Gateway newsletter q1 2013 final2 april2013


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Gateway newsletter q1 2013 final2 april2013

  1. 1. Newsletter Edition | Q1 2013JetBlue University Gateway Program Featured University Gateway Update Gateway Expansion: AABI, Cape Air, & ExpressJet p1 Success Stories Dan Thurber & Shanti Merriman earn their stripes at JetBlue Airways p4 Intern Report Dan Dubois and Tim Wong share their ColleCrew Experience p7
  2. 2. University Gateway UpdateGateway ExpansionThe Gateway Program is expand-ing! JetBlue and Cape Air have alwaysaimed to recruit the best and the bright-est for the University Gateway Pro-gram, which is why we are excited toannounce we are teaming up with otherAABI Accredited aviation programs tofurther broaden this opportunity to stu-dents. In addition to the expansion at new Uni- versities, the Gateway Program has ex-Cape Air and JetBlue have expanded panded to add another regional partnerthe Gateway Program to Jacksonville to the mix. We have recently formalizedUniversity and Auburn University, al- an agreement with ExpressJet Airlineslowing aviation students at both of the to allow students in the Gateway pro-universities, the opportunity to becomeapart of the program. of service as a Captain at Cape Air. This agreement allows for students to haveCape Air and JetBlue have attendedboth campuses this spring to announce while staying on the gateway pathway.the expansion and interview students forthe program We understand there are gateway pilots -We continue to look at other AABI ac- ferent airplane, and gain jet experiencecredited Universities for future ex- at a larger regional, while some will pre-pansion, and through the Advanced fer to remain at Cape Air until they reachGateway Program allow other AABI ac- the required hiring minimums at JetBlue.credited program graduates a similar op- This agreement allows for students toportunity have either option, while keeping intact the original pathway.1
  3. 3. have an opportunity to join the originalprogram pilots currently in the pathway, gateway program during their Under-would continue along the outlined path graduate studies.graduating from their University andbecoming a Flight Instructor until they With this expansion, some of our Cape - Air pilots who are AABI accredited pro-tain. After a year of service as an ATP gram graduates and who meet theCaptain at Cape Air, gateway program same outlined gateway program criteriaparticipants would have the option to in- and recommendation from Cape Air, will - have an opportunity to interview withmum of two years, or the length of time JetBlue to be accepted into the “Ad- vanced Gateway Program” pathway.hiring minimums at JetBlue (currently Once accepted into this pathway, these3000-4000hours). Air, until they reach the required hours to proceed through the jet transitionis not a requirement for the program. Ifa gateway pilot remains on the original at JetBlue. The requirements for the AdvancedCape Air until they reach the competi- Gateway Program are the same as ourtive hiring minimums at JetBlue, cur- initial gateway program and include:rently 3000-4000hrs. We are still in theprocess of working out details for thosewho would like to take advantage of this program – with a 3.0 GPAoption, and should have a more formal-ized process set up soon. -If you have any questions at all pleasedon’t hesitate to contact Krista Poppe at This expansion allows opportunities for graduates of other AABI accredited pro- grams with whom we haven’t yet formal-Advanced Gateway ized the gateway program. However, the expanded gateway program will notW - affect those gateway program applicants currently in the pathway, as our originalway program members, JetBlue has an- Gateways will always maintain priority innounced they have expanded opportuni-ties for those Cape Air pilots who did not the hiring process.2
  4. 4. University Gateway Pathways Freshman Year Sophmore Year Junior Year Senior Year 800-1200 TT AABI Acceptance/ University Accredited Mentor Internship Degree/ CFI Program Assignment Ratings Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Age 23 1500 Hrs. Regional Partner – Jet Cape Air Transition 2-3 year as a Captain Course JetBlue OR Final Regional Partner – Interview Regional Partner – Cape Air ExpressJet 1 year as a Captain 2 Years Age 27 4000 Year 6 Year 7 Year 8 Hrs.3
  5. 5. Success Stories Dan Thurber & Shanti Merriman Join JetBlueDan Thurber Shares -I - - sengers. -pealed to me and I began to look intotheir internship program. Despite be-ing a relatively low-time pilot (I only hadaround 700 hours at the time) I wasaccepted and began training in May ofintern on the Cessna 402, learning Part135 operations from some of the mostknowledgeable and experienced cap-tains in the industry.I returned to Cape Air as a full-time First - newly-opened Midwest region. In Sep-structing for a year. I now had built my tember of 2011 I was promoted to Assis-time to a little over 1000 hours. The fol- tant Chief Pilot for the Midwest region, alowing spring I met the Part 135 require- post I held until August of 2012 when Iments for acting as a pilot-in-command left Cape Air for JetBlue.4
  6. 6. The transition to JetBlue has beengreat. The training was challenging, butthe people in the training departmentwere all fantastic and made the processas painless as possible. My trainingall very knowledgeable and helpful.There are still a few things I am gettingused to. Working in a true crew environ-Scheduling and bidding is also com-pletely different and, while it might justbe me, trying to wrap my head aroundall the idiosyncrasies is still an ongoingprocess.extremely supportive. I couldn’t be moregrateful for my transition to JetBlue minimums to upgrade. I passed my ATPthrough each of the stages of the Gate- checkride May of 2009 and was as-way Program. signed St. Croix in the USVI as a baseShanti Merriman’s From there I began the normal CapeInsights my career based in the Caribbean and love it down there. In December 2011I was introduced to the gateway pro- I completed the jet transition course at JBU and shortly after conducted agram through word of mouth from mythen roommate, Scott Johnson. I inter- training at JB end of August 2009 withviewed with Cape Air and JetBlue in around 3700TT, and completed training - 10/12/2012. Since then I have been acepted into the program I continued to -instruct until I was called for a class date ing to BOS in May. So far I really enjoy working for Jetblue. They have a similar culture to Cape Air,5
  7. 7. they care for their employeesand their customers, and tryhard to do the right thing fortheir a good job trying to help youout with commuting. Addition-ally, we have a long call whichallows you to stay at home andcommute in if they call you. Iam, however, looking forwardto being able to hold a linewhich allows for 17 days off amonth! Most of the captainseasy to get along with and the sort ofpeople you would want to hang out withat the hotel after the end of the day.One word of advice to the Cape Air guysand gals is to enjoy your time there! I Participatecan’t tell you how many captains ask Take advantage of yourCape Air, they immediately perk up and network as a candidate insay “that must have been fun!”. The ex- the Gateway Program andis invaluable and will most likely include get involved! Get in touch with your Gateway Mentorthat Cape Air has to offer. I can’t tell you or with a program coordi-how glad I am that I spent so much time nator and volunteer your talents to help continuallyit’s just a lot of automation management. improve the Gateway Pro-your stick and rudder skills will never be gram.Cape Air.6
  8. 8. Intern ReportDan Dubois & Tim Wong’s CollegeCrew ExperienceLast summer, Dan Dubois -bags, passenger, and fuel loads were all within limits and accurate when cross-checked with the dispatch release. Dan was able to work with a current JetBluedispatcher to analyze and quantify the cost of the contingency fueling practice -rying extra fuel. He created information handouts for pilots, highlighting the kindtraining facility in Orlando, FL. The amount of exposure and knowledge gained onstate-of-the-art programs, policies and practices, combined with the great workingrelationships that were built with fellow dispatchers and interns, made for an excit-ing and intense learning curve! -7
  9. 9. adventures that furthered the lastingCollegeCrew members in Dan’sgroup.Tim Wong primarily worked in the -ing the internship, he assisted pilotsand the chiefs with operational issuesSome of Tim’s major projects consist-ed of implementing a birthday recogni-tion system for the pilots and creating an electronic database for the chiefs to useto keep track of the pilot concerns.During the internship, Tim also had a lot of time to explore. He was constantly inand out of the planes parked at T5 at JFK, and was almost always traveling to dif- help of Capt. Gilley and Chris Popp, Tim helped arrange a visit to the Orlando Support Center (JBU) for the interns to Tim’s favorite aspect of the experience at JetBlue was getting to meet all of the crew- members. His collegueas and other crewmembers at JetBlue Airways embodied the core values which made going to work a lot of fun on a daily basis.We look forward to seeing Tim Wong and Dan Dubois during the next step of thegateway program as pilots at Cape Air!
  10. 10. Special Thanks to all of our gateway program pilots who have completed intern- -ing in large ways to make both our organizations better.Feel free to Contact us if you need anything or have ideas to share!Cape AirJetBluePaul Hocking - 617.512.4277UNDKen Polovitz - 701.777.3561ERAU PrescottERAU Daytona9