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  • Agenda The problem Competition Potential opportunity Financing needs
  • MyRepresentatives will help you participate in politics from the comfort of your home and give news organizations new ways to generate Today: News organizations do not provide the basic tools you need to participate as an active and informed voter Do you get frustrated when you read about a city council vote on an important issue – after the vote has already taken place
  • How often have you read an article or watched TV news and wanted toe ngage with your representative right on the spot? What happened? Could you? Did you get frustrated and give up? The problem is traditional media sites don’t provide the tools to answer “Who are my representatives? Where do they stand? And how can I give feedback?”
  • In the Memphis-area you can already find all of your specific representatives and candidates
  • In the Memphis-area you can already find all of your specific representatives and candidates
  • We provide data for every level of government. Unlike the competition we provide information for federal, state and local representatives. This is a key differentiator as no acquiring the information is very difficult. Also, no one enables you to follow your representatives.
  • This is a key differentiator from other competitors that are trying to build stand alone services that compete with existing media. We know you’re busy and that you already have the sites you use and trust – and so we want to be there where you are.
  • Reporting and civic engagement tools will deliver improved political coverage, increase audience engagement and help sites better compete for the $5.6 billion in political ad spending
  • Our goal is to make Memphis the leader in Gov 2.0 by: Building out the core civic-engagement functionality in partnership with local news, government, school and non-profit organizations Provide opportunities Focus on integration:


  • 1. Find. Follow. Learn. Engage.Connecting you with your government.
  • 2. The Problem: Do you know who your politicalrepresentatives are? Or what they’re up to? • Today: No single source of federal, state and local information
  • 3. The Problem: Do you ever read an article or watch thenews and want to give feedback to your representatives? • Today: Media lack civic engagement tools
  • 4. The Solution: MyRepresentatives! • Today, in Memphis you can already find your elected officials and candidates
  • 5. The Solution: MyRepresentatives! • And now we’re adding information about all of the political offices, what they do and how they work
  • 6. The Solution: MyRepresentatives! • Soon you’ll be able able subscribe to updates from your representatives and government officials online. Select the representatives you want to receive updates from
  • 7. The Solution: MyRepresentatives! • Receive real time feeds from all your representatives • Agree, disagree and comment on your representatives updates Your political updates Steve Cohen Join me at the rally for common sense and learn why I voted for Obamacare @stevecohen on Twitter Chris Johnson I agree with Steve. But we should have had a public option as well. AC Wharton Congrats to Kevin and Brad for launching MyRepresentatives and making Memphis a leader in Gov 2.0 @AC Whartonon Twitter
  • 8. On the go? Use MyRepresentatives mobile app • Use your GPS find your representatives • Give feedback anywhere
  • 9. Engage Anywhere: Give feedback right from withinyour favorite blog, news or advocacy site • Easy integration widgets and software partnerships make private-labeling MyRepresentatives a snap! Enter your address to view your representatives’ position and give MyRepresentatives them feedback search functionality
  • 10. Engage Anywhere: Give feedback right from withinyour favorite blog, news or advocacy site Question: Do you support Shelby County Schools becoming a special charter district? And what will you do about it? Boss Crump Mayor Memphis No I don’t support it because I think it will be a disaster Give feedback Tell your representatives and Marky Mark Mayor Shelby No I don’t support it because we your neighbors why. County all need to live in harmony Give feedback Jim Strick City Council Yes, I think it’s a great idea Memphis District 5 Give feedback Submit Keith Blue City Council I think it’s an awful idea Memphis Super Give District 9 Position 2 feedback
  • 11. Engage Anywhere: Give feedback on any site withthe Feedback Anywhere app
  • 12. The Plan: Prove concepts locally. Expand nationally & globally • Prototype locally: Partner with local news organizations, schools, governments and organizations to prove the concepts in Memphis • Expand Nationally: Become the single source for information about your elected officials in the 50 largest metro areas. • Export Globally: Begin providing the service in other countries.
  • 13. The Grant: Accelerate product development & adoption • Regardless of whether we win or not, we will succeed, but the funding will help us go faster. • The funds will help subsidize: – Development & design work required to speed the Memphis development of the core civic-engagement platform. – Integration into local education, government and news-sites in order to lower barriers to adoption – Provide paid internships to local journalism students to cover local government leveraging MyRepresentatives to deliver personalized interactive political coverage. Global