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ShrinkMail for hosted email providers

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Kr 130507 she pproposal

  1. 1. For Hosted Email Providers
  2. 2. The Need Savvy end users are subscribing to free storage and FTP solutions in the cloud to facilitate the exchange of documents too large for email.
  3. 3. The Problem. The use of free Managed File Transfer services:  Exposes corporate data unwanted leakage  Exposes endpoints to potential infection from Trojans, Malware and Viruses  Require users to go outside corporate boundaries thus bypassing corporate controls.  Gives IT little or no control over personal cloud accounts  Requires installation and maintenance of software at endpoints  Compromises control of corporate image and messaging  Causes data to be duplicated throughout the world in multiple data centers. The cloud never forgets.
  4. 4. ShrinkMail Manages your user’s exchange of files inside and outside of the organization. ShrinkMail Automatically Manages:  File upload and link distribution via HTTPS  Credentialing for file retrieval  Receipt notification and tracking  Encryption and privacy  File deletion after download  Large inbound attachments
  5. 5. ShrinkMail ShrinkMail integrates with your existing email system. Whenever an email's total attachment size is greater than your allowable limits, ShrinkMail will automatically remove the attachment(s) from the email and place them on a secure server for download.  Is designed to work in a virtual environment so there is no hardware to purchase  Is server based with no clients to manage at the endpoint  Policy based, and compatible with all email servers  Works for inbound and outbound messages  Is regulatory compliant
  6. 6. You will now be able to:  Block personal clouds such as dropbox, evernote and yousendit…  Reduce your exposure to accidental data loss  Facilitate the sending and receiving of files with no practical limitations on size  Be regulatory compliant for e-discovery  Keep users in compliance with corporate policy as it pertains to data handling  Have better control on data usage for mobile devices  Keep your data in your data center where it belongs
  7. 7. Optional features:  Packet inspection for Data Loss Prevention  S-MIME and one-time encryption for privacy  Email backup, archive and discovery
  8. 8. WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOUR CLIENTS? A product popular with clients because: It solves a problem in a very familiar way – nothing new to learn No change to their email system They are only charged if they use it It is optional – if they don't use it nothing changes It is less expensive than its commercial rivals It is bi-directional It works on all devices
  9. 9. WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? Their clients like it Very simple and risk-free to install No costs involved – you are only charged if a client uses it Very little marketing or selling involved – just one email The more it is used, the more profitable to the HEP It is less expensive than its commercial rivals It is bi-directional It works on all devices
  10. 10. WHAT IS OUR PROPOSAL ? 1. You provide a server resource on your network and we load ShrinkMail on it. • Can be a virtual server • Not much CPU load • RAM according to expected volume of • Simultaneous attachments (say, 8GB) • Base Storage • Bandwidth (nothing new here – users are presumably sending same volumes as before, but perhaps via a different route 2. Rule are set on email servers for all users, so that ShrinkMail is triggered whenever an attachment larger than the current upper limit is encountered 3. ShrinkMail as a service is marketed to all end users if they send any attachment larger than the upper limit  If clients send no attachments that large, no change  If clients use ShrinkMail, they are charged in arrears on actual usage, on a per unique user per month basis (ie one charge, regardless of volume)  You’re our client – we charge at RRP for total unique users from all clients on a sliding scale  You are free to charge whatever rate desired to users  We provides a monthly report in Excel format of every transaction
  11. 11. WHAT YOU PROVIDE  Virtual server – not much CPU load, RAM according to expected volume of simultaneous attachments (say, 8GB)  Base Storage  Bandwidth (nothing new here – users are presumably sending same volumes as before, but perhaps via a different route  Electricity – one virtual server  Helpdesk – historically, very low volume of calls  Client invoicing – nothing new here, just one more line item  Sales/Marketing – can be a single email announcement  Remote access for Pacifera to the ShrinkMail server  LDAP lookup for user authentication
  12. 12. WHAT PACIFERA PROVIDES  Configuration of the ShrinkMail server  ShrinkMail software  24/7 Monitoring of the ShrinkMail server  24/7 Engineering  Monthly reports of all transactions  Monthly invoice to HEP
  13. 13. THE NITTY GRITTY  Contract between Pacifera and HEP  Provides for either side to give 30 days' notice  No charge unless ShrinkMail is triggered by a user
  14. 14. MISCELLANEOUS High-Availability ShrinkMail with geo-clustered nodes – add 15% Potential for very large sent folders  Run Archive on Sent folders  Insist on PassIt for files over (say) 500MB Storage requirements  If attachments auto-deleted, then 1 month's worth  If Inbound attachments retained, then ?????
  15. 15. Contact Kevin Rheaume 1-866-821-2946 x324