Harry Coumnas Is An Animal Lover


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Harry Coumnas, an electrical engineering professional from Flushing, NY is an ardent animal lover. He is very fond of his 6 pets comprising of 3 dogs named Harry, Joe and Buckwheat , tiger and Aimless.

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Harry Coumnas Is An Animal Lover

  1. 1. People usually keep pets for enjoyment as wellas companionship. Pampering and playingwith pets serves as a good option, when itcomes to relieving stress. Harry Coumnas, anelectrical engineering professional fromFlushing, NY is an ardent animal lover.
  2. 2. He is very fond of his 6 pets comprising of 3dogs named Harry, Joe and Buckwheat and 3cats named Pussycat, tiger and Aimless. In hisfree time he likes to play with his pets as it actsas a stress buster for him and also because heloves to be with them. In addition to this,Harry Coumnas is a family oriented man.
  3. 3. He possesses strong family values and likes tospend quality time with his family of over 100members who reside in different parts of theworld including Western Europe, Australiaand India. Harry Coumnas is full of life andtakes each day as an adventure.
  4. 4. Harry Coumnas received education from someof the most prestigious colleges in the UnitedStates. During college, he studied Majors inPsychology and Political Science. Besides beinga brilliant student, Harry Coumnas has alsobeen a sports enthusiast as well. He enjoysplaying numerous games as it helps him to stayfit and active.
  5. 5. He participated in many wrestlingchampionships and won several awards atcollege level. He is a talented basketball playerwho played for the Knicks Basketball Team inNew York City. In addition, Harry Coumnasalso enjoys playing pool throughout the nightwith his friends. He believes in living everymoment to the fullest and always keepshimself prepared to face new challenges.
  6. 6. He is a nature lover and enjoys camping out inthe woods and hitchhiking across the country.Harry Coumnas enjoys mediating and helpspeople in resolving their issues. He hates allkinds of drugs and does not indulge indrinking. He believes that drugs make peoplebehave like a stupid and affect a person’sability to make the right decision.
  7. 7. About Harry CoumnasHarry Coumnas is a professional based inNew York. He is a highly educated expert whostudied Psychology and Political Science as hismajor subjects. He is a helpful, generous andfamily oriented human being. He comes froma large family of around 100 members wholive in different parts of the world.