2013-03 Creating a Culture of Innovation for Health Plans


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How can health insurers become more innovative and flexible in a heavily regulated market? You must develop an organizational culture that prioritizes innovation and ties it to the organization’s strategic direction.

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  • Innovation is comprised of the governing bodies, individuals and teams focused on: Building and fostering a culture of innovationEstablishing an infrastructure that embeds innovation in critical business processesIncubating and advancing innovative ideas to accelerate our transformation to a health solutions companyEnsuring a sustainable innovation model takes root and produces new and sustainable value quicklyThis diagram shows the end state of a diverse team of innovation experts aligned to the corporate strategy.
  • This process is a consistent, replicable method for:Acquiring the input and ideas of all stakeholdersIntroducing unfamiliar business models into Enterprise thinkingCreating new value for the core business by entering adjacent marketsPursuing opportunities that expand health solutions to FloridiansProcess defined – stage gate approvals, artifactsStage 0: exploration, listening, researching, reading, outreach, partnerships (internal & external)Stage 1: transition from “what if” to “how could we?” Also, what do we need to know about markets, consumer/customer perceptions, competition, etc?Stage 2: begin to quantify the concept, develop preliminary business case to pursue, evaluate options to incorporate into the enterprise, value creation model, strategic partnershipsStage 3: test. How well does concept transfer from paper to practice. Prototype technology, evaluate concept with customers, get real-world feedbackStage 4: plan for scaleStage 5: operationalize, production, commercialize
  • 2013-03 Creating a Culture of Innovation for Health Plans

    1. 1. Creating a Culture of Innovation for Health Plans AHIP Executive Leadership Programs Tuesday March 12, 2:30 – 3:45 PM
    2. 2. Synopsis Creating a Culture of Innovation for Health Plans This session will focus on how both leading health plans and other businesses stimulate innovation to stay ahead of the curve. What You will Learn: • How can health insurers become more innovative and flexible in a heavily regulated market? • What are best practices for innovation in health care? • How do you create an organizational culture that prioritizes innovation and ties it to your organization’s strategic direction?
    3. 3. Who Am I? Principal at Kevin Riley & Associates | Health Model Innovation • former chief innovation officer of Florida Blue (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida) and founder and former president/CEO of GuideWell • entrepreneur, health care executive, business model innovator, and pursuer of experiences that drive behavior, and ultimately action Kevin started Kevin Riley & Associates | Health Model Innovation consultancy in 2006 to help companies with the convergence of health care and the consumer. He founded and was CEO of a national health care retail company, played leadership roles for several national retail health start-ups, and served as the first Chief Innovation Officer of a major insurance plan. Kevin holds a Masters of Business in entrepreneurship and marketing from Rice University. follow me on @kevineriley, linkedin, slideshare
    4. 4. What is Health Model Innovation? Producing value though profitable and sustainable business models made by creating and/or realigning the activity systems that improve member experience, boost provider performance, and enable payer cost control.
    5. 5. Purpose What is the purpose of innovation at a health plan: • to foster and imaginative culture? • to incubate and advance innovative ideas? • to accelerate consumer-focus? • to change patient/member behavior? • to test new payment models? • to design new products/models? • to diversify the revenue stream?
    6. 6. Intent New Value Transform your core Disrupt your core Model Model Models New New-New Maximize your core Transform your core Marketplace Marketplace Existing New Markets
    7. 7. Framework Application of disruptive principles within a conservative industry requires the tools, techniques, and infrastructure needed to support an innovative workforce. You need a framework. An innovation framework is both practice and platform aimed at: • Systemically seeking opportunities aligned with your strategy • Receiving/responding to idea challenges from within/without • Utilizing a defined process to evaluate, nurture and prioritize • Navigating qualified ideas from concept through launch
    8. 8. Resources Dedicated Stakeholders Team Members Leadership Emissaries Governance
    9. 9. Process Innovation requires a systematic approach to produce intentional results. Employ an innovation process (they are all the same) supported by an innovation system (they are not the same). test think market
    10. 10. Measurement
    11. 11. Practical Examples of Enterprise Innovation • Good: Simulcast TEDMED across the company • Better: Simulcast TEDMED across external stakeholders • Good: Launch an idea management system • Better: Open it up to your customers • Good: Build an innovation center on campus • Better: Build an Innovation Center off campus • Good: Launch a living laboratory with internal departments • Better: Launch a start-up accelerator
    12. 12. The Important Stuff • Develop your internal innovation talent • Partner with department leaders to expand innovation presence across the company • Cultivate and advance business emissary relationships • Foster business process excellence through all innovation processes • Bring design thinking techniques to the organization • Implement employee metrics for measuring innovation
    13. 13. Questions Kevin Riley & AssociatesBusiness Model Innovation for Healthcare kevin@healthmodelinnovation.com www.healthmodelinnovation.com