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Kevin Fiur presentation of 100% recyclable cup technology

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  • Kevin Fiur Rhee Cup Presentation

    1. 1. The World’s First 100% Recyclable Cup Rhee Cup (Songzee EFC Company Ltd., Korea) Confidential Presentation to Starbucks 10/11/2013
    2. 2. The Cup Dilemma • • • • • The cup is Starbucks’ No. 1 environmental liability from the customer’s perspective. • Significant investment and MIT cup summits have not produced results. Stated goal of 100% recyclable cups by 2012 not yet met. Existing disposable paper cups are not truly recyclable. Primarily due to coating using PE or PLA. Alternatives to date are lacking in heat resistance, oil resistance, adhesion and print quality.
    3. 3. The Solution 100% Recyclable • • • • • • • 100% biodegradable and recyclable-same as paper. Coated with water-based coating agent (copolymer), harmless to humans. Reduces costs by using less pulp. Superior thermal, oil, water and alcohol resistance. Excellent print quality. More vivid than PE based cups. Reduces carbon emissions by 40% compared to PE. Protected by trade secrets and patent (pending).
    4. 4. The Process Trade Secrets and Patent (Pending) • Cup can be mass produced using virgin or recycled pulp and traditional cup manufacturing machinery. • Trade secrets cover: 1) process of breaking down chemical components to increase quality and productivity from comparable products; 2) coating process; and 4) forming cups and sealing system. • Patent covers the method for preparing the coating solution.
    5. 5. The Team Kevin Fiur is the managing director of Fiur Consulting Group and a successful entrepreneur who specializes in commercializing new technologies. Kevin consults with companies around the world on best practices for monetizing their intellectual property and commercializing their IP protected technologies. He is a former NYSE CEO with over a decade of start-up and operating experience. (For more information see Robert Jung is co-founder and co-CEO of Songzee EFC Co. Ltd.. Mr. Jung, who completed a post-graduate course of Higher Official from Korea Natural Resources University, oversees marketing of the eco-friendly disposable cups invented by the South Korea based company. Byeong S. Rhee is co-founder and co- CEO of Songzee EFC Co. Ltd. In October 1983, Mr. Rhee launched Songzee Tech Ltd., which invented and developed several major commodities that were sold to manufacturers. Mr. Rhee invented Aluminum Vacuum Metallizing fabric used for sports shoes and acquired patent of production of Metallic Hot Fix (Patent #53987) that was adopted and used by NIKE. Mr. Rhee also invented Vacuum Metallizing fabric known as “Alvalon” for the sportswear industry and signed a multi million contract with Kolon Corp., a leading corporation in South Korea for sportswear industry. Mr. Rhee also invented Heat Shrinkable Sleeve and sold the intellectual property rights to Seven Star Chemistry Corp. for the cable communication business. Mr. Rhee also developed Vacuum Metallizing of copper by mass production using an evaporation method.
    6. 6. The Data • • 100% recyclable. • • All testing conformed to standards. • 40% Carbon Emission Rights (CERs) due to carbon emission reduction of 40% compared to PE cup. Inspected by Korea Conformity Laboratory, FDA designated lab (Inspector Ahn, Hye Jung)(completed 01/08/2013). Exhibits 10-17% reduction in use of pulp. 25,000 13 ounce cups produced per 1 ton of pulp; 33,000 16 ounce cups using same amount.
    7. 7. The Deal • • FCG holds exclusive right to license, sell and an option to acquire. Deal options: • • • • • License Acquire Option to license or acquire Partner and build Other?
    8. 8. Contact: Kevin Fiur (512)417-9176