Maximum Results Social Media Marketing Class
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Maximum Results Social Media Marketing Class



Kevin Haynes is founder of - a full-service web marketing company in Boston, MA. ...

Kevin Haynes is founder of - a full-service web marketing company in Boston, MA.

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These slides are from my "Maximum Results Social Media Marketing" class. Where I taught how to leverage social media to get new business and build your brand. Facebook and Twitter basics are covered, as well as strategy and creating a road map for success.

Don Frattaroli from 2ndInstinct covers social media ROI and search marketing.



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Maximum Results Social Media Marketing Class Maximum Results Social Media Marketing Class Presentation Transcript

  • Maximum Results Social Media Marketing Visit Twitter @webmaxed 1-877-212-1293 Presented by: Kevin R. Haynes Founder & President of Webmaxed.comFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Hi, my name is Kevin R. Haynes. Thank you for viewing mypresentation. I hope you will connectwith me on Twitter! Click HERE If you like my presentation, please follow me on Twitter Follow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • What is Social Media?Follow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Social media is... “media for social interaction, using highly accessible and scalable communication techniques. Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue." *WikipediaFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Social media is a conversation Photo credit: Khalid AlbaihFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • The Big Three number of members Facebook: 600 million + Twitter: 200 million + LinkedIn: 100 million + Source: WikipediaFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • The latest trends in human communication Social Media Mobile Fastest growing Web communication trend in human history Chat room Email Television Telephone Printing pressFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Why is Social Media so popular?Follow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Why is Social Media so popular? Human Nature ➡ Share ➡ Learn ➡ ConsumeFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • The power of a recommendation ✓ 90% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know. ✓ 70% trust opinions of unknown usersFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • The old marketplace Word of mouth ruledFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Advertisers ruled ✓ Less conversation ✓ Advertisers dominated ✓ We listened photo credit: Wikipedia photo credit: AMCFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • The social age of advertising Welcome back word of mouth! Tweet Blog Like ShareFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • social media Levels the playing field Suited for small business ✓ Easy to start ✓ Low-budget ✓ Highly targeted ✓ Efficient ✓ Grow with loyal fansFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • old school vs. new school marketing Traditional Marketing Social Marketing one way communication two way conversation wide net highly targeted expensive efficient selling educating repetitive variety spoon fedFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • 78.6% of consumers have joined a company’s community to get more information on the company Universal McCannFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Social Media Myths • Its a full-time job • You need to hire someone to manage it • You have to be everywhere Online • Once youre on it, youre job is done • Customers will start the conversation for you • Only for Online businesses • Must use "special offers" & "buy now" tactics • Replaces traditional marketing entirelyFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Social media hub your website ✓ Integrate social media ✓ Fresh content ➡ Educating ➡ Engaging ➡ Useful ✓ Tell the story of your business ✓ Convert visitorsFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Don Frattaroli Digital Marketing Project Lead 617-421-1952 Twitter @don_2instinct @don_2instinct
  • A2 nd Glance Hub Making Your Site the Multi - Channel Digital Marketing Paid Search Marketing Search Social Media Optimization Blog Email Local Search Traditional IntegrationTwitter @don_2instinct
  • Search - 3 Pronged Approach Local SEO Paid Search SEOTwitter @don_2instinct
  • Digital 2 A Marketing Behavior nd Glance Digital Conversion Identify - Prospects + Online Behavior + Success Metric Work Life Consumer Digital Behavior Value Proposition Personal lifeTwitter @don_2instinct
  • Digital Online Behavior Targeting US Women ages 25 - 34 10% are inactive 78% are spectators 74% are joiners Read & Watch 24% are collectors Maintain Online profile 43% are critics 31% are creators Source Forester TechnographicsTwitter @don_2instinct
  • Digital Metrics 2nd Market Impact Solutions • Web site and Social Analytics & Conversion Reporting • Web traffic & site traffic analysis • Followers, connections, likes, friends & posts • Visitors loyalty – New & repeat • Form conversion, Email list & Contact us • Recommendations and reviewsTwitter @don_2instinct
  • More then 600 million members 50% of users login daily Nearly half of Facebook users over age 35: A significant 48% of Facebook users are over age 35 (iStrategyLabs), putting to rest the idea that Facebook is just for college kids.Follow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Facebook: basics the basics: Profile vs. Page What Person Business, brand, non-profit Who Only people you approve Anyone can join Limits 5000 Unlimited Visibility Private or Public PublicFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Facebook: why? ✓ Because everyone is on it ✓ Get followers ✓ Build community ✓ Share. Educate. Engage. ✓ Search engine friendly ✓ Warm traffic to your websiteFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Facebook: how to start 1 Create page 2 Add details 3 Profile picture 4 PromoteFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Facebook: Create page 1 choose type of page 2 fill in basic infoFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • 3 add your photo 4 start promotingFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • add more details for people and search engines! username/URLDon’t Forget! Follow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • use “resources” section start here social plugins for your website Follow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • integrate Facebook into your website using social pluginslike buttonFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Facebook: keep it going ✓ Update regularly ✓ Share: other peoples content ✓ Educate: be useful & always create ✓ Engage: get the conversation going use ✓ Post variety of media Hootsuite to keep your social networks fresh with updatesFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Facebook: do ✓ Be friendly & positive ✓ Ask questions ✓ Plan ✓ Listen ✓ Update regularly ✓ Resolve issues ✓ Spoon feed ✓ Reply daily ✓ Keep it relevant ✓ Delete spamFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Facebook: don’t ✓ Focus only on ROI ✓ Worry about number of followers ✓ Bombard with “buy now” tactics ✓ Post only your own content ✓ Ignore posts on your wall ✓ Engage in negative conversationFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Twitter is an information network. Millions of people, organizations, and businesses use it to discover and share new information. *Twitter for business guide: http://business.twitter.comFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • What’shappening? Follow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Twitter: influence 72% of daily Twitter users publish blog posts at least monthly 48% of Twitter users share deals and coupons Online 61% Write at least one product review a month 23% of Twitter users follow businesses to find special deals, promotions, or sales *ComScoreFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Twitter: basics ✓ You can follow anyone ✓ Anyone can follow you ✓ Following is not always reciprocalFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Twitter: why ✓ Connect ✓ Establish credibility ✓ Listen ✓ Research & stay informedFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Twitter: how to start 1 Setup account 2 Find people to follow 3 Promote itFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Search engines& people read this! Follow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Search for people Twitter: find people to follow invite by emailFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Twitter: directories ✓ TwitterCounter ✓ TwitterHolic ✓ WeFollow ✓ TwellowFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Twitter: promote it ✓ Website ✓ Email signature ✓ Business cards ✓ Marketing materialsFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Twitter: lingo ✓ Tweets ✓ Timeline ✓ @: Mentions ✓ RT: Retweets ✓ Searches ✓ Lists ✓ #: HashtagFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Your TweetsTimelineis other peoplestweets Follow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • @ Mentions/replies see who mentioned you hereFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • @ Mentions/replies mention someone this way or with their @username in your tweetFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Retweets of yours by Retweet (RT) someone else Retweet someone else’s tweetFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Save searches Retrieve saved searches hereFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Add people to lists See your listsFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • The Hashtag # hashtags appear together in search results use: to find relevant conversationsFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Twitter: keep it going ✓ Listen ✓ Find new people ✓ Share ✓ Create lists ✓ Educate ✓ Search ✓ Engage ✓ Research use Hootsuite to make updates. & to follow lists, hashtags, and searchesFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Twitter: the water cooler ✓ Be interesting ✓ Be useful ✓ Be upbeatFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Twitter: do ✓ Plant seeds ✓ Join conversations ✓ Nurture relationships ✓ Show personality ✓ Be consistent ✓ Think karma ✓ Spoon feed ✓ Be proactive ✓ Find customer issues ✓ Use Twitter clientFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Twitter: don’t ✓ Spam offers ✓ Auto-updates only ✓ Auto follow ✓ Make it too personal ✓ Expect people to find and follow you ✓ Be negativeFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Social Media Strategy Road Map ✓ Define audience ✓ Set goals ✓ Plan ✓ Create content ✓ Engage ✓ Convert & MeasureFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Remember to... ✓ Listen ✓ Be consistent ✓ Use momentum ✓ Learn ✓ Have Fun ✓ Strategize ✓ IntegrateFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Webmaxed helps businesses yield maximum results from web marketing. ✓Strategy ✓Web solutions ✓TrainingFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Hi, my name is Kevin R. Haynes. Thank you for viewing mypresentation. I hope you will connectwith me on Twitter! Click HERE If you like my presentation, please follow me on Twitter Follow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293
  • Contact Webmaxed today to receive a FREE Web marketing consultation. 1-877-212-1293 kevin@webmaxed.comFollow @webmaxed on Twitter 1-877-212-1293