Crossroads Course Introduction


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Crossroads Course Introduction

  1. 1. By Kevin G. SmithBiblical EthicsHow This Course Works
  2. 2. WelcomeWelcome to this course onbiblical ethics. The courseis an attempt to under-stand what the Bible saysis right and wrong withrespect to various every-day issues.Biblical Ethics
  3. 3. Self-StudyThis course is designed for self-study on the MySatssite. All the study materials are provided on the coursepage. You can access the required readings and viewthe presentations on MySats. You can also take thereview quizzes and submit your responses to thequestions for reflection MySats. After you submit youranswers, you can compare them with others’responses. In addition, there are regular opinion pollsjust for interest sake.Biblical Ethics
  4. 4. No TeacherBiblical EthicsThere is no teacheravailable for interactionon the course. The studymaterials and learningactivities are self-contained, and can becompleted successfullywithout any need tointeract with a teacher.
  5. 5. Self-directed learningThe course site will walk you through a series oflearning activities that you must completeyourself. When you have successfully completedall the learning activities, you have completedthe course.Biblical Ethics
  6. 6. DialogueWe change and growwhen we discuss God’sword. The learningactivities require you todiscuss the studymaterials with a maturedisciple of Jesus Christ,and summarise key pointsfrom your discussions.Biblical Ethics
  7. 7. Lesson by LessonThe course is designed ina topical format. You needto complete one lessonbefore you can move tothe next lesson. You canwork at your own pace,though we recommendyou try to complete alesson each week.Biblical Ethics
  8. 8. Talk to your friendEach lesson has a “talk to yourfriend” activity. We learn bestand grow most when wediscuss key truths and theimplications with fellowdisciples of Jesus Christ; youlearn together.The “talk to your friend”activity gives you a topic todiscuss with a fellow believer.After you do so, you need towrite a short report explainingwhat you learned in theprocess.Biblical EthicsThese discussion activities are crucial elements of the course.You grow most in your knowledge of God when you discuss,share, and apply the truths you are learning.
  9. 9. Student DiscussionsYou can interact withother students taking thecourse via the generalforum. The general forumis a place where you canpost questions orcomments, and respondto others’ posts.Biblical Ethics
  10. 10. TextbookThe textbook is providedas part of the course. It isa free e-book, which youhave to download in PDFformat when you beginthe course.Every lesson in the courseprescribes readings fromthe textbook. In addition,the quizzes to test yourunderstanding are basedon the information in thetextbook and in thepresentations.Biblical Ethics
  11. 11. Test your understandingEvery lesson contains ashort review quiz with 10-15 questions. The quizcovers all the materials forthe lesson.To complete the course,you must get 80 per centfor each quiz.About the quizzes• multiple-choicequestions• true-false questions• 3 attempts• last attempt counts• pass mark: 80 per centBiblical Ethics
  12. 12. Opinion PollsEach lesson has at least oneopinion poll, identified by anicon in the form of a questionmark.These are just polls to seewhat our students believe. Youhave to give your opinion, butnobody will see your individualopinion.Biblical Ethics
  13. 13. Activity completionTo the right of many activities,you will see a checkbox.Initially it will look somethinglike the top example, whichmeans the activity isincomplete. (It looks differenton different browsers.) Whenthe activity is complete, thecheckbox changes appearance.The course is complete whenall the boxes are checked.Biblical Ethics
  14. 14. Course completion statusAt the bottom left, you will seea block called “Coursecompletion status.” It tells youhow many activities must becompleted, and how many youhave already completed.If you click on the More detailslink at the bottom, it will giveyou a more detailedbreakdown of your progress.Biblical Ethics
  15. 15. Course completion statusBiblical Ethics
  16. 16. Linear learningThe course is programmed forlinear learning. You mustcomplete certain learningactivities before you canaccess others.There are two ways that accessand progress are controlledand facilitated: “completion”and “achievement” (see belowfor examples).Biblical Ethics
  17. 17. ProgressionCompletionYou will see a caption that sayssomething like, “Not availableuntil the activity Talk to yourfriend 1 is marked complete.”This means that when thecheckbox beside that activity isticked, you can access therestricted activity.AchievementYou will see a caption that sayssomething like, “Not availableuntil you achieve a requiredscore in Test your under-standing 1.” This means thatwhen you score a passinggrade for that activity, you canaccess the restricted activity.Biblical Ethics
  18. 18. THE ENDWe pray that you will be informed and transformed as youstudy the teachings of the word of God.Biblical Ethics