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Regis class
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Regis class


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. GATES GRANT WORKMastery + Credit + Anytime Anywhere
  • 2. Gates Foundation US Programs Together, we will ensure that all students succeed in their education beyond high school. By 2025, we will help dramatically increase the number o f students whograduate from high school ready for college and go on to complete a degree with real value in the workplace. Proficiency-Based Pathways Any place, anytime College opportunities for students to Readiness Goal engage in a learning 80% of all students experience where they can graduate and are ready for demonstrate mastery of college by 2025, with a focus on low-income and content and skills and earn minority young people. “credit” toward a diploma, certificate or some other meaningful marker.
  • 3. Gates Foundation Proficiency Based Pathways Mastery Earn Credit Anytime Anywhere
  • 4. Gates Grant WorkJanuary – June 2011 Planning GrantJune ‘11 – June 2012 Year OneJune ‘12 – June 2013 Year TwoJune 2013 and beyond ???
  • 5. Our Plans Anytime/Anywhere Mastery Intific Software will create three digital games that contain qualityIncrease, by 10 % each content and a compulsion to play which will address math year, the number of Performance Level 11 Learning Targets. Performance Levels related to the Common Teachers will learn how to create and deliver instructional Core State Standards multimedia resources that will be accessible Anytime/Anywhere after taking part in the "Flipped Classroom" training. secondary students master through the Purchased content from Florida Virtual School will provide participation in the supplemental online resources and assessment opportunities in an blended learning pilot Anytime/Anywhere environment, allowing teachers to deliver program that is blended instruction. integrated with our A blended learning pilot, consisting of using a Learning authentic Standards- Management System, Florida Virtual School content, teachers based System. created content, and instructional games that are created by Total Immersion software will deliver and assess mastery of math Performance Level 11 Learning Targets
  • 6. Our Plans SupportsTo help support the annual A Learning Management System, containing teacher 10% increase in the resources, games created by Total Immersion Software, as well number of Performance as purchased content, will help teachers integrate blended Levels that are mastered instruction into their classes. by secondary students in the blended learning pilot, we will provide a Identify, Develop, and Implement improvements to Educatemore robust technological infrastructure that will support All district computer systems will effectively communicate with Anytime/Anywhere each other, easing workloads and increasing use of data to drive learning, by allowing instruction. students to access content, teachers, and The district will hire a technology support position (sql peers while building a experience) who will work to ensure system interoperability and body of evidence in a LMS stability as we bring new systems online and integrateStandards-based System. existing systems together.
  • 7. Our Plans Technology Improvements A Blended Learning Facilitator and a Project Manager will be hired to lead the blended learning We will implement pilot, workshops, and online professionalintensive coaching, online development courses.professional development courses, face-to-face workshops, and Blended learning professional development will be professional learning delivered, for pilot and other interested communities to ensure teachers, through online courses. effective implementation of the blended learning pilot while also providing support for future growth. Blended learning pilot teachers will participate in professional learning communities, with both face- to face meetings and online interactions.
  • 8. Our Plans Blended Learning “Blended learning is any time a student learns at least in part at a supervised brick-and-mortar location away from home and at least in part through online delivery with some element ofstudent control over time, place, path, and/or pace” - Michael Horn Face-to-Face Driver Rotation Flex Online Lab Self-Blended Online Driver
  • 9. Our Plans Blended Learning Moodle LMS(Blended to meet each student’s needs)
  • 10. Our Plans Intific Software
  • 11. Our Plans Intific Software
  • 12. Our Plans Intific Software
  • 13. Our Plans Intific Software
  • 14. Our Plans Flipped Classroom
  • 15. Our Plans Flipped Classroom2006-2007 Live Recording2007-2008 Flipped2008-2009 Flipped-Mastery2009-2010 Flipped-Mastery/Inquiry/SBG (Standard Based Grading)2010-2011 Flipped-Mastery/Inquiry/SBG/UDL (Universal Design for Learning)2011-2012 Flipped-Mastery/Inquiry/SBG/UDL/WolframAlpha (open-internet tests)/PBL
  • 16. Our Plans Flipped Classroom A Typical Day in a Mastery/Flipped Classroom
  • 17. Our Plans Flipped Classroom
  • 18. Our Plans Effective UI
  • 19. Our Plans Effective SC- Consulting- Design- Development
  • 20. Our PlansEffective SC - Demo
  • 21. Our Plans Effective SC
  • 22. Links & Fun StuffBlended Learning Resources & ToolsEduCreations.comScreencast-o-matic.comJing and (videos and practice)NextVista.orgEducator > Math > Math GamesVideos - Did You Know 3.0 -Sir Ken Robinson (RSA Version)