • 1 Day of workshops:• Advanced Cookbook Authoring• Incident Response• 2 Days of Keynotes and Sessions:• Facebook, Adobe, Riot Games, GE, Forrester, Disney, and many more...ChefConf 2013Wednesday, May 1, 13
  • • Chef in the AWS Cloud• Chef Anti-patterns• “The Berkshelf Way”• VagrantSome Highlights...Wednesday, May 1, 13
  • • “If you’re not using Auto-scale Groups,you’re an idiot...”• Use IAM Roles.• Package everything.Chef in the AWS CloudWednesday, May 1, 13
  • Chef Anti-patterns• Giant GIT repo for Chef Repo*• One Giant Company Cookbook*• Using Chef Environments for more than just logical environments• Forking Community Cookbooks*• Run List in Roles*• Disorganized Data Bags• Not knowing about or using the chef-shell*• Not using LWRPs• “Not invented here” syndrome*• The Lone Wolf Chef*Wednesday, May 1, 13
  • “The Berkshelf Way”http://berkshelf.com/• What the f*** is a berkshelf?!• Kick-ass cookbook dependency manager.• Think Bundler for cookbooks.• Is it more than just a tool?• Yeah, there’s a “way” too.Wednesday, May 1, 13
  • Here’s the “way”.• Work in verticals from the outside in:Use Cookbook Patterns:Application, Library and Wrapper• Favor Data Driven Cookbooks:Re-use of public cookbooks; favor using cookbook attributes over DataBags.• Write well-encapsulated Cookbooks:Work on cookbooks in isolation so they can be as portable as possible.How do roles fit in? They don’t. Use recipes instead.• Have very short iteration cycles:Using the vagrant-berkshelf plugin you can provision and test the cookbooksextremely quickly.Wednesday, May 1, 13
  • Vagranthttp://www.vagrantup.com/• What the f*** isVagrant?!• A command line tool to create and configure portable developmentenvironments.• Why would I want to use this?• To develop against an environment that mirrors production because it isbuilt with the same chef code that builds production.• No more “but it worked on my laptop”.• Is that all?• No, there are also providers!Wednesday, May 1, 13
  • Vagrant Providers• A provider manages compute resources• Vagrant < 1.0 only supportedVirtualBox• Vagrant >= 1.1 supports:• VMware• AWS (EC2)• LXC• RackSpaceWednesday, May 1, 13