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Kevin coyle  basketball facts ppt1
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Kevin coyle basketball facts ppt1


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Published in: Sports, Education
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  • 1. Facts about Basketball
  • 2. BasketballBasketball is a sport that Ilove very much. It keepsme in shape and it is veryfun to play. I enjoy it somuch that I decided toresearch and find out moreinformation about thesport. I want to share withyou my top five favoritefacts about basketball.
  • 3. Fact # 1: In 1946, the Basketball Association of America wasformed.Many of you are familiar withthe NBA or the NationalBasketball Association.Presently, the NationalBasketball Association is thehighest professionalbasketball league in theUnited States. However, didyou know that the NBA wouldnot exist today if it wasnt forits predecessor? The BAA isthe foundation of modernbasketball in the UnitedStates.
  • 4. Fact # 2: The first balls made specifically for basketball were brown.Most basketballs that youfind today have an orangesurface and black ribs.Aside from the standardball with an orange surfaceand black ribs, basketballsdo come in a variety ofcolors. My friend’s sisterhas a basketball that’seven pink!
  • 5. Fact # 3: Dribbling a basketball only became a major part of the gamearound the 1950s, as manufacturing improved the ball shape.When people think ofbasketball, we often think ofthe act of dribbling.However, the third fact Iwant to share with you maysurprise you. Dribbling abasketball only became amajor part of the gamearound the 1950s, asmanufacturing improved theball shape.
  • 6. Fact # 4: Basketball is one of the few games thatrequires jumping as a skill.As a kid, I liked to jumpon the trampoline. Mymother suggested that Iplay basketball. WhenIm playing a game, Ioften have to blockpeople from getting theball into the hoop.Jumping definitelycomes in handy.
  • 7. Fact # 5: Basketball was originally played with a soccerball!The final fact that I wantto share with you mightsurprise you the most.Basketball was originallyplayed with a soccer ball.When I read this fact, Icould not believe it. I eventried to play basketballwith a soccer ball just totest that fact. I canhonestly tell you, I prefermy basketball over a soccerball.
  • 8. Conclusion and ThanksI really hope you learnedsome interesting factsabout basketball afterreading this. I enjoy playingbasketball. It inspires me.The key to basketball isknowledge. I think bylearning about the sportyou love, youll become abetter player.